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  1. I bet you know what my next comment will be about. 😀 I'll try not to disappoint expectations. Piracy quests look rather intimidating, all being Cft/Str of 7. At the stage of when characters would be sufficiently strong to comfortably beat those creatures, they'll be already frequently looking up to Crown of command, calculating the number of turns to breach through Portal of power. Piracy quest tokens would not be such a valuable items to have anymore, thoughts would be focused elsewhere. And at this stage of game, despite its usefulness in early/mid game, Wavecutter wouldn't be so powerful weapon anymore. Ship in a bottle is a great idea but only if one gets it early during exploration of the isles. And if one want's to travel and do questing around the isles, he/she definitely wants to have a ship at the start! I actually tried to move around your board without any modifiers by just rolling a die. Believe me, I was getting nowhere up to the point of getting frustrated. If somebody wants to venture into the Isles, having a ship is a must I dare to say. So getting another one isn't such a benefit (Do they stack and one can get several benefits from various ships for the same movement?). If Treasures would be drawn randomly, I would be disappointed to get such a reward after staying there for a long time and before planning to leave the region. Maybe it's a bridge too far, but considering the difficulty level of Piracy Quests, I would incorporate a shortcut to Middle / Inner region somewhere on the board, similar to the Dungeon Expansion. Or at least offer an easy way to leave the region once a character reaches its distant places. Offering exit to the Deep Realms, at least through a Denizen, would also help by establishing attractive movement options. (My wish is to play Alternative Ending Realmwalkers from Realms Untravelled expansion, once when I get it.). I am aware that Talisman is a luck based game and I am embracing the fact fully. But some help in moving around would be helpful and also balancing. It's just a guess but maybe some of the followers and/or objects, which enhance character's movement in other regions, would not be so usable in the Isles. I wasn't thinking about this issue thoroughly, but if it is true, maybe the Isles cold use some more compensation on movement department. My group is using Bludgeon's Wanted posters from Great Talisman Project. For many reasons we prefer using those instead of original ones. It is actually the only home brewed expansion we use in every game. These is the only set of Wanted posters that look like worth spending 1 gold on. They don't cost you trophies to get gold. (I was never fond of spending trophy points for gold and never did it.) Using them, one can get gold relatively early by doing other stuff around the table, while not being forced to do them 'as soon as possible' like Warlock quests. We play them in a way that a character gets the money immediately upon completing the quest and is not teleported. In addition, they make some of the less popular spaces more popular (for example Forest). And most importantly (I am getting to the point now🤠) by having always three of them available, they offer a wide variety of levels of difficulty. So players get to choose difficulty and reward in accordance of what they are capable of. (We usually take two to three between us during each game and complete around half of them on average.) Unfortunately it seems like I can't find a reference regarding where characters would be acquiring Piracy quests. I think that making them in different levels of difficulty and allowing players to chose difficulty would make them (and the region itself) more popular.
  2. Not the best start of the year. I'm sorry to hear that. Happy new year to you too.
  3. Thank you Rodfather2212 for really interesting thoughts. I have something similar in mind for when in Woods or Forest. It is actually not my idea, but I'll tweak it when I come there. As goes for acquiring Ammo, I think it would be best to leave it to be ruled 'by house'. In our case, we will maybe start with rolling a dedicated small die for Ammo when 'bow' is acquired, and then leave the die on the card, reducing pips on the go. I decided that 1 arrow will be Trinket, because it could be carried along with a Bow and it shouldn't be heavier than (as an example) Stiletto from Armory deck. 2, 3 and 4 arrows will be normal Objects, reasoning that they would have to be carried in a quiver. It is all generalization and simplification, of course. Recently, I decided to reduce the power of the Bow. If 6 is rolled for its effect at the start of battle, it is a miss. This way I also incorporated some chance for a miss, which comes more realistic for a ranged item. Here are three cards related to the Ranged mechanics. I am happy to see that it fits well in various contexts. Goblin Sniper is a replacement for commercial card. Arrow in the Knee is actually a reworked Event made by Pheomon. Thank you Pheomon!
