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  1. Thanks everybody for reacting. After reading the posts, the idea ventured to have the situation acutely deteriorate to the point that the polar cap is only hours away from being overrun and the Thunderhawk circling somewhere and available is the way to go. Obviously this is no science fiction, but I find that every now and then, some aspect hurts me more than others - dunno why...... I have no logical explanation why the time frame bothered me so much here and I couldn't care less about other, more glaring inconsistencies. I appreciate everyone bearing with me on that one and the many answers written in a constructive fashion. Will run it this weekend and am tempted to somehow introduce the Samech Space Marine eater from the "Monster Manual" preview, just to let you see how much I care about realism per se
  2. OK, a wee bit late, but anyway: the basic "extraction" scenario from the DW rulebook. It's a fair start. The underlying "time runs out" idea is clever, but it requires too big a suspension of disbelief. No matter where you are, cosmically speaking, flying to a planet, touching down and finding the Magos - in five hours - is impossible. The whole idea of getting a transmission, sending a team away to another planet in another solar system to rescue someone who is hours away from getting killed is simply pointless. The whole idea that a planet is literally overrun in a matter of hours, even days or weeks or months, by a creature that will attack on foot (or even motorized) is ridiculous given the sheer scale of a planet. Getting anywhere takes a couple of thousand miles, meaning days even if you run at 100 miles an hour. I guess what I wanted to say: the time element is where my suspension of disbelief will fail me, and I know my players (who like to play through space travel) will give me the eye when I explain to them the hours-long deadline. A reasonable orbit above a planet is 36.000 km above sea-level (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Geostationary_orbit). Page 170 of "RoB" states a drop-pod makes up to 12.000 km per hour. Travelling to the planet (provided top velocity is reached instantaneously) will take the players 3 of their five hours. I know DW is not Traveller and one shouldn't be to anal about the whole space-data side of it, but the transgalactic resuce mission with only hours to spare - man ! Of course, an outcome could be that the situation evolved to a point where mere hours are left, but that still leaves the problem of extraction - from the time the players call the Thunderhawk that they are ready to be extracted, the ETA will (p183 RoB), ahem, 18 hours if one assumes cruising speed of 2.000 km per hour (travelling from Orbit). Anyway, probably best not to think too deeply about this one and just make do, but what I was wondering, did any of guys fall over this at all (or your players) in actual play ?
  3. Well, I GMed a duel last month. It was a librarian against a tech Marine, and they used it to settle a dispute. I figured with all the different, highly weaponized cultures coming to a crucible in the Deathwatch, DW is bound to have rules for that. Interestingly, in a sparr or non-lethal duel, you have the reverse situation from actual combat. You do not want to kill or maim your opponent, which especially in the DW would be frowned upon as this could create some bitter resentments from future guys to come to the DW.So, fighting someone from another chapter probably is a lot more ritualized than fighting within your chapter. I figured there's a duel ring -hall somewhere. Then, the duelling must be pretty ritualized and permission to participate is required at least from your captain, more likely from the watch commander. In the long months of transfer to missions or hangin' out on the fortress, the natural aggression of these guys, player or otherwise, must be reigned. So I went with a duel ring, using only the Astartes Dagger and both combatants wearing only a tunic. Within the duel ring, only certain moves are allowed (essentially the Lore Skill gotten at creation teaches the characters which one) and per game effect that means you can not use any real maneuvers that require any sort of talent or skill. Basically, the ritual reduces both characters to their basic WS and S with an Astartes Knife and nothing more. No psi, no cyber, no four attacks. Here comes the tricky bit - if you roll a "10", then this will be automatically a confirmed righteous fury unless you successfully roll WS. Seriously maiming a fellow space marine is followed by penitence and killing a fellow brother will result in shameful discharge from the Deathwatch. Fate can be used to pull your swings. (So yes, fighting in the Duel ring is more dangerous than without, but levelled). Brothers seeking permission to fight in the Ring more than once or twice during their stay with the Deathwatch are ordered to sessions with the Chaplains - after all, the true enemies of the Empire do not lie in waiting with the Deathwatch. So, in summary can only use dagger and tunic no talents, no psi, no cyber - only basic S and WS requires Captains permission automatic confirmed righteous fury critical hit results in Reputation loss (D10) and pennance, killing a fellow space Marine in expulsion Can only duel once or twice per tour of duty (alternative: once per level). Can not disengage (small circle) Hitting a brother that has yielded results in Reputation loss and pennance. All the best, hope you like some of these ideas, Ariolan
  4. Bought the Core Rulebook DW as pdf, running on the iPad it had all the text sans the graphics (file displays as it should on a regular Mac and PC), so it appears the iPad isn't the one reader to rule them all we money nerds wished it would be.....ah well.....
