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  1. To be the token Skeptic, a single, well played D&D Wizard/Sorcerer/Druid/Cleric/Caster could probably kill a DH party. The power levels are not similar at all. Guns only level the playing field so much before magical walls of invisible force start poping up. Still, might be fun to watch all the non casters go down in flames.
  2. mcv said: zombieneighbours said: I am curious why you think it is unfair to compare a $100 which provides you with everything you need to play products which provide everything you need to play for $58 in physicial form(WoD+changling+dice). (i mean, either you need all the stuff in the box, or your being sold excessories you don't need right?) You're comparing apples and oranges. It may be fair to compare them, but they're still very different, and people have different tastes. Would you say that a pack of cards (everything you need to play Bridge) is better value than the ASL Rulebook + Beyond Valor (at $150-200, the very basics you need to play ASL)? They're different games. WFRP with its cards and bits offers a completely different experience from book+paper-based RPGs. If you want a complete RPG at low cost, get Diaspora or some other Fate-based RPG. The books cost about $20, and many are available for free online. And yet they're complete RPGs (unlike gimmicky stuff like Dogs in the Vineyard or 3:16). Personally I like the convenience that the cards of WFRP offer. If you don't, buy the new Guide books instead. Apparently you can play cardless that way, and have a much more D&D/WoD-like experience. Gimmicky stuff likes Dogs in the Vineyard or 3:16? I've knowticed this before, but its very apparent here, people on these boards are allergic to rules lite games, both of those mentioned are amongest the best written and conceptualized games i've ever played, to see them dismissed as gimicky is midly offensive to me personaly, but i'll let that go. I'm glad they are givign me a way to play without all of the cards and token and BS clutter than 3E tried to bring to my table. Why is my group still playing 2E between pathfinder, deadlands and DH? because its a better game with more consistant rules and doesn't require us to completely cat proof the room.
  3. I've tried to start DH games several times and the first session is character building and an explanation of the setting. Once the players hear the party line, "purge the unclean, the mutant, the witch, the demonic, the heretic" and realize its not your typical happy go lucky SciFi setting, few of them come back. Out of 6 opening sessions, i've gotten 2 games, but it was with people who understood what the game was about and either enjoyed the morally ambivelent feel of the game, or liked the idea of rebeling againest the system that created that aditude. We'll see what happens if i can get a game 3 going
  4. The game is pretty straight forward, i have both sets and and i like it a lot, its a decently paced game and, with both expansions, gives you enough options that it doens't feel like the same game over and over again
  5. There is a new version of Cyberpunk, and its painful to read. As in it hurts your eyes cause the guy who did the layout and design hates the reader on a deeply personal level. Its also less playable out fo the gate than WHFR, as you get one, maybe 2 tiers into it, and you have nothign left to accumlulate.
  6. I used to have them play a couple of maps in DoW, and then explain to them how they will never be as cool as the Space Marines, but now with Deathwatch around the corner thats no longer the case.
  7. use talsine@dgafsociety.net for my email, i don't check the gmail as often
  8. Its a valid tactic and CP's should not be awarded. If its not a play style you like, call your players on it, if they disagree, then work out another option. 40k is not Happy Fun Teddy Bear land, its full of people dieing for no other reason then they were there and someone was in a bad mood. This is a world where your guilty when i say your guilty, and **** the evidence if its inconvient. Unlike a lot things that happen today where you know someone is dirty and can't do anything about it, the Cadre only has to prove wbhat they did was right to their Inquisitor, and no one else. If this bothers you, play RT, its much nicer
  9. Peacekeeper_b said: LeBlanc13 said: Back to the original poster. I really think based on your comments that Shadowrun will be the game you will really enjoy. Cyberpunk is as Cyberpunk does. Then he should play Cyberpunk not Shadowrun. Cyberpunk is best played with Cyberpunk. Shadowrun - Magic/Dragons/Metas > Cyberpunk Strip out all of the extra fantasy trappings and SR makes for a much better cyberpunk game. GURPS, if you get the right books, also makes for a very deep, complex Cyberpunk game, though its math intensive and not newbie friendly. And, if you like 3:16 Carnage in the Stars, i would totaly recomend checking out Remember Tomorrow, its made by the same guys and is the smae rules lite play style, but very 80's cyberpunk.
