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  1. When you see what you might consider "low skill players" competing at the top tables, then that can be the result of a particularly good deck that allows for a lower skill level or someone who is simply a skilled LCG player and is new(er) to L5R. That being said, Stephen (the winner) played Crab to 6-2 at worlds and was in the challenger round. So, his success is pretty consistent. I know that both top Crane and top Lion at PAX were also in the elimination rounds of worlds. If you go back and watch his other games that were on the live stream (thanks 6th Ring!!!!), then you'll see him playing against some very skilled opponents. Almost every single "mistake" that was pointed out on camera was the result of the viewers missing something said or done.
  2. That makes sense to me. THIS explanation of why Display of Power doesn't resolve the ring effect until 3.2.6 was very helpful to helping me understand why it works differently than Defend the Wall.
  3. I know that Defend the Wall is initiated in 3.2.3 during conflict resolution, but do you also resolve that ring effect in 3.2.3 or do you wait until 3.2.6 to resolve it?
  4. The honorable Ikoma traditions are alive and well it seems. Thank you @Manchu
  5. Most of top decks at worlds that even could have had access to 6 cancels (Crane and Scorpion) simply weren’t doing it. Dragon, Phoenix, and Lion were the Crane splashes at the top tables and the few Scorpion players splashing Crane weren’t doing it for Above Question. So, I'm not super concerned about a deck with two highly different conditional cancel cards.
  6. As someone who cares VERY much about both the story AND playing/winning games... those were dark days as a Crab player. You honestly HAD to play corrupt iron mine to stand a chance, and there were even more really good cards that you were handicapping yourself by not playing just so that you wouldn't end up with a tainted win. I top 4'd with Crab in Origins in '99(2000?) with a pure Crab deck but couldn't finish the deal. I HATED how the story kept on getting more and more twisted around corruption since it was the only way to win back then. I pray that if corruption/evil is a thing that becomes a choice for players, then it isn't something that gives an advantage/disadvantage but is instead just a choice regardless of how their deck is constructed.
  7. Again, it is a small minority of players saying you can't play it during the Dynasty phase... it is just the fact that one of them claims to be a play-tester with his name in the rule book that has me even questioning this here.
  8. Can you play Way of the Crab during the action window of the Dynasty phase? I'd seen this answered before with a yes and a rules reference, but now someone claiming to be a play-tester on the L5R LCG Facebook page is telling everyone that you CANNOT play Way of the Crab during the Dynasty phase (1.4). So.... which is it?
  9. I would REALLY like some card sleeves that are replicas of the beautiful card backs of L5R cards. I hate having to use opaque sleeves that cover up how nice the actual card backs look.
  10. I challenge your assumption that dueling is broken. I think the decisions involved in the current dueling system are awesome.
  11. I couldn't agree more with you about the Spider Clan... though I do support there being a Shadowlands faction. Also: Where did Yoritomo's name come up? I thought I read all the fiction and don't remember seeing it.
  12. There is a great tutorial on the L5R Facebook page on how to set up OCTGN for L5R and download the image files. I'm not particularly good at these things and it still only took me 15 minutes. I've played some practice solo games and it only took me about 5 minutes to get used to the interface and figure out how to handle each phase. It is VERY intuitive. Thank You!!!!! to whatever saint set this up.
  13. The Indianapolis group you linked in Reddit has 5 members, this one has 28 members: https://www.facebook.com/groups/299343830532198/ Also for Indianapolis: The Game Preserve - Greenwood on the south side has ordered 20 boxes of the core set and is running the release events (source: I'm helping with it and the manager told me about his order personally). Thanks for setting this up @cielago !
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