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  1. The Matsu starting kata don't make sense to me. The traditional Matsu weapons in the past have been spears, polearms, no-dachi, and katana. Their starting kata emphasize two weapon fighting and blunt weapons. The Matsu can't even take a blunt weapon in their starting equipment and as a very traditional family have never been associated with two weapon style fighting. Not saying a Matsu wouldn't ever use a blunt weapon or two weapon fighting, but having them as core starting techniques seems weird to me. Are these misprints?
  2. 1) You don't need three sets to be competitive, just two. 2) A core set is $26-$30 online. $50-60 should not be "breaking the bank" or "emptying your entire wallet". It is also nowhere near the amount of money you have to lay out to competitvely play a CCG with randomized boosters. 3) A second core set isVERY nice to have just so that you can build multiple decks without having to switch out core cards between the decks all the time (Hedge Fund, Pad Campaign, Melange, Enigma, Wall of Static, Priority Requisition, Sure Gamble, Infiltration, Armitage, etc.).
  3. radiskull said: ironchefzod said: Yeah, that's pretty much why I asked the question. Does FFG not do official responses in their own forums? Just when they release FAQ? They do not. If you'd like an official response, either wait for the FAQ or scroll to the very bottom of the page and click on the link entitled "Rules Questions". If you get a reply, please post here. Ah thank you. I'm used to posting questions in official forums and did not know there was a specific link.
  4. Playing at Dragon's Lair on Burnet on Wednesdays starting around 7:30pm. There are 3-4 of us in play group right now.
  5. Yeah, that's pretty much why I asked the question. Does FFG not do official responses in their own forums? Just when they release FAQ?
  6. If you equip Darth Vader with Expert Handling this means he can barrel roll twice in one turn right? Once with Expert Handling and once with Barrel Roll?
  7. DeathByLiche said: ironchefzod said: I think Stimhack is probably the best runner card in the game right now. Stimhack is good, but it is a little weak due to the fact that there are no handsize chips for the runner. Once they come out with some MRAM chips stimhack will get much better. Even without handsize chips it's still ridiculously good. It has a run built into it so it refunds the click to play it and gives you 9 virtual credits. No other card has near that efficiency. The brain damage doesn't matter if you win that turn. I even use it mid-game when an opponent tries to rush an agenda through because I have no credits. I'll just stimhack in and trade a brain damage for an agenda.
  8. Ok, but why? It's an effect that triggers when an ice is encountered and it "bypasses" ice which isn't actually a term discussed in the rulebook. So I'm assuming the icebreaker never actually interacts with the ice because it would need a strength equal to the ice in order to do so.
  9. I think Stimhack is probably the best runner card in the game right now.
  10. Does Femme Fatale still need to have strength equal to the ICE designated using the card's special ability to break sub-routines? Per the rules it seems like Femme Fatale's strength still needs to equal the ICE making it a pretty crappy icebreaker at a 9 credit install cost, base strength 2, and 2 credits to pump 1 strength.
  11. Tournament was awesome. I only got a set an hour before it started though so I had to throw my decks together really fast. As a result my runner deck was kind of terrible. My corp deck was decent, but could have used a little more economy. I had a blast overall. Based on the card mix in core, I think even tournament players only need 2 sets of core. There aren't any cards you only get 1 of that I really feel you NEED to have 3 of in a 45 card deck. All the really core cards you get 2-3 of and a lot of the cards you only get one of are unique or more situational. I can't wait until the first chapter pack. Corps could use some more agendas. Right now to hit the agenda requirements you have to take all your faction agendas plus all the neutrals just to hit it and none of faction agendas crossover.
  12. Yeah nodes are now known as assets in FFG Netrunner.
  13. I'm less worried about installing ICE wrong and more worried about installing upgrades wrong. There was no "root" location in original Netrunner, you just installed upgrades to the server directly. So you couldn't tell if it was an agenda, asset (node), or upgrade that was installed to the server. Now there is a special place for upgrades below the server. I can see myself forgetting and dropping an upgrade into the server until I break the old habit. I'm not really that worried about it, but I'd just like to know what the consequences will be. Edit: Never mind. I just realized the root is just for central servers. You still install upgrades directly into remote servers.
  14. What happens if someone installs a card wrong then? Auto-loss, dependent on TO? Kind of harsh. It's not covered in the rules but does fall under the umbrella of TO judgement. Problems arising from facedown cards were common enough in AGoT to get an actual ruling on cards in Shadows. I'm just curious what the penalty is in Netrunner. I read the rules and I understand they state you can't install certain cards in certain locations, but what happens if you do? This is my question. The rest of my posts were more a "what if you could install anywhere and it wouldn't cause a loss or dq, wouldn't that be neat/different?" Sorry if all the "what if" obscured my question, I'm just hoping we can get official ruling before GenCon.
  15. Amuk said: The AGOT Tourney rules require a player to turn over all cards in Shadows (for those unfamiliar with the game, that basically means they're face down on the table but not exactly in play yet) at the end of a game to ensure no cards were placed there illegally (and not doing so can result in a DQ). I guess it just didn't occur to FFG to include a similar rule here but they should. Putting out, say, an agenda horizontally in front of a server as if it were ice isn't bluffing. It's cheating. The Shadows ruling in AGoT is actually the main reason I asked the question. I kept expecting them to address what happened if you installed a card incorrectly, but it was never addressed in the rules. So it got me thinking that given how bluffing is more prominent in Netrunner than other CCGs, maybe installing cards wrong was ok. Now that you mention it though, installing an agenda like it was a piece of ICE in order to keep the Runner from accessing it is pretty darn powerful. You could never score it, but as long as you never intended to…
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