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  1. Hi, So the non gaming gf and I finally got round to playing this last night with just the core set and recommended set up. I used Miskatonic & Cthulhu and she used The Syndicate & Shub which she one 3-0 ! That's probably why she liked the game What's the deck building part of this game like compared to others ? I've only had deck building experience with Android: Netrunner while I also own AGoT and Star Wars there both only the core sets and SW looks the easiest to deck build with. The only expansion I have with CoC is Secrets of Arkham which is the revised edition, what others do we need ? Do I only need to buy the deluxe expansions now ? Have they done away with the smaller packs ? Are there any deck building guides out there for CoC ? Thanks.
  2. Hi, I enjoy Arkham and I have Kinsburg and Talisman from FF. Talisman was my first FF game and I don't really play it, not really interested in the whole dungeon style theme's. I enjoy the horror style but have quite a few horror games now but not a sci-fi style which I'm looking for. It's mostly just me and my gf that play so is Android ok with 2 ? I really do like the artwork and board with Android but I'm starting to think I just want the game for this I do prefer a game with some dice but not too worried about this and the game length doesn't bother me.My gf seems to like the whole mystery/murder theme to it. So is this the right sci-fi game for me or do I look else where ? I'm not aware of any sci-fi style games like the style of Arkham, is there such a game ? Android seems to get very mixed reviews and not very high on the bgg score which is also putting me off. I would buy Fury of Dracula buy have too many horror themed already. Thanks.
  3. So which are the best investigators to use for an easy game ? Any other tips to make it easy
  4. Hi, Recently purchaced Talisman the not long after Arkham Horror. Prefer Arkham although I am always having to look in the rule book which slows the game down. Looking for a new FF game. I prefer something with dice and not having to hold alot of cards and also a nice board to move around on, don't mind about length of game as long as it's good and interesting and don't have to wait ages between turns, 2 player or more but 3 or more if need be, what do you suggest ? Thanks.
  5. I meant close Closing them is ok, it's sealing them you need 5 clue tokens as well.
  6. Hmmm the gf and I are finding the standard game hard also were having to constantly check the book while playing. I think the most gates we get open are two before the old one awakens maybe were playing it wrong ? any tips to get more gates open with two players ? Thanks.
  7. Hi, If I have more than 1 mythos card in play do monsters move according to all mythos cards in play or just the last one played ? Thanks.
  8. Ah I see we were doind a mythos, upkeep, movement, Arkham encounter, Other world encounter and a mythos all in one go per player So after '5. The first player draws and resolves a Mythos card, then passes on the first player marker.' it will be the second player starting his upkeep first ? after eveyone has done their other world encounters the second player draws a mythos card resolves it and passes the player marker on ? Thanks.
  9. Sorry you've lost me So at the begining of the game the first player draws a mythos card and fully resolves it correct ? after the first player does the mythos card who and what goes/does next ? Thanks.
  10. Hi, Recently got Arkham Horror and played it few times and bit confused on the start/order of turns. Does the starting player first, Draw mythos card and completley resolve it then take his/her turn as per normal Upkeep, Movement, Arkham encounters, Other world encounters then another mythos card ? does the second player then do Upkeep, Movement, Arkam encounters, other world encounters and a mythos card ? and then the next player and so on back to the first player ? Probably have a few more questions to follow Thanks.
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