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  1. Since Aspyce Chorda has a noted preference for smaller faster ships. If you give her that much less ships then Winterscale's fleet will massively outmass her in tonnage. I don't think Chorda has that much transport capacity either. A lot of her money comes from the Cold trade which doesn't require huge transports.
  2. Boss Gitsmasha said: Yet Draigo pales in comparison to Marneus Calgar, whose musculous might shall have your PCs accepting him as their spiritual liege from the moment he opens his mouth. Indeed, it was said that Calgar seduced an entire convent of Battle Sisters with but a word, their writhing bodies providing a pure shield for his armor as he spake further, informing M'kar the Reborn how irredeemably lame he was. M'kar thus shamed committed seppuku with his own daemon weapon, sparing Calgar the trouble of sullying his Gauntlets of Ultramar. Please stop giving them ideas!
  3. I liked it back when there was more mystery and ambiguity about the nature of the Emperor and his supposed divinity. Miracles were less blatant, atheists and separatists actually had a foot to stand on, and there was always a possibility that the Chaos worshippers are right all along. Now days everybody knows the Imperium are the good guystm even when they are screaming for hatred, genocide and ignorance. Nobody even bats an eyelid anymore. You can have Inquisitor Hitler authorizing the exterminatus of planet Auschwitz to protect the purity of the human race from xeno infiltration, and everyone is HOO HAH IMPERIUM **** YEAH! But hey, at least they aren't Tau.
  4. An idea for the Unaligned book: a Chaos sect with a black and white skull heraldry and a sacred number of 11, whose mighty champions terrorise the aligned servants of the 4 Chaos gods. Maybe they even rescue an Eldar goddess from the other Chaos gods. ; ) Now about this Tome of Blood book, how much of it is fluff related to Khornate cults and factions? I'm dreading page after page of magic weapons and yet another new and completely unnecessary weapon trait/quality to remember.
  5. I treat Gellar Fields as reality* bubbles in the warp like air bubbles under water. *reality as in where laws of physics hold sway
  6. It isn't just Space Marines who feel this way either. Spire nobles don't give a rat's arse about anyone under them and no law abiding citizen thinks underhivers particularly deserve to breathe their air. The grim dark is that human lives are worth very little in 40k. There are precisely 2 kinds of people who matter to you at all: people who you owe fealty to and people who owe fealty to you. Space Marines don't save people's lives because life has any inherent value to them, they save lives because those lives belong to the Emperor as sheep belong to the shepard. Everything is judged in context of "what are you worth to the Master of Mankind". For the vast majority of individual humans, the answer is "very little".
  7. It's transition program designed to help D&D powergamers get used to running away from things and dying gruesomely.
  8. Is there any fluff reason why Ogryn/Ratling Psykers shouldn't exist? I presume their souls are just like baseline humans.
  9. The Orks also have superior Tellyportas, occasionally capable of interstellar range teleportations.
  10. Give them Squad Mode abilities and a squad of Storm Troopers to command.
  11. So why do Macrobatteries get a reduced penalty against Holofields? I understood it was to do with their greater blast radius compared with the precise Lances. If this is the case, shouldn't the blast of a Nova Cannon pretty much automatically catch the Eldar ship?
  12. The basic NPC wolfpack raider stat'd in the core book has a Sunsear battery. Your typical pirate ship is going to be a speed 10 Iconoclast with 2 dorsal mounts. If you fit them with 2 sunsears, the bombers are never going to touch that ship. The raider only needs to wait for the bomber to refuel and then attack. I realize now that I had a mistaken assumption that the carriers would be like WW2 with over the horizon strike capability. Instead carriers are more like near stationary fortress ships. They are unable to force a decisive engagement. Bombers as you say are excellent at shaping enemy movement and should work well combined with hidden minefields. It's still a mechanically sub-optimal choice for a PC's sole fighting ship but should still be a fun support ship. Launch bays might also be the better choice for transports. I have a sneaking suspicion, the problem isn't with the launchbays but the long ranged sunsears again. btw, how many bombers did you have among your attack craft in your playtest? 1 per launchbay or 3 per launchbay? Did you have a problem with your carrier outrunning your bombers once the raiders feint attacks to your astern?
  13. Well, fluffwise, I suppose. The source of my gripes is that I keep expecting them to be like in BFG. Carriers were awesome in BFG. Attack craft didn't have such horrible fuel limits and could pursue targets across the board. They were very competitive.
  14. bad news from the errata thread: That's terrible. As I see it carriers still have value as a support unit with a long ranged an alpha-strike capability, but they are a very bad choice as the party's sole ship.
  15. Yet another complaint is that the Imperial Navy regulation Mars pattern macrobatteries need their unnerfed Salvo ability to be viable.
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