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  1. DANG! Nice find man. Those are some sweet prices.
  2. You're right Iffo, you could make up new careers. Yet making up that intermediate priest isn't going to get you far without spell cards. Plus you'll need to balance those career talent cards or reuse one from another career. The core set is somewhat like the old basic set in D&D since it has info up to Rank 3. Sure it's possible to go past that but your spellcasters get gimped. All I want to see is the "advanced" set. I think I read somewhere that core materials sell better than supplements. From what I understand the core sets sold like hotcakes so why not do so again? At this point I highly doubt this will happen but it just makes more sense to me. Most of our gaming group bought into 4th ed and now most of those books are at used game stores. We didn't care for how it played but we all certainly enjoy Warhammer. However, D&D's core set is all you needed for high levels plus spells. At roughly the same price you got all you need versus a "basic" set. So I don't view the Winds of Magic as a supplement, but a core item. I understand FFG is a business and the cards shouldn't be free, I just think maybe more reasonable like $39.
  3. I think it is highly possible to play different careers in 3rd ed as long as you want, but not so much as a wizard or priest. I didn't mind buying the core set like I've said but I'm not going to ask anyone to pony up some cash to play a Wizard since we only have one in our group. Sure, I'll buy the cards at a discount, most likely from Noble Knight since that's where I get most my stuff but unless you buy from Amazon, you're not getting a massive discount. I don't think I'm a minority either thinking that this stuff probably should have been in the core set. Or atleast the rest of these rules should have been in a core set 2 box rather than slowly parceling out over time and ultimately paying far more than the core box goes for. I'm not trying to be pissy or start a flame war, it's just a concern I have.
  4. I think I will wait for reviews on the product, I waited to see how the GM kit and Gathering Storm was and I decided I'll get them. Thus far I've liked the quality of the products and didn't mind the pricing too much. It just seemed to me that $49.95 was a leap forward to what seems at this time, not a lot of content. But then again we'll see. I know it's not that hard to wing a house rule for this system but it just would be nice to have some official rules. I'm also not the only one that's brought up what happens past Rank 3.
  5. I don't think myself as being too cheap. I certainly didn't mind the price for the main set nor the GM kit or the Gathering Storm. But $49.95 (on the product description page) for spell cards, some rules on Corruption and an adventure? I mean, really? That's almost 50 bucks (half the price of the core set) for just cards for wizards and not priests. Had it been for both I'd probably not even blinked but 50 bucks??!!! If other sets will be sticking with amount then it's going to be one pricey rpg fellas. To tell you the truth, I'd rather pay another 100 bucks for another box set for the following: 1. Rules on travel, either by horse or sea vessels. I REALLY like how rules light the system is but I think it would be cool to have some rules to do jousting tournaments and naval combats. 2. What happens past Rank 3? If nothing different fine, but we'll need a different kind of characters sheet. 3. Professions like knights, squires, pirates and other careers for the previous editions. 4. Rank 4+ spell cards for Wizards and Priests. 5. Rest of the monsters. Maybe printed out on cards about the size of the party sheets. I finished running my group through the two adventures a couple of weeks ago and everyone enjoyed it so I'm not trying to knock FFG nor the system, it's just a concern I have.
  6. I thought I saw somewhere there were optional rules included. could you give us the highlights? I don't mean rule breakdowns per say just the names I guess. Is there info on using horses or sea vessels?
  7. Does the Zealot come with an insanity or does he buy it like a talent card? Or just can attach it after gaining one?
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