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  1. Hi all, I've been lurking on these forums for a few months now but haven't posted much (clicked on "like" for a lot of your posts though! ) I finally finished my Runewars terrain project so I thought I'd share (they are all the exact dimensions and shapes as the official terrain): Group photo: Rocky Outcrops: Spikes: Stone Terrace: Forest: Swamp: Crumbling wall:
  2. Simply astonishing!! Great job! ??
  3. I see other users on this forum are also having this issue (see example below)... Did FFG address this? Thank you.
  4. Same here also... Did anyone get an answer for this? I see your post is nearly 2 months old...
  5. Those are amazing!! Love the autumn color scheme! How did you achieve the dead leaves on the bases? Thanks!
  6. Hi there, I just bought Cave Troll and I was wondering if you guys would mind answering a few questions I have about the rules... some of them are unclear to me. 1- On all the Artifact cards, when they use the words "hero" or "heroes" in the description, do they mean heroes/monsters?? Like, can I use the Cloak of invisibility on a monster? or use the orc-killing sword in a room where I only have a monster and no "heroes"? can I revive a monster with the chalice? How do you guys play? 2- Same thing goes for the Orc, it says "you can discard one hero in this room". Is that a hero/monster?? for example: can an orc kill another orc or a wraith? or can it just kill "heroes"? At first, every time I saw the word "hero", I would ONLY apply the effect to heroes... but then, I saw an example in the instruction booklet where he uses a wraith to push an ORC out of a room... yet on the wraith's card, it says " you may push one hero out of the room" so that REALLY messed me up.... are monsters heroes or not?? sometimes they use the terms "hero or monster" and sometimes they just use "hero"... but as I mentioned, on the wraith card they only use the word "hero" but he can push an orc, that lead to the questioning of the term "hero" on EVERY card in the game... please help lol! Thanks!
  7. That is crazy...after all that time and effort I would be too afraid to even play with them... I'd store them and buy another game to play lol
  8. I always said that they should sell Battlelore miniatures in packs ( of 8 or 12 miniatures) with all the wide selection of units available... so you could truly cuztomize and create your own adventures. You would simply buy the packs of the miniatures you desire and mix and match... you could even trade miniatures with other BL players you know...
  9. Torche

    BL Reprint?

    If you really want the game, and want it now, let me know.... I can get you a new sealed copy.
  10. Ever think about selling some? taking orders, one at a time? I'm sure a lot of people would be willing to purchase this...
  11. Hedric3248 said: Great idea... you could always get your friend to watch Scotts Video www.boardgameswithscott.com/ Yeah but Scott's videos are more of an overview... he doesn't go into details and rule conflicts... As mentionned earlier, I think Mr. Borg should make one. Would be appreciated, specially by newcomers.
  12. Torche

    BL Reprint?

    I think that whatever happens, some things will be unfair for the veterans and some things will be unfair for the recent newcomers...it's finding a balance between offering the newcomers the WHOLE Battlelore experience, without making the loyal veterans feel like they've wasted their money...
  13. Torche

    BL Reprint?

    diaper said: This is starting to sound like there is something more to it than a simple reprint... Maybe we´ll see Battlelore re-released as a big box game (Tide of Iron, Star craft et al), with CTA, Epic, and the promo creatures included. And at the same time a re-packing of the gobbo and dwarf expansions. Don't even MENTION that please.... I just got into Battlelore, a little more than a month ago, and I spent a lot of time and effort hunting down some expansions, and I just bought CtA and Epic SEPERATLY.... If they released a big box like that, now, then I just don't know how I would react....
  14. Yeah I know, but the core of the game isn't complex at all, there's just a lot of little things that need some clearing up... and the "center to center" rule for a unit's line of sight can be tricky sometimes, touching just a tiny part of a hex...although I'm sur I will get used to it soon... Thanks.
  15. Thanks a lot for your help... wow this changes a lot of things, in all the games I've played so far, we respected the terrain restrictions whatever card you used... and the way it's written in the instruction manual, I thought a mounted unit HAD to PURSUE to get a bonus attack, not only gain ground.... and the reason for my last question about Creeping Doom is that on the card it's written " Target: 1 battlefield hex " and not " 1 ennemy unit " like on other cards, that's why I was confused... thanks again.
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