  10. SprainOgre said: The Shadowrun Core books did have a decent price (which is when I shelled out for them). However, the rest of their books did not follow their lead. And I'm not going to argue with how well the CthuhluTech books look. They're all-in-all gorgeous. I buy the print ones from my FLGS as soon as they hit the shelves. But even considering how nice those pdf's are, it's still just a pdf, not a physical object. Yes, they certainly have value, work and effort was put into them. The bulk (like 80%) of the cover price is mark-ups from the distributor and the retailer. Part of that 20% is the cost to manufacture. So why do so many RPG pdf's sell at 1/2 cover price, and not lower? There's no need to pay per unit costs to make them, or to ship them. Just the cost from which ever website is hosting and selling them. Basic economics says that the lower the price, the higher the sales. I don't see this working any differently, even in the age of file sharing. Sure, some people will NEVER buy that pdf, no matter the cost. But, will more people buy that pdf at $30, or at $15? This is my point. That the companies don't seem to be taking advantage of the fact that pdf's are going to have less overhead in the way the do business, so they can the price to something in the $5-$15 range, and still turn a profit from them. And I understand I haven't seen their numbers, so I don't know if they have a deep enough market share to see better profits in the case of Anima, but some of these same theories ought to hold true. Also, many of my coffee/soda stains and subtle warpings are self inflicted. In other cases, I don't punch friends. Glare and fume a bit, sure, but not punch. I contract that out. And binding on softcover books are there to be creased. It's just in their nature. Hardcovers are a different story of course. Those cause wailing and gnashing of teeth. And I've had more then one binding fall apart within hours of purchase on some of my pricey rpg hard covers. Anima not being one of them. That book has been a trooper so far. You can't get any of the Cthulhutech books till, at least, Gencon, maybe longer, since they just changed publisers. As for the Shadowrun books, check the prises again, all of the core pdf's are all now $12, more than reasonable since its mostly just stats and tables, not the kind of thing most people want/need for bathroom reading, which is where most of my reading is done. Most gamerse don't buy pdf's or the pricing would be lower, for exactly the reasons your stating. And they ussualy go down as more people buy them. Until it becomes more common, they won't come down. Me, i'm just happy its an option.
  11. TheTenth said: talsine said: If your a little leary of the price point, though if your coming from RT/DH that probably not an issue, pick up a copy of the PDF, its $30 and has all of the content. Plus, its useful when you need to run from the laptop cause your the only one with a copy of the rules, that is often the case with me. Its a really interesting, and fun game, but i've only really done one shots, never tied a campaign there's a PDF? you mean an official one? where to get it? on topic : Anima is a high fantasy medieval RPG inspired by Japanime/manga. It means Saint Seiya, Ninja scroll, naruto, Lodoss, Escaflowne could fit in the system, with all the varied and often powerful abilities (a lvl 3 character can do an ice storm on 100 meters radius or transform into a fire elemental). The background is very complex as "hidden powers" scheming for centuries, and some powerful entities walking among humans. The game seems balanced but may become complex after lvl 9 (I'm mastering a campaign and my lvl 5 characters become very powerful), which is said by the author to be that of Seiya, Cloud and Sephiroth from FFVII, Lina Inverse from Slayers, Neo from Matrix ... There's some ancient technology somewhere as found in some Anime too. The game system has elements from Rolemaster (open ended roll, most powerful spells take several rounds to cast, bonus per level to skills), there's new things such as Summoners that can link to an entity and put him in an item, Ki powers that give you free attacks, energy shield, various combat bonuses ... The first read of the book is quite tiring, with many tables (far less than Rolemaster), and some new gameplay elements but after a few reads and some gameplay tests. I see this game as possibly having incredible fights, but also deep storyline with the secret goals of the organisations and the choices the PC will have to make. One final thing is that the game supplements are very few as there's only 1 author to the game, so expect 2 books each year. All of the current FFG releases are avalaible in pdf from drivethrurpg.com. They are good quality as well, and they just updated the main Anima pdf, though i havn't looked at it yet, so i'm not sure what was changed.
  12. Friend of the Dork said: Graver said: talsine said: the 8 spider said: from france i asked it in an another post butthe answer wasn't clear. i saw "predators" does any one have seen the movie? what is the weapons used by the russian character? it lok like a hevay stubber but i have never seen it before. its a vehicle mounted gattling chain gun that no real person could realisticaly use without hurting themselves and others. You could use it as a reflavored stubber without much work. Usually called a Minigun... and while they can't juyst be toted around by some guy, doing such is very 40k ;-) Wait he said Russian character - the Minigun (actually a Microgun and definitely too heavy to use standing) was used by a black american and maybe by Schwarzenegger himself at one point. I can't remember what the Russians used if any... maybe a DSHK 12.7mm heavy machinegun? It looks very fitting for a heavy stubber, but so does any MG really. the DSHK is the equivalent of the M2HB .50 cal, and is often mounted on a wheeled carriage with gun shield. world.guns.ru/machine/dshk_001.jpg He said "Predators" which is the new spin off from Predator, which is what your thinking about.
  13. UncleArkie said: Ummmm Wumpscut, I'v been using some Siva Six and Nacthmahr as well for DH, its very industrial and stompy. What I normally do is make playlists in spotify, that way I don't have to rely on anything except for an internet connection and having to lug about a laptop AND the box with bits would be a nightmare. You know Wumpscut? I run most of my music off of an iPod and a set of portable surround sound speakers, very easy to control and the newer ones have a good battery life. About the only Apple product i don't think is a complete waste of money
  14. lord inquisitor revan darksoul said: this is a quote from a friend no on the forums not my personal opinion but "giving astropaths powers from the sanctioned psyker list is like trying to put a lascannon on a comm tent " QFT. My TechPriest's Comm Tent would never use a lascannon anyway, Assault Cannons are much better defensive weapons, That asside, if they want to play a combat psyker, just let them roll up a Sanctioned Psyker and move on, its the whole Chocolate vs Vanilla, both are awesome, but for different reasons and at different times.
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