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  1. And he's removed from play, that means you can play another copy of Varys, right?
  2. I explained this to them sWhiteboy, but they now is impossible to be competitive against people who has the entire pool to build decks.
  3. There is a big card pool in the game. I know some people who will like to start playing AGoT but due to the money investment, they don't. Is there any kind of card limit expected for future tourneys? (last expansions like other games,...)
  4. I read them before asking the question, but none answer it.
  5. Can you dupe anything in every moment of the game (except setup)?. Because: In the FAQ flowchart in Marshalling says: 2) Character, Location, Duplicate, and Attachment cards can only be played during this player action segment. Additionally, in the shadows section says: Unique cards and shadows: A unique card cannot be brought out of Shadows if another copy of that card is in its owner’s dead pile. If another copy of a unique card that you own and control is in play, you still may bring the card out of Shadows by paying its cost. However, the card immediately attaches to its copy as a duplicate. Also, this prevents you putting uniques into play if they're already in play (IMO the exception only allows you to play dupes in the 2 ways previously written (Marshalling and shadows)): Unique cards Some cards have a banner icon (*) next to their title. Such cards are unique. Each player may only have one copy of a unique card in play. Thus, you cannot put into play or take control of a unique card which you already own or control (except for duplicates, see below). You also may not play or take control of a unique card if there is a copy of that card in your dead pile, or if your opponent has taken control of another copy of that unique card from you. If you can play or put into play them in other phases/situations (like ambush from the plains), why is that?
  6. Ok! Thank you for the quick response!
  7. I have not clear how duplicates work. Here are some questions: Can I play a duplicate in a phase other than marshalling? If I play "Ambush from the plains", can I duplicate a unique character? In the previous situation, what happens at the end of the phase? Can I save with the duplicate the returning to hand effect? If I put into play Khal Drogo after winning a challenge and then duplicate with Ambush from the plains, what happens at the end of phase? Can I save the returning to hand? If I play a Viserion with ambush keyword, can I duplicate the one in play? Thanks in advance
  8. Can I select a setup hand with this 3 cards? Copper Link (Cost 1, Setup. Maester character only). Apprentice Collar (Cost 0, Setup. Attached character gains the Maester trait and...). Any character that doesn't have the Maester trait.
  9. Thank you for the answers, some were as we thought, but need to be sure!
  10. Hello everyone! We're going to host a small Hand of the King format tourney in the next weeks, and we have some questions about it, hope you can help us, here they are: If my opponent challenges my HotK in military and wins, what comes first, claim or gold token steal? In the previous situation, if claim comes first and I choose HotK to die and returns to out of play state, my opponent still steals a gold token to his HotK? If my opponent challenges my HotK and I win, do I steal from him? In the previous situation, what if his HotK is out of play, do i steal from him? If I choose Sir Arys Oakheart as my HotK, can I use his ability each time he reaches to 3 gold tokens? If a terminal effect affects a HotK, have he to remove all gold tokens until goes out of play? Thank you in advance!!
  11. Sure it helped!!! I have it very clear now, thank you very much!!
  12. Ok, so I think I misunderstood "Moribund" term and mixed with "Terminal Effect" term in some situations. As the last question and trying to show if I did undestand it: After the step 2 "save/cancel" of a military challenge resolution the card chosen to satisfy claim becomes moribund:dead pile. This is not considered a terminal effect so it cannot get out of moribund state unless a replacement effect (for example like Drowned Disciple's) does it. Am I right in the whole sentence?
  13. I have some questions concerning moribund and saving, I hope you can solve: If I defend with 2 chars against a deadly one and i lose, can i choose the same char for claim first and for deadly after or couldn't I because is already moribund? If in the example above I choose different chars, does deadly chosen stay moribund until the step 6 of challenge resolution as well as the claim chosen? If i win a military challenge with Syrio as the defender and my opponent have deadly, can I save Syrio from moribund state bringing him back to the shadows? I read that venomous blade couldn't be back to the shadows if is chosen to satisfy military claim the char is wearing it, don't it work like the previous example? Does the same happen if is chosen to die with deadly? If I choose a horseback hunters "After you lose a M challenge, return Horseback Hunters to your hand" to satisfy claim, can I save him in the passives step bringing him back to hand? What if he's chosen with deadly? Thank you in advance!
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