  5. In the first chapter of this fantastic epic story, there's a small scene, that tells it all: During a daring landing action, the (lead players) Chapter Master joins the players in the drop. During the fight that ensues (against a major Tau Force), the players get to extract with a Thunderhawk, but just as the doors slam shut the Chapter Master's leg gets trapped. The player's need to decide whether they will cut it off, but maybe one of the players think of pulling the leg with the SM's superhuman strength. Just as our legs are.
  6. Ariolan

    Dark Angels

    J-Tech said: Interesting idea. I would advise caution in creating GM-favortism, or what may look like it, to your other players. I've played in groups of 7 players before, and often when someone was embarking upon solo-missions or side-quests, the collective glazing of eyes from around the table would be almost audible. I have adopted the Rogue Trader Endeavours rule for DW, that is to say, all players have separate and several endeavours, and they are sort-of abstract. In that way, even if one player is a little more in the limelight, the others can use the situation to further their endeavours. I gace each player three endeavours, that are small, medium and large, respectively. The IF Techmarine is modifying a Terminator Armour that he found in a hulk for personal use, the DA Librarian is looking for traitors and trying to hide something effectively, and the BA Apothecary tries to find a cure for the Red Thirst, nothing less. So, in any given situation, players can argument for the use of the situation to further their endeavours, ie in a big library all three woud be looking for something else, but they all would have reason to go there. Recently, they met a Magos biologis - which promoted the Apothecary to talk shop, the DA to check his Auspex data for signs of fugitive SM and the techmarine to check for data / talk about Cybernetics in general. Just to give you an idea, techmarine: small endeavour : modify backshield for Mechadendrite to fit medium endeavour: reroute power and optimise neural interface for integration of black carapace large endeavour: lay down in schematics, rewire neural interface, look for sanction of mars and chapter as you can see, it matters little what you set down. The large endeavour involves politics and will require the player to write letters to Mars and the chapter during game down-time. I think abstraction as well as the chance to involve all players might be the more rewarding option instead of mechanically balancing something that might lave a sour taste in someone's mouth as well as having one player hog your attention...
  7. Pardon me, OP. What I was trying to say: by all means, let him (or her?) participate in the tactics and let the wild rumpus begin ! As an aside, in the old and venerable Privateers & Gentleman, that could be awarded ultimate fluff hardcore status, the designer grants license to "wreak havoc upon the world with creations like Rear Necromancer of the Blue", so if in a historic seafaring RPG the designer lets us do these things to his babies, my guess would be that you can go as wild as you want on the 40K franchise....
  8. It would be very interesting indeed to relate the "can't do" argument to the vote against female SM on one of the endless threads. Could point to real-life consequence of something that started fluffy......