  4. Navigator or Meteorologist: Allows you to decide which route you move along next turn, or helps you reach specific destination in the Isles Drowned God Worshipper: ... or any other man of the faith, to utilise the praying action Harlot or Bawdy House Lady: ... she cheers you up in some way, I'm too decent to suggest in more detail Fishmonger or Fishwife: gives you gold (or something) for any trophy that looks like fish Marine Biologist: does something with drowned stuff, maybe sells them
  5. I see these features no longer work in latest edition of SE.?
  6. It's interesting to hear that the expansion is about exploration and not about rushing to the end to beat the boss or meet your destiny. It's totally 'down my alley'. I was just intending to ask you what would be the overall story of the expansion of isles. I like to see other three corner board (other than City) as mini 'Talisman games', in which one travels until she/he reaches the final space and win (the region). I think the way of the Woodland is a nice improvement by allowing the characters to (to some extent) decide about what they are after in the region, which doesn't necessarily mean to fight the boss. But the Woodland is still laid down in a linear way. So from what I understand, The Isles represents another step toward non-linear questing and replacing racing with exploring, completing the quests and getting treasures replacing the mechanics of Trails in Woodland. I salute to anything that tends to go in that direction. I never liked to see Talisman as a race, although it usually (actually always) becomes one at a certain phase. Maybe to avert that even more, it is already time for somebody to come up with an alternative ending which doesn't force characters to rush through inner region to the CoC. An ending based only on exploration would be a refreshment, but would contradict the main idea of the game. Maybe it would be too bold. Even for the most daring pirate. 😜 If Pirate or Privateer character (or any character) will be able to enter the region immediately, I see it as an easy early game region, similar to Highland. I never travel into Dungeon until my character has gained some might, but again, it could just be me. But I am sure Dungeon is a difficult region because it provides a backdoor to win the game. If Isles will be what I suspect and understand, apart from the intriguing theme, they will compete in popularity with Highland in straightforwardness of getting easy money, Objects and Trophies. Regarding Gold, Highland is imo really easy to beat. So there is a danger of Isles causing Highland to become even less popular. But, since this is only my chain of thoughts, it could be that other players have a completely different affections, experience and opinion about overall balance of the regions. I'm sure some more opinions would be necessary to confirm or disregard my concern. And if the Isles would be played alone with no other corner regions, this isn't a question at all. I just can't imagine reason why a group would do that. If the group is into exploration, why not adding other corner boards? We actually seldom encounter the last space. (Woodland being an exception because Paths are so great.) It is totally normal that somebody enters a region just for fun and then retreats from it soon after. On the other hand, if the group is into race, why exploring the Isles at all? Are they so permissive in rapid character growth? And I can't imagine how making components of the homemade expansion would be cheaper than buying the commercial one. So it would not be for the money either. I hope I am not too harsh. I wish you success in next 11 days. Without pressure of course. First thing is to relax and enjoy deserved rest. Have a beautiful Christmas! To all who reads this.
