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  1. We all know about the Problems with the Book Binding of Dark Heresy Second Edition. Does anybody has any experience with the book binding of the second printing run, is it as bad as the first or has the quality improved?
  2. Is it possible to roll on the History Tables in Rites of Battle for a Suit of Artificer Armour? Should the "Skill of the Artificer Table" be ignored here? And one last question: Can the Battle Damage Deed be carried over to an Artificer Armour which will be acquired later?
  3. If an Arch-Militant chooses Meele as the Weapon Class for his Weapon Master Special Ability, does this include all Exotic Meele Weapons, or does it only counts for non-Exotic Meele Weapons? I know the the last Errata clarifies what are Weapon Classes (Melee, Thrown, Pistol, Basic, and Heavy), but points out that Exotic is no Weapon Class. Does this mean Exotic Weapons can never benefit from the Arch-Militant special ability, or only those of the same Class as chosen?
  4. After nearly 2 weeks a response. I guess I've got a new record for most read - least answered topic. Thak you for your answer but in the meantime I've asked FFG for an official answer and got one (really quick). Tim wrote me: "It is also an explanation, but is indeed a Trait.You do not gain Wild Skills and Talents Trait when you progress from another Ascended Career to Interrogator, just His Right Hand." I very much agree with you on the restrictive nature of His Right Hand, but according to the official rules transition from an Ascended Career into Interrogator has no real advantage other than being a stepping stone to Inquisitor.
  5. In the Ascension book (yes I know, the evil-one, but we want to finish the last chapter for DH-Characters, before playing DH 2. Edition) it's possible to transition from some Ascended Careers into the Interrogator Career as an Elite Advance. You lose one Ascended Trait from the previous career and gain only the His Right Hand Ascended Trait. Here is my question: Is Wild Skills and Talents a Trait or only an explanation of how to use the Talents (Any) and Skills (Any) entries in the Interrogator Advance tables? Any Trait from Ascension mentioned in the book either gets the Trait suffix or refers to a list of Traits to choose from, only Wild Skills and Talents is never marked in this way. After all without Wild Skills and Talents the first Interrogator Advance tables would look very bleak. Additionally every other Ascended Career gets 2 Traits, so If Wild Skills and Talents would be a Trait an Interrogator would normally get 3 Traits. I'd like to here your thoughts on this, but please no Ascension-Bashing. We want to finish this and only got this issue with the rules. NOT PLAYING AS ASCENDED CHARACTERS IS NO OPTION!
  6. A Heavy Bolter is the MMG-Version of Bolter-equipped SM's, while the Storm Bolter is - something else. A Heavy Bolter fires bigger Bolts with higer Penetration and more Damage and the Storm Bolter fires normal Bolts with a much higher ROF. The original DW Stats reflected this, but other Weapons (Plasma, Melta) and more important the enemies weren't in scale, so instead of upping them up, the HB was nerfed down, which left the Storm Bolter being to good. There was a time when Storm Bolters where only issued to Terminators in the TT, but then some funny Sculptor thought it looks good on a normal SM and soon even a Battle Sister Mini wielded it. Ever wondered how to fire a SB two-handed? No foregrip, no front shaft, only two Clips or an ammo-box to grab. In our games we allow Storm Bolters only as mounted Weapons either on Vehicles or Terminator Armour. This simple rule change balances every problem, which has ever come up with SB's.
  7. Of course, you didn't noticed it before because it isn't there. You forgot the very much important "FOR EXAMPLE, when firing a weapon with the storm quality in fully automatic mode each degree of success yields two additional hits". - It's only an example. This is exact the same wording as in Deatwatch which was further explained under DW Frequently Asked Questions: "Does a weapon with Storm generate a maximum number of hits equal to the ROF of the Weapon or double the ROF?" Official Answer: "Double the ROF." If this works ONLY in fully automatic fire, a Storm Bolter in DW couldn't have used it's Storm Quality at all under the errata weapon stats, because the Storm Bolter can only fire on semi-automatic now. Personally I don't know why FFG always copied/pasted the wording from Deatwatch because it never was quite clear. They should have used the one from Dark Heresy Ascencion, because it describes the Storm Quality much better with no open Questions, but maybe it wasn't narrative enough and a wording like "unleashes shots at rapid speed" sounds much more dramatic. It seems nowadays every freelance game desingner mistakes himself for a novelist. By the way every one knows (at least on this forum) that Dark Heresy 2nd Edition used a lot of copy/paste material from OW, without adapting it to the new setting. And as I stated earlier it's nearly impossible for a PC to acquire a Storm Bolter in OW so this should be enough balance. It's only for the most trusted of the Emperor's servants or a supressive vehicular weapon. In the end the only "evidence" we get is the text in brackets at the end, but if this is the decisive argument everything in the text before has to be redone to make it work, as you have done. Doesn't sound very plausible to me.
