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  1. Thanks to Sadric I can finally play Lackey CoC. The next step is to understand complex interface of the client. I cant find out how place stories into play, how make domains etc. I think I need a partner that could teach me all that stuff. Anyone up to play ?
  2. I found some tutorials but all I can find relates to older version of Lackey client. Can't seem to figure out how to install all plugins properly.
  3. Oh and I encourage everyone who knows how to help me post their opinion too, I would be grateful!
  4. Hey there, Sadric! I sent you a friendship requets, hope you will accept it. I experience some problems with Lackey. All my attempts to install or update CoC plugin dont meet result - I either get 700something amount of cards or 1300 something but I miss some of the cards anyway. Could you please tell me how to install and update CoC plugin so it have all the available cards for him at the moment? Let's say, I've just installed Lackey and my plugin folder is empty. Whats next? Thanks in advance.
  5. We got a bit stuck with a question and russian rules we got here doesnt seem to make it clear. If investigator during Arkham encounter phase draws 'a gate and monster apperars' card - he is immediately drawn through the gate and is delayed in 1st half of the Other World. He the gets his encounter there in Other Worlds encounters phase? In other words, investigators that drawn through gates have 3 Other worlds encounters instead of 2 normally. Am I right?
  6. ok, thanks a lot. Now I got it.
  7. What is this stuff? I think conditions are too optional for this item to be somewhat useful. Maybe I misunderstand it ? Creatures in Sky will attack you if you go out to the street anyway? Or am I wrong ?
  8. Avi, I think thats a time to get a patent for your method and start to sell it out for some bucks. You advertise it so hard )
  9. >>>I don't think you can cast a spell with a higher sanity cost than the sanity you have, just an equal amount. I think you wrong. I'm too lazy to look for some rules right now, but I remember from somewhere, that you really can cast spell and go insane afterwards.
  10. Eeerrrrmm.... How did you use your clue tokens on Combat check against 5-toughness monster? As far as I know from the basic rules, you can only use clues to modify your combat check against monsters with toughness no higher than 1.
  11. Avi, I don't really get your aspiration for changing or putting on doubt some game rules. After all that's only a game. Relax and have fun. I see it like follows: You can't loose 1 item just because you always HAVE it. Tommy Gun with a strap around your torso, Sword of Glory is just somehow magically "sticky" to you, 1 pistol that was holstered.... A spell that was in inner pocket of the coat. Just take it creatively, not straight-forward like "they can't loose 0 items cause it's not a lost, and if they MUST loose item, they LOOSE it cause it's realistic". If you see it fits YOUR game, you can always just USE it. Noone can restrict you.
  12. Why don't just turn your logic on and decide the following: -Casting spells and becoming insane after that is LOGICAL, since it is in Lovecraft's concept. -Being allowed to overdrain Sanity to pay 24 (for instance) is not logical, since it's simply game-breaking. After that all I would just play it as "you can't spend more than a resulting -X, cause this is not logical, and noone would recover after that". And set X just as your party feels right (blowing away stupid munchkin passions like "I spend infinity and get all the items in play!" MWUAHAHAHA! WHO's THE ANCIENT ONE NOW, YOU STUPID CTHULHU????").
  13. I think I should stick to the "2 big + 1 small" type of game and interchange some expansions from time to time. The main thing I don't like in Arkham base game is you already know all the location cards, and typically go farm blessing at Science building, or Ally somewhere else, etc. That's why I empathise to all 6 expansions at once. You almost never will get the same game time after time. The only thing that scares me is ENORMOUS Mythos and Gate decks and ENORMOUS amount of space needed (we probably would use 2 tables together). Other thing that empathise me about 6 expansions is BIG GAME process when we spend half-day just moving around those 2 tables, drinking beer, and chatting about tactics etc. Lucky for us, we have 5-7 players every time we play, so we always get interesting evening time. About Mandy: we really think her ability is game-breaker, so we nerfed her. And now we always use this character as only self checks reroller, not others. Thanks for the suggestions guys. I think the best way ro find out how we should mix expansions is learn it with experience of different games combinations. As everything is subjective...
  14. All 6 exansions and some dices arrived here yesterday! Had few sweet hours studying the contents of the boxes. Really exciting! And now we have a question. How should we mix this expansions to get best experience and nice expert variable gameplay? What combinations are the best? Etc. All replies welcome, thx.
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