  7. Yes, I had it on my mind, but forgot to mention. One can encounter a number of Fae enemies in Woodlands as well.
  8. I am very excited about this expansion, so I have been pondering heavily during my way to work this morning. For start, it has to be mentioned that, in Talisman, I am not a big lover of getting things by going somewhere or bringing something somewhere, not to mention assembling stuff. I think Talisman is simply too much luck based. So please consider my writing as a very subjective one. I like the mechanics which increases quest reward for having a number of Piracy tokens. On the other hand, I can't salute to just another quest option in a quest game. If it's on a scale that contends with Warlock quests and Wanted posters, or any of the home brewed replacements for them (like J.C. Hendee's Tasks or Bludgeon's Wanted posters - which my group is currently using), you'll have to arrange for a tempting award or make Piracy quests easier to complete ('easier' = lower average of turns to complete them) than the other two. Consequently, my opinion is that Piracy tokens would have to be very attractive commodity and one of the reasons for characters to be motivated to enter The Isles. In my case, it's just a theme which is attractive enough and also my adventure spirit plays a role. But for many players it'll have to be something more. Reward options which you've mentioned, not considering Piracy tokens, are not so much better than Warlock quest rewards. They are known in advance, and with a bit of bad luck you would only get one Gold. On the other hand, there are ways to get treasure elsewhere without using Lucky charm. I like Warlock quest rewards much more. I like the uncertainty in drawing cards instead of rolling a die. Maybe you can at least allow for one of the options in Pirate Cove space to be drawing Warlock quest reward cards. They come in ridiculously great number. About Piracy tokens. First, way to get rid of Piracy tokens would have to be a tempting one. Actually it would have to be something more close to the wording 'spending' them. Second, it would have to be applicable all over Talisman, not only in The Isles. Third, it would have to be universal for all playing styles. Some groups for example don't prefer player vs. player encounters. In my group, we have a house rule not to attack each other. So, first thing to come to my mind is something connected with Fate. Maybe tokens could be used to force even Creatures to roll again. Or tokens could be used to add or subtract 1 to any dice roll made by usage of Fate. I don't consider these to be best possible ideas, but maybe I can help you get to the right (your) idea. Maybe it would be easier for you to achieve this by answering to two questions, which you probably have already asked yourself. In Talisman each kind of tokens represents something in physical or abstract way, like Gold coins representing money, Charges representing units of energy that make things work, Fate representing fate. So first question is, what are Piracy tokens representing? If something from material world, like treasure, are they supposed to be carried? If something abstract, do they affect alignment or fatebound effects? (I always like to think about how a new mechanics interacts with the existing one(s)). Second question is, what are you trying to achieve with them? If they increase attack roll for Fae and Law and considering the fact that any group of players not using your Lawless realm would be confronting those Enemies in numbers only in The Isles, I would assume that you are trying to prevent characters from staying too much time in The Isles region. If this isn't an intention, there has to be one for giving them negative effect despite the fact that they are acquired as a quest reward. If you just want to make players get rid of them (or their negative effect), in this circumstances they would only need to exit The Isles. (And keep the tokens as souvenir.) I really admire the overall balance of the four official corner regions. Each has its own role regarding the different characters or playing styles it attracts, or the game phase in which it becomes interesting. The Isles has to find its own place under the sun. In this context, replacing Dungeon would signify something else than replacing Highlands. In this 'philosophy', Piracy tokens would have to play their minor or major role. If one is about to change the overall balance between corner regions, it has to be for a reason. These are my thoughts. Please, consider them just as my humble opinion. Not every Talisman player thinks the same way, or likes the same things about Talisman. This is why it is such a great game. I hope at least I gave you some ideas or feedback. And motivated you to press on. I deeply respect every minute you invest into this project.
  9. Image wise, I definitely prefer the right one.
  10. 4th edition added Bow late, but with gold as ammo. http://www.talismanwiki.com/Bow So this wasn't an improvement for me. I also dislike the image of a Bow. Images are a big thing for me in Talisman. I am more fond of simple design as in the beginnings, where a sword or an axe had a very simple and neutral background, instead of an impression from an archery range. Lately, I gave much thought to this topic and, after reading this thread, the idea was completed almost entirely. At least that much that I decided to share it. I've taken what I like from Bludgeon concept and married it with 3rd Edition's one. This way I came to the solution that supports the way I personally prefer ranged fight to be implemented in the game: - Ranged fight (missile weapons) have to be part of Talisman. - It has to be something special, which, like JCHendee said, operates differently in both advantage and disadvantage. - It has to use ammo, which shouldn't be simply gold (I think using gold instead of arrows in 4th Ed is simply too much of a simplification, even for Talisman). - No shooting out of board space on which user is located. Hoping that it isn't already taken, I added key word Ranged, with the purpose same as Weapon (only one could be used for the purpose of a single battle). The Ranged Object would include a system of 'charges', which would be named Ammo. The player would put some tokens or dice on the card and subtract 1 Ammo after each use. The concept is, of course expandable to other kinds of ranged items and types of ammo. I plan to start with just a few cards, which I would insert into this or that deck, replacing other cards. This way the ratios of different card types within specific deck wouldn't be affected. I am strongly against card duplication, so my arrows would replace bags of gold. Yes, in the end one would still shoot gold equivalent, but in my mind, thematically, it sounds right now. I am open to any comments. Right now I still pounder about some issues: - is Bow a bit too strong? Wouldn't those stats be better for a future card Longbow? - is concept of ammo too complicated? - should ammo (like arrow(s) be Trinkets? - what should be the initial amount of ammo when ranged object is acquired?
