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  1. So I just noticed that on the FFG Descent main page, there is a Master Blood Ape shown on what apears to be a 2x2 round base. Weird.
  2. Thats exactly what you have to do. Kill....
  3. I thought about that, but I think letting him outright pick 3 is good enough. Plus when I say random draw, I mean he will pick 3 @ random and choose from them. I hope he picks lots of nice slow heros with high armor, as traps will be my weapon of choice for this campaign...
  4. So after taking my 16 year old son to school in our last RtL campaign as the heros, we are switching sides. I plan on letting him pick 3 of his heros and then his last will be a random draw. I am going to be the Spider Queen because he said she was the worst OL and there was no way to win with her. Also he thinks Slaggorath is a joke of a LT, as his minions are Bane Spiders. I don't think he fully appreciates how good web really is, espically when it is acidic and firey (pierce 2 and burn).
  5. So I am in my 3rd RtL campaign, just entered Silver and my best Tank character so far, Jaes. He has 6 Armor with Platemail and RoP, plus Inner Fire. He also has enduring because he was lagging behind the other characters too much, and Ring of quickness so he can make better use of cone of fire and Battle actions. I also have a staff of the grave and curse doll in my pack just incase I get the chance to run down Krieg... With 1 Silver and 1 black Magic upgrades, this guy deals tons of damage and can absorb hits from anyone left.
  6. By killing the LTs. Liutenants are weak in Copper, and it will take several weeks to raze Tamalir, so the Hero's have plenty of opportunity to buff themselves via dungeons before confronting the razing LT.
  7. That was to me, but whatever, it's water under the bridge.
  8. Where is it written that you can't use multiple copies of cards from multiple sets? As for evening it out, we would let the OL chose half of the combined cards to create his deck, or so we've been thinking...
  9. Ispher said: Relentless said: So I was playing RtL last night and came across the question of can more than one hero purchase the same skill? I don't recall a specific ruling on this one way or another. Duh. If a skill card is already purchased, how would someone be able to purchase it again, as there is only one of each? So assuming you have more than 1 copy, you can? There are 2 different Leadership cards, and when I play with one group, we have multiple copies of the game...
  10. So I was playing RtL last night and came across the question of can more than one hero purchase the same skill? I don't recall a specific ruling on this one way or another. Also, I just got ToI and was wondering if anyone created a different monster spawn sheet for dungeons (like how in the main RtL book, A & B are JiTD monsters, C is WoD and D is AoD).
  11. Looks like the good folks @ FFG have heard our wishes. Rulebook is downloadable from main page.
  12. But I think that the way FFG handles their current games could be ideal. Instead of hundreds (or in classic WHFB form, thounsands) of dollars, get several high quality plastic minis for a reasonable price. Look at RW, you get 200 minis and rules and dice and cards and bits for $99. So it doesn't seem like a stretch to get a fantasy battle army with 200 or so minis, their own rules, dice cards, bits etc for around $100. I would buy them...
  13. Can you use EE to play RtL? If not, are you planing on adapting it to RtL as well? I love Descent, but after playing RtL I have trouble wanting to play regular descent anymore.
  14. Templarion said: What I have heard of C&C: Ancients it sounds a much better game than Descent. C&C doesnt need dozens of expansions or erratas to be good. Descent is a good game but a game of the decade? Naah... Hush heretic.
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