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  1. ahh it is a sign that the flatulant one is pleased with me Just gone back to my TT Nurgle army and that night log on to see this is releasing ah indeed pestilance is flowing also in time for the start of my next BC group
  2. I'd like to see the old system for creating minor chaos gods again like we had in lost and the damned. Alos there is many references in various Chaos books to these minor gods. i'd also like to see more unaligned weapon powers and possibly the ability to create other posesed artifacts like the old deamon armours.
  3. Force weapons are supposedly made from psychconductive material or reinforced with such maybee that is where the bonus damage and pen is from also is a force wepaon i=not inc in the items immune to power field destroying ability?
  4. in my campaign we are running it as a CSM campaign and the guys choose my chaos marine legion "the sons of Heru" who worship a dead chaos god who is slowly coming bak and is a bit peeved after his 4 so called brothers did him in. and we have named their ship MORTIS REX
  5. BACK ON THREAD ' he original quote from lost and the damned and slaves to darkness was that not one i has fallen to the lure of chaos and if such was to heppen then they would be granted powers as great as those given to Horus. so its not happened and the chances of it happening are as much as world peace i.e a million to one (though if you follow the terry prachett theory one in a millions heppen 1 in ten times) but the chance is there of course this is very old fluff and much has changed since i started playing the games
  6. i like your archtype jedimike consider it stolen and thank you for doing the work i indented to do, now to create my god lol as my guys all want to play csm from my table top army
  7. my view is Tzeentch and in fact his three ipsofacto Brothers are for all indents and purposes gods they can do what the hell they like to those who follow them
  8. im sure there are rules in DW for damage to back pack power source can't remembe the page but they are in the armour section
  9. and yet another thread has been derailed by bitching and moaning, so in an atempt to get things back on track id like to see a sniper specialist. Also to all those who say its easy to change specialties in military i will tell you that is bull, i am currently serving in uk forces and i can get promoted and be a supervisor for my job or go commision and become an officer my role is a weapons technicin in the RAF
  10. i was wondering if they were going to make you part of a vet squad thats been made up of remnants from decimated regiments or hand picked for the vets squad. as the sas are mixed regiment and service.
  11. Heart break ridge definatly "that is the sound of an ork shoota, the prefered weapon of our enemy" sharpe zulu starship troopers a bridge to far
  12. 27) as they enter the comand deck of the abandoned hulk the lights flicker and they begin to hear a low moan, followed by a slow drip of some liquid and the room filling with the coppery smell of blood as the walls begin to bleed which forms the faces of the missing crew.
  13. i'd like to throw my two pence in the facta better quality weapon is easier to parry with has a real life counternance as if a weapon is better lighter its easier to get it in the way
  14. lol i'm brit military of scottish and irish decent which means im a drinker ill take that challenge with a good couple of bottles of proper single malt scotch. i will point out im not an alcoholic ,im a drunk, i don't go to meetings
  15. me and my fellow gm came up with a plausable reason he is as they have gone so far into madness that its actually affeted there minds this is so i am told a possible side effect of insanity but not being medicaly qualified, i can't say though as a slightly insane (have to be to do my job) i do notice things not sticking in my mind lol
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