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  1. I've been handing out around 500 to begin with, which seems to work. Starting characters are a little more potent than standard Dark Heresy, which is something to keep in mind. The Talents were largely selected from Black Crusade, but there were a couple that only existed in DW or RT (Not sure if Hot Shot Pilot was anywhere but RT off the top of my head) I do have some more house rules which I'll probably end up posting as I tidy them up. The big ones are probably how we roll dice (Roll against the same targets as in core rules, but Degrees of Success are given by the tens dice. Speeds things up) and a big change to The Flesh Is Weak. There's stuff that changes how Voidship combat works for RT style games, but that'll be posted over there!
  2. Let me start with a mandatory link to my combined house rules http://community.fantasyflightgames.com/index.php?/topic/94048-40k-unified-rpg/#entry915872 because it sounds like it could help with not having to choose a system Moving on though, can I recommend something a little different? Head off the reservation. Rather than a traditional Dark heresy game, why not start with something like an Underhive game, or an Arbites squad. If your strength as a GM is your love for the universe, share that with the group. If you can share your enthusiasm to the group, they'll all want to explore the universe with you and THAT is where you've got a common link with your players.
  3. Slight de-rail of the thread here - I've actually been working on a supplement for a while. two parts - new rules (bringing DH, RT and DW together into a unified system) and a sub-sector supplement for the Cyclops Cluster - one of the regions of the Gothic Sector. Still trawling for feedback on both, I'll try to be cunning and say, "Hey, maybe you could get some ideas from stuff I've done and vice versa?" and see if that sparks interest The Cyclops Cluster https://drive.google.com/file/d/0ByhgPzi5giNyR0dfZ0pfTnNYazA/edit?usp=sharing 40k Unified RPG project (beta rules) https://drive.google.com/file/d/0ByhgPzi5giNyR0dfZ0pfTnNYazA/edit?usp=sharing
  4. Given how I'm spamming all the other threads on this board at the moment, I figure I'll stop in here and say hi. I've recently been working on a unified 40k rpg, and one of the goals of it was to try to be able to run Scout -> Veteran astartes games with people being able to play characters from the same chapter, of the same specialisation (Four tactical marines and a devastator in a combat squad) and still have each character different, interesting and viable. I'm yet to run a single chapter astartes game (as much as I really, REALLY want to), but I'm always looking for playtesters to see if my rules work! When it comes to Cohesion, I'd run it like core DW with few modifications personally. The only big change I'd make is auto-replenishing d5 cohesion after each battle. Just get ready to REALLY up the amount of baddies you need. http://community.fantasyflightgames.com/index.php?/topic/94049-40k-unified-rpg-project/
  5. If only a handsome and sexually potent gentleman genius had recently gathered together some (still in beta testing) rules for such interactions! Oh, what a master of the written word and intellect beyond imagining he must have! http://community.fantasyflightgames.com/index.php?/topic/94049-40k-unified-rpg-project/ Still looking for feedback to improve - give it a look and if you think it'd solve all your problems, let me know! If, on the other hand, it looks like it would cause nothing but pain, suffering and the rising of dark gods, also let me know!
  6. Let's look at this in a slightly different way.A moon flying around with engines on it is undoubtedly badass. How abotu this as an endeavour? The Amaranthine Engine Minor endeavour +3 PF The Inquisition has recently lead a war of extermination against the Amaranthine syndicate, a crime organisation made up of multiple xenos species. The war was a simple and fast one, but as the last amaranthine stronghold was destroyed, their leader activated their last doomsday weapon - one of their homeworld's moons. Designated Haephastia by the Ordo Xenos, the moon has been fitted with Fra'al gravitic drives, layers of tectonically reinforcing void shields, and automated defences. The warp shock of the Haephastia entering the immaterium created a storm that has left the inquisitiorial forces stranded, but the ranking inquisitor on site, Inquisitor Marios Fel, has managed to get a message out to all free captains, warning them of the rogue moon, offering a hefty reward for destroying it. Objective 1: Locate the Haephastia Themes: Exploration Finding the rogue moon may be the hardest challenge of all. As it travels through the warp, it leaves a storm behind it that can be tracked by skilled navigators. The disturbances as it flies near systems can be felt by all, leading to nightmares and riots on inhabited worlds which could also used to chart a path. Objective 2: Boarding the Beast Themes: None To the horror of all imperial subjects, the Haephastia is on a direct course to collide with [insert name of favoured local Hive world here], an event that would easily kill twenty billion loyal members of the imperium and cripple manufacturing for the Imperial Guard and Navy. By the time it translates, it will be far too late to stop it, the only chance will be to dare a risky warp-docking. This will require the navigator to perform the most difficult act of navigation in their career, negotiating the wake of the Haephastia. The ship will be suffering, requiring the agents of the mechanicum to sooth the tortured vessel. The captain must hold the crew's morale during this most dangerous of actions, and all hands will need to work as hard as they ever have to hold the ship and her people together long enough for this to work. Objective 3: Kill her. Themes: Military, Criminal The geller fields merged, your vessel has docked on one of the thousands of towers dotting the surface of the moon-weapon. All that is now required of you is to explore the heart of the machine, fighting off the heretical thinking machines that patrol and defend it, find its reactor core heart, set it to explode, run back to the ship and fly away with an explosion happening behind you that you won't look at. If a cargo hold worth of xenos trinkets happen to make their way aboard, destined for the black market...
