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  1. The new Magic cards that are remakes say that is Magic/Attack. Does this mean a Sea Neon in play shuts down Fire, Blizzard, and Thunder Magic?
  2. Can a Magic/Friend be used to damage a gargoyle which says "All damage done to this card is reduced to 0, with the exception of magic damage"?
  3. If I have the Wisdom form equipped, how would I go about swapping it out for Valor form?
  4. Hello, I'm Christian and I have always loved the KH series. I tried getting into it years ago, but not enough people would play it in my tiny hometown. I saw the Valor Form card in the store recently and had to have it.
  5. Are there any differences between the 3 starters other than the Valor form, Wisdom form, and Timeless River Mickey?
  6. Can anyone help me find a list of Kingdom Hearts, with what they do?
  7. Choitz said: The form cards are indeed shuffled into the deck, as you will need to draw them to be able to use ('n your opponent is able to discard them for you to not use). Thank yuo very much Choitz.
  8. Ok, I haven't played the Kingdom Hearts CCG since the very first set. But the other day I was going through my local comic and game store and saw the Valor Form starter deck. I immediately bought it(Valor Form rules). My question is wether the Form Cards are shuffled into the deck.
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