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  1. Well, if you really dont like the rules as written, change them. I suggest having anyone that's being attacked with a Knock-down attack choose, wether they either: 1. Try to jump away (Dodge) 2. Or steel themselves for the impact (Opposing Strength) In this, if they try to dodge, and fail, they are knocked prone. Or perhaps allow them a strength test with a penalty, since there is no "Attack test" in the action.
  2. HappyDaze said: Ahriman of the Thousand Sons could give you a few hints on pulling that off. Sadly, we are not on speaking terms since last years christmas party...
  3. Cifer has the right of it. The Power armour is self-powerd, capable of bearing it's on weight. Also, should one manage to create some form of controll system, once could actually make the armour move without anyone being in it.
  4. @Reverend Mort True, but if you gain your last corruption points, lets say, from 19 to 20, by "failing" i.e, a Khorne devote losing a fight, you are not allowed to modify the result with your infamy. The ToC table is cool to look at, but I cringe at the thought of it being used.
  5. Jackal_Strain said: If you can get holdt of it, the Tome of Corruption from Warhammer Fantasy roleplay 2nd edition has a d1000 table for mutations. Many of them will need some work to convert properly to BC, but it's a great tool if you want chaotic versatility in your mutations. The only thing I dont like with the Tome of Corruption is that the mutation table is, well, game-breaking. Sure, some of the mutations in RT is so out there that it will be difficult to play the character, but in ToC there are mutations that will make you more or less unplayable. I dont like random tables that has such a big impact on your character. A d100 table, with a re-roll if you are unaligned (and doesnt gain the last corruption as a failing) or the chance to roll on a diffrent table with only positives, is a lot less random, and have fewer "options" that will break your character.
  6. Adeptus-B said: These guys are Imperial citizens, bred for hard labor over several centuries, and not unarmoured CSMs... Not to mention, totaly Badass!
  7. N0-1_H3r3 said: DJSunhammer said: That's odd. I wonder why plasma weapons can't be arm mounted. Because they have a tendency to overheat, and not being able to drop a plasma pistol because it's welded to your vambrace means that you'd risk losing your arm every time you fired it. Best quality ones dont overheat. Plasma weapons are for martyrs or people powerfull/rich enough to get best quality weapons.
  8. MILLANDSON said: Nimas said: @Kasatka And should they NOT? All fluff points to psykers being blatantly more cool and powerful then mere mortals. The thing is, this *is* a game, and in games you want it to be as balanced as possible where possible. Otherwise there would be little incentive to play any of the other types of characters. Why do games have to be balanced? Of all games, RPGs are the ones that don't need to be balanced, because it's about making a story - not everyone in any book I've read has comparable abilities, and the idea of everyone being entirely equal, to me, just sounds boring. Just because a character can be more powerful mechanically doesn't mean that they will actually be the most powerful, as a lot comes down to character/player personality, and also doesn't mean that everyone will only play them because they're "better", because if that's not the character I want to play, why would I play them? Some of the most fun games I've ever played in were with characters that were notably less powerful than the other characters, but that didn't stop them from being great characters to play. This i generally true, however, it is hard to enjoy being the "sneaky little thief", when another player has a character that is a better thief than yours, and is better at anything. Basicly, you have nothing you do better, so why would you do anything instead of this other character. So your idea of being a thief falls on its ass. Yes, I know, that you can still play this sneaky guy, but you are most likely going to get a backroll if someone is better than you at everything, and few people find that fun, I know I dont. Imbalance can interrupt a story, but having a balanced game will not interrupt the story, so an RPG should always strive to be balanced, even if it is not always 100% neccesary.
  9. Lecram said: My point with the light vs sound is that regular guns have muzzle flash as well as a loud sound. So you shouldn't penalize one class of weapon over the other because of the fluff. If you allow a silencer on a gun in your game, then it should benefit. However, there are muzzle flash dampeners, I suppose they could be incorporated into the silencer. A meltagun, or las gun for that matter, makes a bright light along the whole line of fire, easily tracked by the naked eye, where a bullet is extremly hard to see. If nothing else, the light should leave an "impression" in the air, the same way you can "see" a lightning strike after it has passed. Basicly, I find it hard to belive that you can silence or "hide" the firing of a weapon that leaves light and sound all along its traveling path. A lasgun for example, the "crack" it makes does not come from the gun, but from the superheating of the air, and it happes all along it's path. A stummer might be able to disguise the initial sound, but as soon as the heat leaves it's range, the sound will occur.
  10. As far as my science goes, wich is not that far mind you, a melta seems to create an impressive amount of heat, easily enough to ignite any oxygen particels in the air, making them create miniature explosions, creating both sound and light. Exactly the same principle of an ionising laser, only much hotter.
  11. Drake56 said: until khorne realises its a psyker then egts squioshie on it Or, one checks the little black box on page 78, which states: " In game terms, those Aligned to Khorne may never use Psychic Powers, even if they posses the Psyker Trait. As long as they are Aligned to Khorne, they also do not count as having the Psyker Trait." So, no hatestorming-psyker of Khorne...
  12. Deinos said: It'd be nice to see if the Mark of Nurgle's statement that "You are compelled to spread Nurgle's Rot throughout the galaxy" means that you actually CAN spread Nurgle's Rot, or if it just means "Boy, I wish I could spread Nurgle's Rot. Oh well" Well, if you have a nice GM, maybe he/she can make it so that your next mutation automaticly becomes the Nurgle's rot Gift, which should solve that problem nicely. Or you can say that certain weapons you have that have the "Toxic" quality, can be inflicted with Nurgle's rot.
  13. What you are saying is, if you get the same mutation 4 times, it gets annoying. Hmmm, more annoying then having permanent Fear 4? That can happen aswell. And unless i remember incorrectly, UC adds one degree of succes for everyother UC you have, so a UC of 4 on weapon skill, would mean 2 additional degrees of succes. Use that with a weapon skill of 70, and you get an "average of 4-6 hits per lightning attack. Its still a lot, but it's nowhere near the carnage a psyker can cause. And considering how powerfull some of the ranged weapons are, lika a multilaser or a Reaper Autocannon, I don really see that big of an issue here. Lightning claws I haven't looked at really, anything special with them?
  14. Well, i belive the reason for the rule change regarding Fully Automatic fire was to bring a semblance of balance to it. In the previous incarnations, Full-auto was the end all, be all firing mode. It was just extremly superior in everyway. Basicly, if your weapon was incapable of full auto (and wasn't a specific weapon, like a sniper) it was a crappy weapon. I like this rule change, full-auto is still the "best" choice for anyone who has a high BS (or a few situational modifiers) since it allows for the most amount of hits, and thus the most damage, but it is no longer the "prefered" firing mode.
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