  7. I'd run it as a skill challenge/opposed roll capping out at a certain number of successes required, but I'd run it like this: Both players describe their actions and gain a bonus for epic stuff (you know the sort). Just a plus ten or so. Both players then make their rolls, but can roll weapon skill, ballistic skill, or any Skill that is appropriate to the description. i.e. Rolling Scrutinise to judge what they're about to do next. Bluff to mislead before a daring attack. Hell, even Scholastic Lore [Codex Astartes] to remember the best form to face off against a single opponent in melee combat. The Important thing though, is that you can't use the same roll twice in the duel. If you no longer have a trained skill or characteristic left that you can roll, you lose. Your opponents wider range of training has bested you this day. Could be a fun way to make people roleplay a duel
  8. *coughcough http://community.fantasyflightgames.com/index.php?/topic/94048-40k-unified-rpg/ coughcough* I've thrown an open ended system together for DH/RT/DW that should go on for as long as a game needs. (The fact that I'm looking for groups to test it to find any weaknesses is just a coincidence, honest )
  9. I use a modified Rogue Trader psychic power rules set, with Overbleed coming from additional degrees of success on the invocation test. I find it's a little more balanced that Dark heresy core. Most of the core systems I use are from Black Crusade, as that was the most recent core book that was out while I was working on the rules. I haven't got Only War yet, but when I get to tightening up the vehicle rules I think I'm going to have to
  10. For those interested - this is the first run of the Space Puppies rules that I'll be adding in. Still need to double check some of the balances and run it past the Space Wolf fluff monkies I know. If any of you are Space Wolf fluff monkies and have issues/comments/praise to throw at me, let me know. Birthright Son of Fire: Those born to a Fenris summer are skilled sailors and strong in the arm. They are a rowdy lot, moving and raiding from place to place as their whims take them. Sons of Fire gain the Survival or Operate [Primitive] skill. THey gain +5 Strength or Perception, but suffer -5 Intelligence or Fellowship. Son of Ice: The Fenrisian winters are a time of community amongst the jarls of Fenris. The longhalls are alive with cheer, fire and mead as a stark contrast to the bleak ice outside. The greatests Skalds are born to the deepest winters, and even the Fire-born use this time to sing, drink and boast. Sons of Ice gain the Survival or Trade [Orator] skill. They gain +5 Perception or Fellowship, but suffer -5 Ballistic Skill or Willpower. Son of Changing Skies: The time between light and dark, between fire and ice, this is a time of power according to the wolf priests and the rune casters. Children born when a season changes are spoken of in hushed whispers by their peers as otherworldly. The rune casters examine them for power, and rarely find them wanting. Sons of Changing Skies gain the Psyniscience or Trade [Rune casting] skill. They gain +5 Perception or Willpower but suffer -5 Weapon Skill or Fellowship. Genolegacy Wulfen-born: +5 Weapon Skill and +5 Perception Skald-blood: +5 Perception and +5 Fellowship Lone Wolf: +5 Toughness and +5 Perception Motivation Saga of the Kraken Slayer Saga of the Bear Saga of the Death Wolf Badges Saga of the Wulfen Slae Requirements: Athletics, Common Lore [space Wolves], Dodge, Speak Language [Chapter Runes] and Stealth trained. Pistol Weapon Training [bolt] learned. Must have hunted and killed a Fenrisian wolf. Benefits: Signature Wargear [bolt Pistol], [Combat Knife] and [Astartes Power Armour] gained. Implant XX trait received. Must make a Malignancy test as if the character had reached 30 corruption. On a failed test, gain a malignancy. This malignancy must be thematically appropriate to the Canis Helix and does not count as a mutation or malignancy for the purpose of psychic powers or further corruption gain. Saga of the Blood Claw Requirements: Saga of the Wulfen Slae. Common Lore [War] and [Adeptus Astartes] trained. Killing Strike, Melee Weapon Training [Chain], Unarmed Master. Benefits: Signature Wargear [Chainsword] [3x Frag Grenades] Saga of the Red Snow Requirements: Saga of the Blood Claw. Scholastic Lore [Legends]. Basic Weapon Training [bolt]. Heavy Weapon Training [bolt or Launcher] Benefits: Signature Wargear [boltgun] [3x Krak grenades] Saga of the Grey Hunter Requirements: Any Three Space Wolf badges. Scholastic Lore [book of Russ]. Adopted into a Great Company. Benefits: Astartes Weapon Training
  11. I'd recommend some non-standard action sequences to break up the full on combat. I've run for similar groups before and here are a couple of scenarios that we had a lot of fun with: *The Kill-team has to infiltrate an otherwise impervious fortress. The sheer number of archenemy troops would make an attack by even a Deathwatch Kill-team an ineffective suicide mission - it would require a Titan Legion to break the defenses and one isn't available. The enemy use a lot of slave labour in their work, including a large number of gene-stock. The PCs are commanded to infiltrate the base with no armour, no weapons but what they can scavenge, and breach the defenses so that a mundane army can assault the base. *A mission set on a reclaimed shrine world. Explosive damage weapons are explicitly prohibited as the Kill-team deals with xenos infiltrators without any property damage. Renown can be lost for even a successful mission if damage is done to the sanctified masonry or pilgrims. *Some "acolyte work" has come up, but early indications suggest it may have some clue to the nature of the Primarch of one of the Kill-team. If the group just ignore the plot thread, their chapter will contact them to inform them that the Inquisition/Ad Mech have taken the information and are not releasing it to the chapter and that the Astartes can either choose to recover the information OR not bother returning home.
  12. Because Space Wolves are going to be a fairly special case and I haven't got any amongst my group, I've been lazy and left them out for now. Needless to say, their unique organisational structure will mean they'll get a different badge layout to begin with.
  13. Thanks mate! Honestly, if someone from FFG is reading this and needs a freelancer, MORE than happy to apply!
  14. Sorry about that - still new to Google Drive. Should be good to go now!
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