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    Doc, the Weasel reacted to Kallabecca in New Character After Death   
    Depends upon the system. In Savage Worlds* it is easy to have a Novice character (someone with 0 XP) in a party with people at Legendary (80+ XP) and not have them outshined or in more danger of dying because of it. The recommendation there was that new characters should start at half the XP of the dead character.
    * in Savage Worlds you typically gain 1 XP per 2 hour session by recommendation of the book and each Rank is 20 XP in size with improvements to the character (skills, edges) every 5 XP.
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    Doc, the Weasel reacted to bandersnee in Is making tokens "less then legal?"   
    Heh, even sending an e-mail to an artist to tell them that you appreciate their work when it's part of a packaged deal that you paid for is still sometimes nice. Zoe Robinson seemed really happy to get my e-mail after I opened up my beginner box.
    For those that think this issue is ludicrous, I understand. Having worked in a field where I have to constantly be aware of copyright law, I find the situation to be frustrating at times. Mark Twain has some wonderful quotables on how horridly complex the system was even in his day... and he didn't have clauses dealing with digital duplication.
    Just remember one thing about intellectual property and copyright law, if you've got a simple example, it's flawed. Anything that takes less than three pages to explain with no less than six footnotes fails to take into consideration one aspect of the law or another.
    That being said, everyday life is usually filled with several dozen inadvertant or ignorant infringements of the law. I understand if you think it's silly, and in some ways it may be, but in the end if asking permission doesn't disproportionately harm you, why not just go ahead and do it?
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    Doc, the Weasel reacted to NTLBagpuss in Starship handling ? WEG vs EotE   
    WEG values don't seem to reflect the fiction about the various ships as well as the EotE values do.
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    Doc, the Weasel got a reaction from Dex Vulen in Obligation for Cash or XP   
    I think it's good to have low starting credits because it gives the PCs more incentive to take that first job or opportunity that gets everything rolling. It's basically a built-in plot hook/motivation.
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    Doc, the Weasel got a reaction from DylanRPG in Is making tokens "less then legal?"   
    Dekarr, if you are someone's sock puppet, then you are my favorite.
    I think there are two discussions going on here, and they are being treated as a single thing:
    The first issue is the copyright from a legal perspective. That one is pretty clear cut: if you are using someone's artwork to make your tokens, you are infringing on the owner's copyright. People who don't deal with copyrighted material may disagree, but that doesn't change anything.
    In the end, the real question is "if someone sends you a Cease and Desist, do you feel confident enough to ignore it and eventually (pay to) fight it in court?" For a project of this scale I would assume the answer would be "no." 
    The second issue, which I think is more relevant, is whether you ethically should be able to do use the images, and if this form of infringement causes any real harm. That's (obviously) a lot more a thorny question.
    I'd throw my 2¢ into the ring about the rights of artists, but I'm not giving a dime to Lucasfilm or John Williams when I use their music for my game's intro crawl, so there you go.
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    Doc, the Weasel got a reaction from DylanRPG in Players never...die?   
    I think people are used to games where the alternatives in combat are success or death. This system is structured so it's not hard to be taken out of a fight, but harder to outright die.That leaves us with success, failure, or death, which is far more interesting.
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    Doc, the Weasel got a reaction from Jegergryte in GM Dice rolls   
    Always in the open. This is a game of shared narration and hiding rolls works contrary to that.
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    Doc, the Weasel got a reaction from FangGrip in The Destiny Dice Dance and Powergamers... help?   
    I don't want to completely rehash the argument in old thread, but ...
    It all comes down to the reason you spend DP to modify rolls. Do you spend them on random, trivial tasks or do you spend them on important ones?
    If you believe that they should be spent on rolls that are important to the story – which makes sense both mechanically and narratively – and those rolls are important to both the players and GM, then it makes sense for both the GM and players to spend them on those rolls. 
    If they aren't for important rolls, then when should they be spent?
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    Doc, the Weasel got a reaction from Crimson_red in Can power gamers abuse the extra movement?   
    The best way to think of it, engaged is more like a status or relationship between combatants within short range. When you disengage, you are just severing that relationship.
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