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  1. signoftheserpent said: H.B.M.C. said: Plushy said: That handful of background options and a few alternate ranks could've easily kept people happy and made this a perfect package. Although I still fully intend to buy this book, it would not have taken much to please everyone by nixing a few pages of other things. Books do not have unlimited space. It's a simple hard-and-fast reality that there's a certain amount of room for things, and not everything can fit. BYE Why would a DE book require unlimited space? The tabletop codex is half the size of Soul Reaver. Please stop making excuses for FFG's failings. It is not a Dark Eldar codex/splatbook, it iss an adventure featuring Dark Eldar. Big difference between the two. Stop making up arguments and trolling.
  2. Comissars and Abhumans are all in the Eleventh Hour character supplement now available in the FFG web site.
  3. Geez folks, the bonus characters are up already. They are a ratling, comissar and ogryn. It looks like Dark Heresy level power-level with BC rules from what is in the supplement
  4. The problem normally lies with FFG's printer in China or US Customs. The other is that FFG is doesn't warehouse their books to meet a release date (i.e. sitting in the warehouse a few months and then released to distribution to meet a street date) which leaves them at the whims of their printer and/or US Customs. The trade off for this is a lower price for your books.
  5. Its not that I dislike published adventures, its the inclusion of adventures in source books I dislike. I don't mind the adventure trilogies or the 3-in1 adventure books (Purge the Unclean, The Emperor Protects etc.) and much like you I mine them for profiles and ideas.
  6. H.B.M.C. said: And all these books contain adventures. People should really stop being so surprised by it by now. This one is quite a fun one though - certainly different to most of the one's I've read. BYE I'm not surprised at all, just continually disappointed. I really don't care how fun it is, it's wasting (to me anyway) 20+ pages that could be better spent on the actual subject of the book.
  7. Squeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!! Err…Praise the Omnisiah! I was totally stoked reading the contents blurb until I saw an adventure was included. Even worse the adventure involves the Warp, the most over-used McGuffin in official Dark Heresy adventures. That being said, I am confident the Fabricator-General and his hand-selected Artisans will have done the subject fitting tribute. Oh and please, please let there be Imperial Knights in the book.
  8. N0-1_H3r3 proposed a house rule here (http://www.fantasyflightgames.com/edge_foros_discusion.asp?efid=179&efcid=3&efidt=505519&efpag=0#505841) that addresses your concern.
  9. N0-1_H3r3 said: As I see it: The Imperium is built upon a lie that was told so long ago that none remain who know the truth it conceals. Generation after generation perpetuate this lie blindly and unknowingly. But, just as the Imperium controls vast resources and possesses vast power, its means are not sufficient for its ends - the unchallenged dominance of humanity across the galaxy. The Imperium is flawed, certainly, but in a way that cannot be fixed by mortal minds, such is the scale of it. The Imperium that the Emperor built was incomplete, a nation of incomparable size forged in a war that had not yet come to its end. When the Heresy happened, it tore apart the Imperium that was and might have been, leaving ruins and scarred survivors who rebuilt as best they could with minds insufficient for the task torn between a childish reproduction of what should have been and a crippling fear of what might be. The contemporary Imperium is flawed not by deliberate malice, but by the inadequacies of its architects, who could not hope to recreate the Emperor's vision in his absence. Those who came after them literally do not know any better, and the Imperium is so vast and scattered that any attempt at change struggles against the cultural inertia of a million worlds and countless generations. Umm…I thought that Roboute Guiliman most certainly knew what the Emperor intended and specifically modelled the the realm of Ultramar to honor the Emperor's intent. I admit that my knowledge of 40K lore is than comprehensive, so I could be wrong.
  10. Forge World put out a two-volume history of the Badab war available here and here. You may find them useful for your upcoming campaign, if you can afford them. If you are in the US your local GW store may carry them and will definitely order them for you. You can also find an unofficial Badab war book written by Bell of Lost souls here. It was written prior to the Imperial Armor books, but is still very useful.
  11. Larkin said: Because it scales worse than the system they introduced. If you want a better field it starts to get strange. 3d10 with any double? Or just tripples? Doubles would come up more often while tripples would come up a lot less. 4d10? Even more of a disparity. With the percentage system they decided on, it's a linear scale instead. And honestly, there is at least one device in BC that just negates shields, they run out after a certain amount of time, and in BC they only go up to 55 anyway. They're fairly balanced for the difficulty it takes to get them already. Black Industries never scaled the field rules, instead they changed how burnout worked. That kept it reasonable. If you wanted a more powerful field adding dice while keeping the double 1 and 0 rules work fine, it is a trade off between negating almost all damage and the field failing. If you really don't like the idea of scaling it with extra dice just add a flat +5 or +10 to the dice roll instead. That would represent the stronger fields just as well. The benefit of the old rules was that you could damage a target with a field, if you did enough damage. With the new field rules you can't.
  12. PrinceOfMadness said: This should help to restrict Force Field acquisitions and give them reason to enter Imperial space. For now, I''m leaving the actual Force Field rules unchanged, although I''m considering creating rules for new Force Fields manufactured by the Dark Mechanicus that function in a somewhat more balanced manner. You may want to look at the original force field rules from the Inquisitor's Handbook for inspiration. Essentially roll 2d10 and reduce incoming damage by the total. If you roll double ones the damage slipped through and is not reduced, if you roll doubles zeroes the field burns out, but damage is still reduced.
  13. Vandegraffe said: Rules as written, Righteous Fury is overpowered when combined with any of the more powerful weapons. I've seen PC's score 70 - 80 wounds in a single hit. Any of the heavy weapons, a grenade / missile launcher with the right ammo, or a storm bolter will dish ridiculous damage.* Cheers, - V. The easy fix is N01-H3R3's house rule (and an adaptation of Righteous Fury as applied to vehicles per Into the Storm) which is Righteous Fury grants an umodifiable 1d5 roll on the appropriate critical hit table. Note that this does not count as Critical Damage.
  14. The Laughing God said: Black_Kestrel said: Per T.S. Luikart in this thread: "That's a fine theory, but that Silver Key is an easter egg as all of DH's designers are big Lovecraft fans. " Regarding Cooger & Darke, I'm not surprised to see references to Ray Bradbury's October Country books either. As mentioned before Something Wicked This Way Comes is well worth reading along with From The Dust Returned and of course the eponymous October Country. Even though it's a children's book you could mine The Halloween Tree for the plot. that link seems to be dead? not working for me Weird, it works for me both in my original post and in your quote. Here is the unadulterated link: http://www.fantasyflightgames.com/edge_foros_discusion.asp?efid=70&efcid=3&efidt=256015&efpag=0#256032. Copy and paste that into your browser's address bar and it should work. Ironically its a thread you commented on.
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