  11. I don't know if anybody is still following this topic. I was always very intrigued by ranged fight (missile weapons) in Talisman. But I was never completely satisfied the way it worked. There was a Bow and a Quiver of Arrows in 3rd Edition, which was my first Talisman. Truthfully, I didn't like it too much. But what I liked was the concept of arrows as ammo.
  12. Thanks Pheonom for all the files you've shared. I have been accidentally reading this post not knowing that the last reply was less than a day ago. I wanted to add my subjective opinion about the board, but looks like you've completed or paused the project. So I see no point. But I appreciate the work done and the idea of symbols instead of text. For a player who doesn't know the board by hart it's very helpful to be able to see what options she has looking from the opposite side of the table across the regions of Talisman. In my playing past, I have always tried to add this or that homebrew addition to my Talisman. Even now, as a general rule, I usually don't organize a play if I don't introduce at least one addition. It doesn't have to be a whole expansion. Sometimes it's just a couple of cards or a new painted miniature. But it often happens that we never again play with a particular homebrewed addition or expansion. The reason is, that either they don't give the expected thematical flavor or the cards are generally not very interesting or the new rules contradict the way the game was supposed to be played or I simply fail to make the product of a satisfying quality. Unexpectedly this was the way I realized and started to appreciate the quality of original product. Last time we played I was still surprised how innovative and thought out some of the original cards are. And we haven't played Talisman so much that we would get bored of those cards. Actually, the only thing I dislike in original cards is the fact that some of them are added in more than one copy. But this can easily be remedied. One more thing I learned. I never saw an instance where I'd thought that changing the general rule about how the game is supposed to be played would make sense. This is why I am (as a rule of thumb) at least initially reluctant when I see homebrewed changes to some rules or changes to some balances that have a very strong impact in comparison to original component. To make it simple, I don't mind changing or twerking some cards or even some mechanics (for example I tend to change the rule about how ranged weapons work) on cards. But to make even the slightest change on the main board, one would have to have a very supported reason. I believe every feature on the main board (the one or the other) is there for a reason. Somethimes, on their own, like Sentinel for example, they seem dull or reasonless, but in grand agenda they need to be there to support the basic idea of game flow and game balance. Thanks for all the files again. I haven't had time to go through the cards. If they aren't available on Talismanisland, then I probably have never saw them. How come you don't like denizens?? I love denizens!
  13. It's hard for me to imagine the situation. Are all three ports accessible from the main board and you have changes the rules of entering the board? How crucial is any of the four option for continuation of the journey in the Isles? DOCKMASTER Simply getting one gold at the Dockmaster is to my opinion very 'strong' option. To my knowledge (maybe I'm wrong) there's no other space, where a characters would be able to get gold right away. Getting gold is actually for me one of the hardest things to do in Talisman. My general plan is usually: 1st get gold, 2nd get water bottle, 3rd get to Middle Region. If I would have that kind of option to get gold at the beginning of the play, I would head straight to the port. There are some characters which have dedicated special abilities that allow them easier access to gold. I don't like to play them, but my impression is they are generally OP. (Or maybe not.) Having three spaces where one could get gold straight away could maybe unbalance the gameplay at least for those characters, and also for many adventure cards which give gold to character. Are ships so expensive and therefore the introduction of the Dockmaster which gives you gold without even skipping the round? (Usually in Talisman when characters is offered a job to get gold she has to skip one turn.) HARBORMASTER How important it is to move from port to port? You've mentioned, that Isles aren't easy to navigate, I guess the controlled movement is harder in comparison to other corner boards, where movement rules are straightforward. So being able to better control your movement by spending gold to compensate for shipping schedules, winds and tides would be an integral part of movement around the Isles. This maybe requires Harbormaster to be present in all three ports. On the other hand, if moving from port to port doesn't mean any considerable benefit, spending one gold and one turn this way isn't