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  1. Also after I put out my adventure next week if you like my maps, if you would be interested in cross collaborating I'd be open to working with you and doing up some maps and content.
  2. Thank you for the technical information. I like the fonts you used. I may follow suit with mine. I was using Antiqua but my current distiller would convert it to an Arial font. So currently I'm all Times. However with PrimoPDF I may look at using something else, and fingers crossed the symbols worked. I use Campaign Cartographer for my maps. I've been map designing for a while so they aren't as much a hassle for me. CC3 is a solid set of map making tools! I use photoshop for my graphics, which are mainly lifted from the web and then photoshopped to look like something else =) I also plan on including cards in mine for locations, item, and new spell lore (Amethyst). Your layouts have provided me some inspiration so I hope to return the favor. Look forward to seeing further work.
  3. Thanks for the info. I am using Word 2003. I found PrimoPDF for free on the web which appears to work just fine with other weird fonts I have, I will check it out with the symbols tonight and hope it works with Antiqua and the Hammer font. The way you layout your document is very nice by the way. Very easy to read, you include graphics at the appropriate time, and the information is laid out in a way that makes things very accessible.
  4. Out of curiousity what program did you use to distil the document into PDF? None of mine allow me to use the Antiqua font OR the warhammer symbols, so I'm sticking mainly in Times New Roman, which does not make me happy.
  5. Very nice. Your work is appreciated. I am using some similar elements in my document as well. We have a pretty solid player community shaping up with some excellent work. I especially like the ideas to use the trackers, as those seem to be core to the game.
  6. I'd like to author up a module that deals with the undead and skaven. However as the box set is centered around chaos stuff, my first couple forays will probably deal with cults.
  7. I'm jealous. Perhaps I can email you the word 2003 doc that I have when done and you can distil it for me
  8. Unfortunately I cannot get my pdf converter to use the dice symbols on the conversion over, so my adventures and cards will not have these on them.
  9. Adventure Background: The player characters start the adventure at a coach inn called The Red Flagon where they meet a wizard of the Amethyst Order named Fulgrim van Tassel, who hires them to escort him to the nearby settlement of Mucktown, which sits on the Talabec River. The character’s quickly find out that their charge has a bit more to him then he is willing to let on as they are hounded by chaos cultists and a menacing Witch-Hunter who wants to see the wizard burn at the stake for heresy. Whilst in Mucktown, the character’s learn a little more about Fulgrim as well as investigating the town to discover the truth behind the amethyst wizard and the chaos cult that is so interested in him, or to be more specific, the item that he carries on his person. The adventure culminates with an assault on Mucktown, and the players will be forced to decide which side they are on; a costly decision that could put them on the wrong side of Sigmar’s zealous witch hunters or on the wrong side of a dangerous cult of the ruinous powers…
  10. They define an episode as having acts under it. How they did it was split things into "Chapters". Chapters are, to me... theatrical "Acts". They are the building block. So Module is made up of many chapters. Chapters will be made up of many Encounters. Encounters will be made up of many acts. Acts will be broken up with rest actions in between them.
  11. Nevermind. I answered my own question by going over the adventure in the book once more.
  12. I am designing my first adventure as a first run sort of thing. That being said... the initial startup adventure in the box, while good, uses Chapters. I understand the flow, but the question I wrestle with is: Are the chapters "Acts"? It would seem that the game in the box is a single episode consisting of three acts (chapters). In my head that works fine, whereas one episode equals three acts (or around that number) and that would be a single session's worth of gaming for the most part. If that is indeed the case, my first adventure is structured like this. Can someone clarify my thought process?
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