  8. Do I get this right "making the most sense" = "how your brain is interpreting it"? Maybe the world should ask you for a solution for all its problems, because you seem to know the answers. Of course we should tweak the world a little bit before, like you did with Single Shots (which is only a House Rule, to make something complicated more complicate), or otherwise it might not work. Seriously its only a case of a bad copy/paste job like some people already mentioned. If you want to have a toned down Storm Bolter use the Twin-Linked Quality or give it only Semiautomatic Fire, or both like in Black Crusade. Besides the Storm Bolter in Only War is out of reach for most PC and is only intended as a suppressive vehicular Weapon.
  9. "This Quality DOUBLES the amount of HITS inflicted on the target and the amount of ammmunition expended. For Example, when firing a weapon with the Storm Quality in fully automatic mode, EACH Degree of Success yields TWO additional HITS (up to the weapon's firing rate, as normal)." There is nothing mentioned about doubling the Degree of Success, only Hits. By the way, your interpretation would make Single Shots with a Storm Bolter pointless, because you would expand double the ammunition but you get no bonus to hit!
  10. Kiton said: I think they just tried to be cutesy with "gains the Power Field quality". Indeed, sometimes game designers misjudge themselves for some kind of novelist. They should leave ornate language for the fluff. Crunch should be crunch = hard numbers and established expressions!
  11. I've got some issues with the description of Shattering Legacy Weapon Ability. Does it grant the Power Field Weapon Quality including the resilience against other weapons with the Power Field Quality, or does it only give the Legacy Weapon a 75% Chance of destroying parried weapons?
  12. It depends on your GM. If he allows you to trade in requisition points from starting equipment for new weapons and wargear during regular requisition than yes, if not, you know the answer. Otherwise the whole requisition system would be out of balance. But why go for Signature Wargear (Hero) which grants you up to 70 requisition points, when it would be better to choose the Signature Wargear/Signature Wargear (Master) Combination, which will give you only 40 points, but grants you +10 to all Attack tests? Or are you planning to get some additional upgrades such as a Deathwatch Suspensor (65 points total)?
  13. Lightbringer said: Kain McDogal said: No one (ok, no one with commen sense and not some military which is politically involved with a manufacturer) would spend additional cost on a weapon, which has inferior stats to a weapon which costs less. This sort of thing - purchasing or obtaining inferior weapons for political/cost reasons - would presumably happen as much in 40k as it does in real life, though, surely? Say the Governor of Elysia get a kickback from a particular forge world, for example? In the WH40K universe it would happen most of the time, but not if the players have something to say when creating a regiment.
  14. H.B.M.C. said: And I answer the OP's question with a question: Why must it have an advantage? The rules are full of weapons that do bascially the same thing, or do things the same way with only the slightest difference (a pip of range here, an extra shot, different weight, etc.). Why must one have an advantage over another? BYE Because it has an higher Availibility, which directly transforms into a higher cost when you create regiments. No one (ok, no one with commen sense and not some military which is politically involved with a manufacturer) would spend additional cost on a weapon, which has inferior stats to a weapon which costs less. Of course in the real world the difference between weapons isn't this significant. There would be no RPG related advantage of a HK416 over an M4 (maybe it would gain Reliable) still it costs much more, but where is the point to reprint the same weapon a dozen times in a RPG weapons table? You freelancers always complain about having not enough space in the books for your stuff, so why waste it with useless stats?
  15. Bassemandrh said: I cant explain it. But cant you just choose it as your standard favored basic weapon? Makes it easier to get with Logistics and lets weapon specialists pick it up at char gen. Of course, but at the same time I'm robbing the Regiment of a much needed basic support weapon and I think when you equip drop troops, the whole regiment should get the same Basic Weapon, not only the Weapon Specialist. To be honest I really like to choose the Auxiliary Grenade Launcher as the favored Basic Weapon, but some "clever" writer at FFG has made it a Weapon Upgrade, not a Basic Weapon, although it has stats like one, with a much to high Availibilty, considering that a full-fledged Grenade Launcher has only an average Availibilty. Underslung Grenade Launchers are THE most basic support weapons in todays armies up to the point where not only Specialist like Grenadiers are equipped with them, but also regular troops if the squad needs some extra fire power. My impression is that the writers put to much effort in fixing older bugs from the DH, RT and DW times instead of developing good setting rules. In older times the new rules where much more rounded in WH40K RPG's. Thanks for the Beta hint.
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