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  1. I think a Folklore(Int) - trade or Leadership(Fel) - logistics, sounds reasonable. I like that a merchant type can't just have a good Fellowship and train Charm and due well, so I prefer keeping the Folklore check intelligence based. The reason I leaned towards Logistics is it forced more diversity, but a Folklore check will do the same and will work in concert with the merchant characters. I would make trade a new speciality to Folklore though. That being said I also like the idea of ship captains and other leadership types being good at some aspects of trade but not others (haggling).
  2. Found one typo (Unreliable should have had a "less than" rather than a "greater than" sign in its description) ... Here is the corrected one, feel free to yoink. Screen 2a
  3. Here are the inserts I use with customizable screen mentioned above. I recently revised them to add armor and weapons. You might find them useful ... Screens
  4. Hi everyone, Haven't been able to spend as much time here as I have in the past, but I just finished some trading rules for the Death on the Reik campaign I'm running and I thought I'd share. Let me know if you have any thoughts or opinions. ---------------------------------------------------------------- BUYING Step 1 – Find Seller The availability of exports is determined by a Logistic check (a Leadership speciality) once per day. Available goods come from communities main exports, determined at random if multiple options exist. Logistics / Leadership(Fe) v. community size Village (below 100) – Daunting Small Town (below 1,000) – Average Town (below 10,000) – Easy City (10,000+) – Simple In order to find a cargo that fits your boat and doesn't need to be split among multiple boats (and thus raising the final asking price by 10%) requires the following banes/boons on the preceding roll. If requirements below are met, cargo fills boat to within 10% of capacity: Village – less than 3 banes Small Town – less than 2 Banes Town – no banes City – need at least 1 Boon (most exports require owning multiple boats, requiring some good luck if you only captain one) Step 2 – Price Follow standard rules for haggling, but price variations due to haggling for bulk goods (exports/imports) are half of what they are for standard goods. Remember to add 10% if only part of available goods can fit on boat. SELLING Step 1 – Find buyer. Only major trading hubs buy goods that they also export. No village imports bulk goods. Check once per day Logistics / Leadership(Fe) v. community size Village – n/a Small Town – Daunting, requires at least 2 successes, but if successful, any boons add Fortune die to haggle roll Town – Average City – Simple Step 2 – Price Follow standard rules for haggling, but price variations due to haggling for bulk goods are half of what they are for standard goods. Starting price is the standard price for goods, not price paid for goods by boat owner.
  5. I'm thinking of running 3ed at Kubla Con this year ... the slots are 6hrs though. This will be my first time running anything so if you have any pointers I'd love to hear them. I'm not sure what I'm going to do for an adventure yet ...
  6. Unfortunately they need an errata for their errata ... page 8 contradicts page 5 about party talents.
  7. If anyone's interested this is the customizable screen I use, its works very well ... (I'm not affiliated with it in any way) Savage Worlds RPG: Customizable Game Master Screen
  8. OK, reposted using dropbox .... http://dl.dropbox.com/u/6731172/WFRP%203ed%20Screen.pdf @Emirikol I converted 2ed prices to pennies then converted those back to 3ed prices. So 2ed penny = 3ed penny. I realize this isn't quite correct for everything but in some instances its correct and it was a short cut I was willing to work with. YMMV. Example: 2ed Dagger = 1 gc (2ed) = 240 p (2ed) 3ed Dagger = 10 s (3ed) = 250 p (3ed) So thats pretty close, a very few where exact matches ... but of course many where very different. I was willing to live with it to make things easier. For encumbrance I mostly guessed based off of 2ed encumbrance and 3ed examples. If something was breakable or sharp, I generally gave it 1 more encumbrance than its size would normally indicate. Edit: another price example 2ed Buckler = 480p, 3ed Buckler = 500p Edit: I also fixed one type-o where the lock said common instead of average ...
  9. I'm not sure how useful others will find this (I use a lot of my own short hand), but just in case I thought I'd post it for others. It has a landscape orientation and has a variety of things I tend to forget when running my campaign. Let me know if you see any errors. I used UniversalHead's background image ... Universal, let me know if this is a problem and I'll strip it out and repost. Hope others find it useful, Gully http://dl.dropbox.com/u/6731172/WFRP%203ed%20Screen.pdf Edit: Replaced old link with dropbox link
  10. Tomba said: The GM's guide is mostly just repeated stuff from the Tome of Adventure and the GM's toolkit, with the only new stuff being extra examples, as far as I can tell. Not worth it, IMHO, given what you have. The only thing I'd correct is the GM's guide will give you rules for corruption and disease which, depending on how your running your campaign, can be very important.
  11. MRoxs said: To make sure if I follow the breakdown at the moment. If I'd get the GM Guide/Vault combination instead of the seperate Winds of Magic and Signs of Faith, I'd miss out on the enemies/spells/actions of those two expansions? You'd miss out on careers, spells, bitz for those, two adventures, and the some fluff. The only thing you'd get are basic corruption and disease rules and some fluff but not all of it.
  12. One way to look at it is that any barn or farmhouse worth its salt is going to have a lightning rod (hay and lightning don't mix) ... so it could be getting hit, and when he is outside he is not staying in one place long enough to get nailed. But you could also make a case the the azure wind doesn't interact well with the Waaaagh!!! and Mork and Gork? Thats my best guess ... Gully
  13. curly24242 said: So am i right in thinking that the winds of magic comes with all the cards and everything as well as the book? As Keitheos said, Winds of Magic, like Signs of Faith comes with all the needed bitz for the rules and careers it covers.
  14. Similarly, I have let NPCs exchange expertise die to absorb wounds ... this was just for emergencies.
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