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  1. Hello all, it's been a while since I posted in the FFG forums. A few years in, I'm left wondering if any house rules have proven widely valuable in DH2 games. I'm thinking along the lines of MathHammer improving ship combat in Rogue Trader. What do you think are the best house rules for DH2?
  2. Legal concerns perhaps. http://www.weaponslaw.org/weapons/exploding-bullets http://gun.laws.com/ammunition/ammunition-illegal-and-controversial-ammunition
  3. The nature of Deckard's pistol is a topic that has been long speculated on: http://futurewarstories.blogspot.ie/2014/08/the-weapons-of-sci-fi-deckards-blaster.html
  4. I've been asked by a player about the Infernus heavy bolter. Does anyone tell me how it compares to a standard heavy bolter?
  5. I do second the notion that getting Rites of Battle is a good idea. The Emperor Protects is a very decent adventure arc, played most of it through in a Jericho-based Rogue Trader game. It does benefit from a killteam who have had a little experience and especially one who invests in a broad range of skills. The background books have tonnes of story hooks. I made good use of the Canis salient ideas in The Jericho Reach in my own Deathwatch campaign. My favourite NPC? Ebongrave. His paranoia has consequences for the entire Canis salient. And to a point, he's justified. There's more on him in the Rising Tempest adventure book.
  6. Deathwatch - Core Rulebook Setting: Achilus Assault The Jericho Reach The Outer Reach Bestiary: Mark of the Xenos Character options: Honour The Chapter Adventures: Emperor Protects Ark of Lost Souls The Emperor's Chosen Enjoy!
  7. I've experimented with house rules giving the second weapon in combi-weapons more shots. For example, three shots for a combi-plas means a maximal shot is possible. As for reloads, afaik those are legal in standard Deathwatch.
  8. I'm curious but I don't play the wargame. If there's any good background or interesting wargear, I might see about adapting those for the RPG.
  9. Ah! I missed the "once per battle" bit.
  10. While Hellfire rounds were originally designed for fighting Tyranids, I doubt a Deathwatch marine would be denied them if he had a decent argument for why he believes they'd be useful on a mission. The overall amounts and quality of gear they receive is staggering compared to even veterans in their home chapters. That would be a good combination but I'm pretty certain weapon-tech doesn't improve bolt weapons. Energy weapons and weapon-tech are devastating though, e.g. the Barrage Plasma Gun on full-auto.
  11. A clip of hellfire rounds is a good choice for the tactical marine's free special clip. It's great against hordes, it's great against normal enemies, and it's just fantastic against tyranids. Fire selectors are insanely cheap for their benefit. Jump packs add so much mobility when a killteam all take them. I always take combat webbing. It helps me justify carrying all of the other stuff.
  12. Archeotech can be traded. But it's a market for the very rich and the very well connected. Finding archeotech takes serious contacts, for reasons mentioned above.
  13. This reminds of a black crusade game I was in. One of the many memorable player characters was a very large, very jolly follower of Papa Nurgle named Nicholas Santo. Determined to give "gifts" to all and sundry.
  14. Precisely. According to others I have talked to (and personal experience) GW has never differentiated between bolter patterns power-wise. So I put this down to inconsistent design on the part of FFG. It seems to be their trademark when it comes to the SoB. Bolters clearly have recoil in the setting. A two-stage gyrojet gun still has recoil. https://www.reddit.com/r/AskScienceFiction/comments/35c6zq/warhammer_40k_do_bolters_have_recoil/ And FFG's position on astartes bolters versus human bolters has been quite consistent. Check out the "Weapons of the Astartes" sidebar on p173 of the Dark Heresy: Inquisitor's Handbook. Personally, I agree with their stance that the far stronger astartes should be able to carry more powerful weaponry than even power-armoured humans could.
  15. Good job on sitting him down for straight talk. A suggestion. Let him upgrade his existing armour to master-crafted with signature wargear (master). But I wouldn't let him get to pick a new suit for the hell of it.
  16. Here is the glorious madness that was S*** Patrol. http://novaimmaterium.yuku.com/topic/1016/40k-Webcomic-****-Patrol
  17. AFAIK the extra damage from accurate only applies on basic weapons. So pistols and heavy weapons can have accurate, it just makes them a bit easier to hit with.
  18. Don't forget that they won't have access to squad mode abilities. The effectiveness of a squad of deathwatch marines is more than the sum of its parts.
  19. One possibility is that the more miniaturised technology is rarer. But it does seem odd.
  20. I was joking... He actually hates betrayel having suffered it twice. He'd likely never turn traitor. Plus that whole personal visit from the primarch thing kinda soothed his feathers.... And his whole hive, albeit a small one, did fall to chaos nearly overnight. Most of the loyalist population was killed In the first few hours before word got out. A night lord had infiltrated the lowest levels and had been working on the hivescum for like a century. He introduced them to slaanesh worship. Ah gotcha! I missed that. Yeah sounds like an interesting character. Some who aren't in the know might wonder if he's from a raven guard successor chapter or some mutated chapter of another lineage.
  21. An entire hive being burned seems excessive. A more personal connection could be his old hab-block. His family perhaps all purged. That even adds some incentive to get tempted by chaos if the offer gets dangled. Not that I'm keen on "secret chaos infiltrator".
  22. Orks are difficult to keep in line. What did the Deathwatch offer them that the Orks didn't simply take it and turn on them? The deal the Freebooter made was with the Inquisition and Lord Commander Ebongrave, who hates the Tau so much that he would stomach using an Ork pirate to strike at them. Essentially the Freebooters get to keep whatever and whoever they loot and sack from Tau settlements and ships, as well as getting to hide out in the Imperium's territory without being harassed. They also give him the scrapped Imperial Guard equipment that they can't be bothered to fix, but his mekboys somehow get it back in working order. In return, he is expected not to clash with any Imperial authorities, (though there have been a few incidents, covered up of course). The Freebooter Kaptin believes that he got the better end of the deal, getting paid and protected to fight, and is content with the current situation that's benefitting him greatly. Lord Commander Ebongrave and the Inquisitor behind it know that they're walking a very thin line, but given the desperate situation in the Achilus Crusade at the moment, they view this deal as necessary for the long-term health of the crusade. Why send more men to die when you can have Orks do it for cheap? Plus, they plan just to stab him in the back once they don't need him anymore. The Kaptin also got a fancy hat and coat out of the deal, which suits him just fine. Doable but Orks are infamous for eventually turning on those who try to hire them. I expect fireworks to ensure in your campaign.
  23. I find that tactical marine tends to offer the best base specialty for snipers. Killmarine offers a great deal of stealth skills straight away for those that lack them in chapter advances, which I'd rate as crucial for a sniper to have. Theoretical best? The aforementioned raptors are great at sniping. Wolf scouts and raven guard are even stealthier. Other chapters do get that tasty +5 Ballistic Skill which increases their eventual possible score. I found a Guardian of the Covenant Killmarine was a solid sniper, between Dark Angel stats and Killmarine stealth. On scouts. The actual scouts are newbie astartes (though they can still be gifted killers). Their seargeants are some of the most experienced marines in the chapter. Which makes sense, as they have the immediate responsibility of training up the scrubs. http://wh40k.lexicanum.com/wiki/Space_Marine_Sergeant#Scout_Sergeants
  24. Orks are difficult to keep in line. What did the Deathwatch offer them that the Orks didn't simply take it and turn on them?
  25. That's blatant cheating. I'm surprised the other players are tolerating him in the game if that's the standard he goes for.
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