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  1. Thanks, guys. While i can't yet confidently answer these questions for myself, i've at least reached the point where i fully understand the nuanced explanations when they're given!
  2. So with the "when revealed" passive resolving for both players (first the one who revealed the plot card, then the opponent) i would need my opponent to have at least 2 targets for Daario or Jorah for this to work out optimally. If they only have one Knight or Traitor on the board, they could use the plot's effect to make that card moribund --> hand before Daario has a chance to make it moribund --> discard, right?
  3. Called to Court Intrigue Gambit. When revealed, each player may put an in-house character of printed cost 3 or lower into play from his or her hand. Each player must choose 1 character he or she controls and return it to its owner's hand, if able Daario Naharis Mercenary. Traitor. Melee. After Daario Naharis comes into play, choose and discard 1 Knight or Traitor character from play. Ser Jorah Mormont Knight. Ally. Joust. After Ser Jorah Mormont comes into play, choose and discard 1 Mercenary or Ally character from play. Could someone break down the timing of effects if i use this plot to put into play one of these characters? I know that Responses would have to wait until after the full plot effect resolved, but what about these "come into play" passives? Could i put in Jorah, discard a Mercenary, then bring Jorah back to my hand with the second half of Called to Court? And a more general question about Called to Court itself: do i put a character in, take a character out, then my opponent does the same, or do we alternate i put a character in, opponent puts one in, i take one out, opponent takes one out?
  4. I would put in a strong vote in favor of Twn2dn's approach. There are always going to be cards that stand out as unusually efficient. Card rotation would reduce the total number of these stand out cards, but probably not the percentage, and it wouldn't address the basic problem. Competitive decks would still exhibit a high degree of homogenization, and the fewer cards that are available, the closer we approach a situation where there is actually a "best" deck, demonstrably more efficient than any other. To take an extreme example for illustrative purposes: if there were a tournament in which every deck had to be composed of cards from the Princes of the Sun expansion, I would expect to see largely identical decks. Another way to look at deck variety is to ask, in any given deck, how many cards are included that are included in no other deck? In the extreme example above, i would hypothesize that almost no cards would be included in one deck that were not included in many others. Eschewing rotation and liberally using the restricted list is the only way to create a card pool with a relatively low percentage of "auto-includes," and a high degree of variety in competitive decks. I find that particularly attractive as a guy who likes to play off beat decks. I also prefer the restricted list option from the perspective of a less than hard-core gamer. That may not sound like a point in favor of this argument, but i think i represent the market that the LCG model was designed to reel in. The difference between me playing AGoT and not playing M:tG is the approachability of the LCG model for a new player. If, at any given time, a large block of my cards were going to be completely unplayable i would lose a lot of enthusiasm for the game. I understand that it may seem distasteful to cater to the more casual player, but attracting more players is good for everyone.
  5. one of my favorite decks is a stark kingsguard as well. The new Jhalabar Xho and some of the house Tully cards, particularly Riverrun and Guard at Riverrun are great ways to make your opponent throw a challenge at you against their better judgement.
  6. i picked up the Poisoned Spear chapter pack today, and judging by the ffg website it was put on the shelves prematurely. would it be frowned upon to post spoilers for you guys?
  7. LordofBrewtown said: Any new houses would definitely be weaker/not as competetive at first. Frankly, I'd be just fine with that. As I've repeatedly posted, I'm all for 9 houses (Tyrell, Arryn, and Tully). But, I strongly believe the way to do that is to introduce slowly. Maybe with a 'deluxe' expansion/intro like the Greyjoy/Martell boxes. And before a deluxe box even comes out, they could just include some dual-house characters in the chapter packs (Stark/Tully Catelyn; Arryn/Bara Ser Robar Royce; Tyrell/Bara Florent characters, etc.) - that way cards can be used by existing houses, while the other houses come up to speed. I'd even be happy if they introduced the other 3 great houses, but they always had a somewhat lesser card pool/less viable competetive/tournament builds than the existing 6. I like the idea of more great houses getting their own house cards. To help them out with with their card pool they could get a Treaty/Alliance type agenda with a less steep drawback. Instead of pairing two house affiliations, maybe it could let them play cards with the appropriate traits as if they were in-house (though that still wouldn't be enough for Arryn). I'd also love a neutral expansion to bring neglected traits up to speed. Kingsguard is my favorite, but Brotherhood probably needs it most. Several cards released since the Brotherhood cycle seem to be silver bullets for a deck that keeps its power on characters. "The North" style agendas could be a cool way of buffing those traits. Something like "While you control a defending Kingsguard character, defenders win ties. You may run any number of agendas with "Knight" or "Kingsguard" in their text. You cannot win the game unless, during the dominance phase, you control as many Knight and/or Kingsguard cards as agendas you are running." (Basically i just daydream about being able to run the White Book and Knights of the Realm together.)
  8. definitely interested. email me to let me know what cards you're looking for.
  9. OP edited to add I'm You Writ Small, and to change list to reflect one successful trade.
  10. Here are the cards i'm currently looking for: Core Set Power of Blood Ser Barristan Selmy I'm You Writ Small Kings of the Storm Narrow Escape x3 Princes of the Sun Ser Arys Oakheart x2 Clash of Arms Questioned Claim x2 Time of Ravens Tower of Joy x3 King's Landing Ser Meryn Trant x3 Ser Mandon Moore Tyrion Lannister Defenders of the North Songs of Bael the Bard x3 Balerion the Black x2 Tale of Champions Jalabhar Xho x3 Ser Jaime Lannister x3 Tower of Joy, I'm You Writ Small, and Ser Meryn Trant are my top priorities. With the exception of a handful i've already traded, i can offer almost any Greyjoy card. Beyond that feel free to email me your want list at thejibboo@yahoo and i'll let you know what i have. Thanks!
  11. Mighty Jim said: Spoilers I'm hoping for a Duck / Rolly Duckfield card with the "Kingsguard" trait Second this. Probably wishful thinking, but a Lewyn Martell kingsguard card would be awesome. Wonder if Barristan's reminiscing about him in book 5 would be enough to include, maybe with a dual Targ/Martell loyalty since there will be no neutrals?
  12. The relevant bit of KotS Robert reads: Any Phase: Kneel Robert Baratheon to play and "Any Phase" event card from your discard pile as if you had just played it from your hand. Then, shuffle that event card back into your deck. I'm wondering how this interacts with the Reinforcements event cards, for example, Missing Recruit: Any Phase: play if you have lost a M challenge this phase. Pay 1 gold to put Missing Recruit into play from your hand as a character with 3 STR, a M icon, stealth, and renown. I'm probably over-thinking it, but the more i look at the weirder the wording on the Reinforcements events looks. Does the specific wording of the Reinforcements event mean it can only be put into play from my hand, or does Robert's "as if" wording meet the requirement? Edit: and i didn't even realizing until reading my post that i'd overlooked a more important question: even if it works to put the Reinforcement into play with Robert, does it get shuffled right back into the deck or does it escape that part of the effect by becoming a character card?
  13. got a trade arranged for the copies i needed of Myrcella and Viserys, but still looking for the rest.
  14. I just traded Slander and Lies to someone, but i do have 2x (or 3x if you want) Naval Escort. Are greyjoy and lannister your main houses? I can part with a copy of any Lannister affiliated card from the core set with the exception of Jaime. Off the top of my head i'd say I could trade pretty much any Greyjoy character that doesn't have intimidate or a war crest, with a very small handful of exceptions. To Be a Lion x2, the Greyjoy and Lannister Epic Battle events, greyjoy and lannister refugees... if you like, you could email me (thejibboo @ yahoo) with your want list.
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