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  1. I got 'em! Looks like the take FFG's Yellow and Green sleeves.
  2. Yea yea... I'd also like to know.... T
  3. What is going on this year (2011)? I want to get in some RT games... should I look for them just on the GenCon Event schedule. Will RT games be run in the FFG gaming area in the Exhibit Hall? Does anyone plan to run games.... on the down low? I have been away from the game for a while, I would like to hop back in while in Gencon. T
  4. They give me hives and make me break out with redundancies
  5. GenCon was great this year and FFG had by far the best booths out there... However... I never saw any stuff for Rogue Trader and there were only a few games run for it (fewer than 2nd ed Gamma World). Kinda of makes me feel like I am playing in another "dead" system. I did see there was a seminar for what FFG will be producing for RT. Does anyone know what, if anything, was said about it's future? Thanks T
  6. I will be there on Thursday. Looking forward to talking to you guys. T
  7. Ok I'll keep my eyes open.
  8. PS. any cool swag at your booth?
  9. I saw only one Rogue Trader session on the Gencon Schedule (and it is sold out already). What's up with that? You guys gonna put up any more? I would really like to play a game while Im there. T
  10. You guys at FFG are always at Gen Con and always have the best "booth"/area. I was just wondering … what kind of stuff are you going to be doing for Rogue Trader this year? Anyone running games? Promotional items/sweet swag? Surprise releases? T
  11. This has been a very insightful topic. I have generated so many great ideas from reading just this one.
  12. I really agree that there is a lack of good minis for Rogue Trader. It really bothers me. However I did go over to the GW site to fish around for a bit and, low and behold there are some nice figures over there. Hmm who wooda thought Anyhow there are some good one over there. For example the Missionary @ http://www.games-workshop.com/gws/catalog/productDetail.jsp?catId=cat1020005&prodId=prod1140076 or at http://www.games-workshop.com/gws/catalog/productDetail.jsp?catId=cat1020005&prodId=prod1140075 are very nice. In fact, I love them. But ... at $11.500 each... Wow. In fact there are a lot of nice figures over at... http://www.games-workshop.com/gws/catalog/armySubUnitCats.jsp?catId=cat1020005&rootCatGameStyle= But they are pricey. While I would like to have those and I do think they might improve my game ... I think for now... I will just have to break out the "green stuff" and modify my reaper minis.
  13. So would you say ... use a charm to add a +1 to an attribute to help with "rounding" issues? For example, If I have a 39 in Strength, a mere +1 would really come in handy!
  14. Well that's good to know .... I kept thinking I was missing something. T
  15. In many of the illustrations in Rogue Trader and many more illustrations in the Dark Heresy show people with long Ribbons of Text on them. What exactly are these things? I can't seem to find anything in the rules about this. Am I missing something? My guess would be that these are some sort of ward against “the warp” or “chaos” or ... something ... or perhaps they are just superstition? Are they some sort of artifact from the miniature games? Were they just put in the illustrations for flavor? Do they have any effect on game play? Inquiring minds want to know! T
  16. Or perhaps a different idea could be to have adventure that didn't depend on weapons.
  17. I really like the idea of making the players work for their ship somehow. Seems like it would make a tighter bond to the player's ship and ... game actually. T
  18. These are nice. Very Rogue Trader. Hmmm I might start looking at Vampire Minis for new Traders. Hmmmm thanks for the idea.
  19. Very nice. Yea the colors were bright, and he wasn't quite "bulky" enough but, overall... I really like it and I think I might just try to use it in my game as an NPC. Good job T
  20. Nice work. Really like it. Looks a bit to "organized" but yea... Great work.
  21. Those look great also . Always nice to find new miniture companies.
  22. Yea.. nice work at Heresy games Thanks for the info.
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