very inviting. SHIPYARD Does the wording 'Buy a ship from the Shipyard' refer to a deck of cards or to another space with the name 'Shipyard'. If it is the latter, than three ports with the same option to would maybe decrease the value of the Shipyard space. MARKET I like the idea of having specialized objects which are handy in the Isles, although I usually encounter a lot of weapons from many sources and have them in abundant number. But it doesn't hurt to have one more available. I am reserved about the water bottle however, for the similar reason as for the Dockmaster. I consider water bottle to be a very important strategic object and I am not sure if I wish to have it available straight from the board. But, like I've mentioned, this is just my preferred tactical approach. Maybe for other playing styles acquiring a water bottle isn't so important. ------------------------------------------ Now I would like to contribute my thought to your question. If there's no apparent reason for having identical spaces, then I wouldn't vote for it. However, keeping the key word 'port' in their names could be useful if there's a reference to a port on some of the adventure cards. (And from what you've posted I can see there is.) My initial answer was simple: denizens. And after some more consideration I didn't come up with anything else. Building a limited deck of dedicated denizens (isles only) would provide for the right amount of randomness. ... And address some of the issues I've mentioned above as well. (If they are indeed issues for anybody else.) This way, not all options would be available immediately, but all would become available in time, if the isles would be visited frequently. At the same time players would have different spaces to visit, with some common options. Another thought, not directly connected with above mentioned: There is no place to sell all the stones (trinkets) from the Highland adventure deck when Cataclysm main board is used. Unless somebody draws an Alkimist denizen early in the game, of course. Maybe, the Isles expansion, considering it's flavor, could compensate for that. Let's say some kind of jewelry maker or trader is introduced, who is willing to give money for the stones. Of course, on the cards it is clearly written they have to be sold at the alkimist... Just another thought. I see the font on the board is different from other texts in Talisman. I like the font but maybe it wouldn't fit in. Thrilled to see the work on the Isles progressing. Thanks for keeping me excited, Reedstilt.
  14. Excellent work Reedstilt! I am going through Dungeon right now. I'm in love with traps. I understand, because they are events, they still cause the flipping of the Time Card. Am I correct? Thematically it doesn't sound logical to be suddenly surprised by a day or night. Or maybe it could happen in the dungeons of Talisman 😁. Anyhow I am not able to find any ruling about it in the Deep Realm Rules. Where has the idea of new characters came from? Is there anywhere to be found a thing file for the 3D printer?
  15. 'Maritime' flavour is something that I have always been attracted to. Since 3rd Ed. Isle of Poseidon by Steve Bailey. So I am really excited about this expansion. The only bad thing about it that I can see is that it replaces The Dungeon corner. The Dungeon is my favourite. To work around it having a separated Isles board nearby the main table looks like the solution, but for me a bad compromise. I don't want to extend playing surface anywhere else. This is the reason why my playing group doesn't use the last two expansions (Deep and The Realms of Legend). This extra free space between corner boards is simply too precious for us. Another solution I see is to change the rules in a way that either of the two boards could be used, but not both at the same time. So first character with a desire and sufficient die roll for movement could enter either the Dungeon or the Isles and thus set the available expansion to be used by all others until there's no one left on the particular board. Later in the game, any character may reenter the same or the other board. This way only 4 boards would be in play in any moment, but 5 would be potentially available. All faceup adventure cards would be left on the board while the board would not be in play. Of course, I think this rule could be used as a house rule. I don't think there's a need to change any component. I don't know why you decided to replace specifically the Dungeon. Maybe it would be possible to replace any corner board with the Isles. Have you thought about allowing another entrance to the Isles through The Wharf in The City? Have you thought about similar mechanism as the weather effects in 3rd Ed. Isle of Poseidon http://talisman.edwebb.net/expansions/expansion-330.html ? I love the idea where artwork of the board isn't just there for nice impression but also to interact with the gameplay. (Similar to the Serpent expansion of 4th Ed.)
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