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  1. Thanks for your answer. To make it clear: Most effects trigger when damage > 0 but are placed after wounds are applied. Is correctly?
  2. After more than a year without playing descent I'm reading all the rules and FAQ to start a new RtL campaign, but I don't understand this FAQ entry. Q:Timing of "before applying the effects of armor": At what step of the attack sequence does this occur? This becomes an important interaction during Guard orders and in the case of Knockback and Divine Retribution. For example: If a linger effect token such as Web is given out during a Guard order and the monster figure survives the attack, does the web token immediately take effect and therefor prevent the monster from spending movement ponits? A: Other effects take place after wounds are dealt. In the example given, the lingering effect token wound immediately take effect. What are other effects? Is refering to any effect not listed under lingering effects or something else I don't know? Most of the lingering effects are applied before taking wounds AFAIK, aren't they? Is there any place where all the GLoAQs are written in one page?
  3. Thx I understand now where the question of the FAQ comes from.
  4. Q: If a figure jumps over an obstacle that is adjacent to an enemy figure with Grapple, can the jumping figure be grappled "in mid-air"? A. Figures may be grappled in mid-air. Being grappled in mid-air would stop a figure's movement as soon as it is grappled. This could result in suffering penalties from hazardous terrain. Which obstacles could be jumped? I have got JitD, WoD, and RtL and the only obstacles which come to my mind are pits. That's why I don't understand very well this question. So the FAQ states that if an hero is grappled when jumping a pit he would suffer 1 wound? or it's "in mid-air" thus not suffering the wound until the monster dies?
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