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  1. The term doesnt come from a Destroyer in the naval term, but Star Destroyer that is a ship able to attack a star system, coz it have hypedrive, big guns, troops. http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Star_Destroyer/Legends "The term originated with the idea of a warship powerful enough to destroy entire star systems, and did not necessarily indicate a destroyer type vessel"
  2. They already legitimized Zahn. Star Wars Edge of The Empire uses the Zann Consortium
  3. As always I see a lot of people that say that Scum doesnt have Capital Ships, not in canon or EU. False. Zahn Consortium, check his fleet HERE They have fighters, medium ships, and 2 capital ships. Also remember that FFG have capacity to design new ships, as he did with the Imperial Raider. Also remember that this is a game. No one cares if it is realistic that a third part faction could struggle agains Imps or Rebels. Maybe they can in a battle, but not on a war.
  4. Sorry, but I dont know why it appears bad…The chart is: Constructor Interface: 1000 thrones Rare Karrikian Lock-Arm 1200 Rare Landian Reveler 950 Very Rare Malfian Dermaguise 1100 Very Rare
  5. I have received an answer from Tim Huckelbery where he tell me the cost and Availability of the cybernetics from the Book of Judgement. I put here to you: Table 3-8: Cybernetics Name Cost Availability Constructor Interface 1,000 Rare Karrikian Lock-Arm 1,200 Rare Landian Reveler 950 Very Rare Malfian Dermaguise 1,100 Very Rare
  6. Anyone knows the price list of the cybernetics of book of judgement? I am trying to find it but i cant…..
  7. I have a problem with the PDFs and I dont know if it general or only me. The squares with the initial skills/talents of the wych and the new skills/talents it appears me on a gray colour that it is uneasy to read.
  8. But by emperor decree only Astartes can use it. It Is a sin…
  9. On the Beta module there are a section (page 250) where it says that the Rogue Trader House Gibrahan has comitted a Land Raider battalion. As I know, ONLY Adeptus Astartes can use Land Raiders by Emperor Order.
  10. I know that comissars are trigger happy people when they execute people, but, it makes no sense that they execute your comrade that meybe it is on better condition than you.
  11. An ogryn can use flak or better armor?
  12. I dont understand one of the weapons talent of the Ogryn. They have Heavy and Ripper….The Ripper gun is not a exotic weapon. Is a basic PS weapon.
  13. Accord the rules you can use Tech-use to use explosives. My thougts are that Tech-Use and Demolitions should be different skills. A tech priest can be a genius repairing tanks but maybe he doesnt know how to make an improvised bomb.
  14. Is the comrade of a Ratling is a Ratling or a Human?
  15. But remember that you are asking to people to do a work for free. There are a lot of professionals that work for a fee: Correctors, editors, etc. Now you are asking to people to pay 20$ for a book and after that to send the erratas that the could find on the book. A lot of people that work and have a contract could be Unemployment because now you have 100 people that will do your work for free (or after have payed 20$)
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