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  1. Congrats John. I am still bummed I did not have the time to participate in the Winter League. I will work on building some decks this weekend and hope to be out there on Monday.
  2. imrahil327 said: Hello all! I live in San Diego and am interested in learning this fine game. When & where do people meet to play? I saw Game Empire mentioned earlier... We meet every Monday at Game Empire. Most start showing up around 6-7 PM.
  3. Sorry I did not make it out on Monday. My wounds are still healing from the beat down John Bruno gave me last week. Good luck to all of you heading out to GenCon.
  4. Bronson said: 4 from SD, maybe one or two more (JOE that's YOU if you're reading this! ) I will know if I can make it after work this Friday. Right now it is looking good.
  5. Sorry that I have missed the past few weeks. Things at work are slowing down a bit now so I will try to make it this Tuesday. What new decks have you guys been testing? Anybody try a Bolton one yet?
  6. The infinity symbol is a reminder that the card can be taken from your dead pile. Be sure to read the text for the cards special rules.
  7. Congrats John. Our last session you did a lot of testing with your Targ deck. I was surprised to see you switched to Martel. The few times we have played I don't think I have seen you use Martel once. Looks like you made the correct decision.
  8. I wish I had a fraction of your artistic talent. What size are these before they scale them to fit on a card?
  9. I am thrilled they are going to be released. $4 a piece seems fair.
  10. Once they decide on the date just let me know.
  11. Thanks for the games Monday night. I was able to get four games in and watch most of another one. Also it was nice to meet Luke. All in all a fun night of Thrones. We never did decide anything about starting up a tourney or league play. I guess we will figure that out after Gencon. Joe
  12. Richard Snow said: Im a new player myself and I have bought the Core set,the lords of winter and a single chapter pack. Ive built a Stark deck that works around renown and pure military aggression. It seems to work ok but has difficulties with Intrigue defence. Im using a number of cards that boost my claim value but still struggle to get the win. Any suggestions? The lords of winter box has a few cards that help with intrigue defence. House Tully Septon does not kneel to defend and the new Catelyn Stark can be played from your hand to defend.
  13. I wonder if the expansions will be released for the silver line scale.
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