  9. I agree with the Header of the OP "Giving the apothecaries some more luuuv". However, the existing possibilities should, to my mind, be amended. First, the medicae Skill can be given all kinds of uses, like "detect weakness" and it can be made a plot device as well for finding diseases, detecting all kinds of tampering with a body and being able to perform post mortems. Also, I think it would be fathomable for a Death-Watch team be requested to rend aid to persons of singular importance like chapter masters, Lords-Solar and somesuch (please, no flame on how these high and mighty have their own healers or somesuch, in this particular case of Tyranid gonorrhea it absolutely, positively must be the PC dispensing the secret ointment etc., OK ?). Moreover, the narthecium could do with a make over. First, for dramatic effect, I have given it charges. From a practical point, reducing everybody's wound severity by one level and the healing like a potion was a little too much for me. I gave the thing charges and made the amount of points healed dependent on the degree of success of the associated healing roll. But I also allowed the drugs to be chosen at the player's convenience and not beforehand (drugs and healing uses draining the same charge). I also encouraged the players to tinker with it and allow them to find recipes for different drugs. I also houseruled that it can stabilize all kinds of critical hits (at the cost of a charge) and allow rolls to diagnose conditions on the battle fields. In a practical sense, I have the apothecary look up the critical hits done to the players, which serves to unburden me of the tables and makes everybody ask him "how bad it is", which is a neat little effect in and on itself. The apothecary also rolls the variables like stun etc. "Brother apothecary, I'm hit" (player takes a critical hit, says it's a "5" explosive to the head Apothecary (rolls the stun roll, fatigue damage, half action limit and fellowship loss after looking it up on the table and tells the player he's out for three rounds). Anyway, that little trick has worked very well already, but I am sure you all have a lot better (and maybe more well thought-out) ideas than I have. Let's here them, for the glory of the OP Ariolan
  10. All of the skills mentioned are advanced and group skills (p 93 overview, p. 94 explanation advanced skills - p 202 explanation on how untrained skills work) That means you can only attempt the Characteristic test associated with it only IF you have learned the skill, and it is learned per subgroup, ie your chapter's runes don't help you with other uses of the Cypher Skill.
  11. Sorry if this has been adressed before, the forum starts growing to considerable size: Don't you think that using a Fate point, among its many uses, to Remover on lvel of Fatigue (p. 204) is sort of lame compared to the natural regaining of Fatigue levels and that you get D10 wounds back by the thing ? I was wondering whether this was intentional or an oversight; I consider to just have all Fatigue removed by the Fate point - what do you think ?
  12. It doesn't matter what the Fate Point is spent on or by whom, is my take; p. 212 - "any member of the Kill-team spends a Fate Point" since there is no condition mentioned, there is no condition to the spending/regaining.
  13. What has boggled me with the cohesion is the rationale of, let's call it, mmmh, intimacy. So if the squad knows each other well, the leader good and the men experienced, there's more cohesion. But I didn't find a mechanism to raise cohesion for that group based on collective experience - shouldn't this be a (very cool) way to reward the players other than EXP and renown ? Any ideas mechanics-wise ? Maybe something progressively harder, ie chance of increase after one collective mission, after two, three, four missions on top of one another or somesuch....
  14. non-sterile can be both an euphemism referring to the ability to procreate as well as to carrying some sort of infection. It might conceivably refer even to Tyranid infection of some sort.... Are you sure you got examined "down there" ?
