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  1. Thanks for the amazing map(s) Gitzman, really appreciate that you put all this time and effort for them. Kind of OT but is there any way to find a detailed map of Mordheim? The one in your list (as every other floating the net) is low res. I have seen only one HQ map and that's in French and with big parchments obscuring a lot of the map's detail. Please let me know. Aximand.
  2. Been into Warhammer/Warhammer 40k for more than a decade, i can assure you i'm drooling over the pc every day and waiting for more news on this release. ...so yes, i believe real geeks want it Also, card based battles are not to be ashamed of. The point is whether you enjoy the game or not, if the game's good, i don't care how it plays.
  3. I definitely gonna preorder this one, i'm hooked already. I enjoyed the original game and am a huge collector of Horus Heresy stuff, be it novels, artbooks or whatever. This one is a dream come true, i hope it's equal or better than the original.
  4. His name is Daarken and he is a fantastic artist who did about 50% of the concept art for Warhammer Online, he also did the Warhammer RP cover and some other works for FFG. He now is here daarken.com/blog/ but a glimpse of his work you can see in his old blog here daarken.blogspot.com/ . I am a geek ain't i?
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