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  1. The Player Scenarios for Descent 1st Edition were all moved to this archive page "http://www.fantasyflightgames.com/edge_nrep.asp?eidm=19" to make way for Descent 2nd Edition player scenarios. However, they are not accessible. Can you fix the link? The link for "Descent Scenario Editor and fan-made quest database" which points to "http://app.fantasyflightgames.com/descent_quests.html" gives a "Page Not Found" result. Please fix this so we can pull up favorite quests from Descent 1E. Otherwise, and I'm sure the broken link is just an oversight, please zip up the archive and host it (at least temporarily), even if it means losing the metadata, such as comments, author, players, and ratings. The playerbase can then preserve these wonderful creations and possibly recreate them with the 2E editor. Thanks!
  2. I'd also like to give these a run. Can someone get in touch with a webmaster and get them to host the quest archive, if not for everyone, for at least one of us so 1E fans can replay these oldies?
  3. I've also been looking for them. FFG, okay you got us. Can you put the archive back up now for at least a few weeks so someone in the community can keep them alive? The metadata for the quests (scores, authors, players, comments) is useful, not not critical, if this is at all keeping you from just hosting the raw PDF files.
  4. I'd also gladly pay up to 200% of the registration fee to receive the goodie bag/schedule in the mail. I can't attend, but I'd like to be there in spirit
  5. Sadly, these options were all melee in the first version of DungeonQuest. "Slash", "swing" and "mighty blow" were replaced with "magic", "ranged", and "melee" so the game could be put nicely in the Terrinoth world. Also, all the mostly orcish monsters were replaced with demons, trolls, etc, again to use Terrinoth monster types (rather than adding new ones). Hence, magic-using trolls, and meleeing sorcerers. However, there were also no trolls in the original. They probably wanted to increase the ratio of green-colored monsters to more closely match the original by using trolls, but IMHO an enemy type that shouldn't cast magic shouldn't have been picked. As a side note, the monster types in this version are ridiculously over-the-top. Huge demons and golems really take me out of the game.
  6. I've played both, and I love both games In the opposite situation from most people, I recently bought Descent and DungeonTwister because they looked similar to DungeonQuest. I love DungeonQuest's gameplay slightly more, but you can't beat Descent's campaigns. DungeonTwister's deterministic gameplay couldn't be further from the hilarious randomity of DungeonQuest (or Descent), so I'm leaving that out from comparison. Both games have HP, MP, potions, monsters, traps, tiles, etc., DQ has ammo for arrows, which I think is a nice touch. Both games also have lots of arbitrary objects that have value or can be carried. Descent, your motivation is to keep moving because the Overlord only grows stronger. DungeonQuest, your motivation is to keep moving because daylight is ticking, and the doors close on you when the sun goes down. Descent, death is fake and meaningless. DungeonQuest, death is game over. Descent, everyone's angry at the Overlord. DungeonQuest, nobody is angry because everyone's suffering together. Descent, you kill 5 monsters in one turn. DungeonQuest, you die to a goblin in your first turn. Descent, you're on a high pressure, on-the-clock, "fetch me a toothpick" quest. DungeonQuest, you're in a low-pressure, free-form, sandbox style game, and a valid move is to simply leave the dungeon immediately. Descent, for the most part, you're stuck with the static, pre-made dungeon. DungeonQuest, everything is dynamic, and you can modify the dungeon by searching for trapdoors, etc.
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