  15. I made this playlist in iTunes and had the characters contribute songs as themes for their characters. We decided on "A Way of Life" from Last Samurai OST as campaign theme, Ain't no Grave, Platoon title theme and Fuel by Metallica (for the Techmarine" were chosen by the players. Gattaca OST worked very well, I think. As an aside, I had a musical scene in our starting session. The player characters, aboard a ship with lots of PDF from Calixis sector to Jericho Reaches, are asked to inspect the men. The PDF salute the PC, and together a sequence of songs are sung (made up, except for the last, didn't provide lyrics or anything, just described conten), "Faithful to the Emperor" (made that a well-known song, players decided their characters would sing, too), "Poor crusader" after that and finally, "Men of Harlech", which I stole from the movie "Zulu", but made it a song from a world from Calixis sector about defending your home, hinting to the PCs the PDF were ferried off to fight some other war, erroneously believing they are defending their homes. Playlist: God's Hands Michael Nyman Michael Nyman Gattaca Attack Abigail Mead Abigail Mead Full Metal Jacket Anon: Hymnus: Crux Fidelis Alberto Turco: Nova Schola Gregoriana Swordplay Harry Gregson-Williams Harry Gregson-Williams Kingdom of Heaven Allegro Bear McCreary Battlestar Galactica Season 2 Path Apocalyptica Eicca Toppinen Cult Resident Evil Main Title Theme Marilyn Manson A Way Of Life Hans Zimmer Hans Zimmer The Last Samurai Cantate Domino The Choir of Westminster Cathedral/Stephen Cleobury/Andrew Wright Mondoshawan Eric Serra Eric Serra 5th Element Cleansing Marilyn Manson Resident Evil The Thousandth Landing Bear McCreary Battlestar Galactica Season One Volentieri Mediaeval Baebes Undrentide Band Of Brothers Suite One Michael Kamen Band Of Brothers The Doldrums Iva Davies Christopher Gordon/Ira Davies/Richard Tognetti Master and commander Dance Of The Trolls Mediaeval Baebes Undrentide God's Gonna Cut You Down Johnny Cash The Morrow Michael Nyman Michael Nyman Gattaca Struggle Apocalyptica Eicca Toppinen Cult Anything Is Possible Don Davis Don Davis The Matrix Brother Of The Cruciform Sword John Williams Indiana Jones and the last Crusade Alba Mediaeval Baebes Worldes Blysse Sniper Abigail Mead Abigail Mead Full Metal Jacket My Face In Thine Eye Anne Dudley Tristan & Isolde OST Mangalores Eric Serra Eric Serra 5th Element Ain't No Grave Johnny Cash Composer/writer Unknown American VI: Ain't No Grave The Other Side Michael Nyman Michael Nyman Gattaca Spectres In The Fog Hans Zimmer Hans Zimmer The Last Samurai Mantra Tool Tool Lateralus Richard's Joust / Geoffrey's Battle City of Prague Philharmonic (Nic Raine) Barry, John/John Barry The Lion In Winter Dowland: "...From Thenc I Went To The Landgrave Of Hessen..." Sting, Eden Karamazov John Dowland Songs From The Labyrinth The Battle Iva Davies Christopher Gordon/Ira Davies/Richard Tognetti Master and commander - The far side of the world Russian Ghost Ship Harald Kloser Harald Kloser The Day After Tomorrow Burning the Past Harry Gregson-Williams Harry Gregson-Williams Kingdom of Heaven Debussy: Suite Bergamasque - 3. Clair De Lune Peter Schmalfuss Claude Debussy Galaxy Bounce The Chemical Brothers Tom Rowlands & Ed Simons Tomb Raider Transition Abigail Mead Abigail Mead Full Metal Jacket Antarctic Echoes Vangelis Antarctica Scarborough Fayre Mediaeval Baebes Mirabilis String Quintet In E, Op. 11/5, G 275 - 3. Minuet In A I Musici Luigi Boccherini Strauss Jr. (J): Blue Danube, Op. 314 Peter Falk: Orchestra Of The Vienna Volksoper Johann Strauss Jr. New Year's Concert Vivaldi: Violin Concerto In G Minor, Op. 8/2, RV 315, "The Four Seasons (Summer)" - 1. Allegro Non Molto Nigel Kennedy Bin Kein Hauptmann, Bin Kein Grosses Tier The Comedian Harmonists Best of Comedian Harmonist Eya, Eya, Nova Gaudia City of Prague Philharmonic (Nic Raine) Barry, John/John Barry The Lion In Winter A Knife In The Dark Howard Shore Howard Shore The Lord Of The Rings: The Fellowship Of The Ring The Steward Of Gondor Howard Shore & Billy Boyd Howard Shore The Lord Of The Rings: The Return Of The King
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