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  1. Q: Can a player use the card "Boarding Action" to move into the Vengeful Spirit Catacombs (or Inner Palace) area if there are enemy units there?
  2. Drop Pods does not refer to the keyword "Move" at all and is very clear that you can place the units into enemy areas.
  3. Q: Can flying units (including Jaghatai Khan using his special ability) leave an activated area to join a battle? There is an unofficial response here - http://www.fantasyflightgames.com/edge_news.asp?eidn=1242
  4. Here's two I can think of.. The order card "Drop Pods" allows you to deploy Chaos Marines directly into an enemy's space but not attack. A coexistence battle would take place at the next initiative change. There's likely other cards that allow this to happen. An imperial unit changes sides (for example in the Corruption phase in the beginning of the game) leaving it in the same area as loyal units. I don't think it's very common though ...
  5. Looking forward to reading the rules. This one appears to be a must-buy...
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