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  1. MyNeighbourTrololo said: Thats why I always force people to eat/drink their stuff AWAY from my boardgames. He had been told several times to stay away with food and drink...my brother even said as he set the glass down... "Do not put that on the table..." *immediate spillage* AHHHH!!
  2. player677064

    Sad Day

    I got Elder Sign for Christmas last night, and my brother and I started to try our first game tonight. Got about half way through the doom track, [rant] and then my 9 year old nephew decided it was time to run to the table with a full glass of water...and to set it down on a pile of uneven place mats. Incidentally most of my adventure cards, the entrance card, the rulebook, and several various other cards got soaked. Now they are all warped, and in many instances the sides of the cards are "bursting about" with the paper coming separated. I was mad enough I tried to clean and let dry everything, but we ended the game because the panic messed everything up and out of order anyways. It's still playable, but man is it a sad and terrible feeling to see a brand new game messed up like that. [/rant] Anyways, what we got to play was awesome and really fun!
  3. Thank you for the responses. I have a chance to get the BI version dirt cheap ($3-4) so I wanted to make sure it wouldn't be better spent towards the more expensive FFG version.
  4. Are there any differences between the two? If so what was different? I have tried searching around on the internet to find out, but so far haven't discovered anything. Thanks
  5. thraxar said: The DH sourcebooks are actually as good as if not better than the core book. The Inquisitors hand book and radicals handbook are a players wet dream. So many choices so so so many choices. You're not helping!!
  6. Got my copy of Dark Heresy in the mail. Yeah I am hooked. Already have Rogue Trader on the way in the mail, and trying to convince myself not to spend more dollars on DH source books .....yet.......
  7. Thanks for the video, did everyone's so far come with extra replacement dice?
  8. aravol said: First and foremost, the balance between fighters and mages. Having been introduced to RPGs through DnD, and other d20 systems, I have long lamented to the age-old "Linear Fighter, Quadratic Wizard" problem that plagues not only DnD itself, not only d20, but much of the industry as a whole. To see a system that takes both Fighters AND Mages into the "quadratic" area is vivid and refreshing. Secondly, the critical system. Rather than applying more damage for a lucky roll, and thus ensuring a hit, the system turns a crit into a much more crippling physical blow, bringing about broken and severed limbs, horrible scars, and other such nasty effects that many other systems either glaze over poorly or ignore altogether. Thirdly, the entire class system. The use of DP with varying costs, as well as other type of points, brings about a flavorful, if somewhat compliucated, path towards customizability within a class system, as yet I have not seen paralleled. The use of mixed-archetype classes also helps blur the normally sharp line between concepts, and again beings in a welcome originality that makes Anima fun and rewading, while at the same time preserving both an implied setting, and the ability to diverge from Gaia itself. Fourthly, Creature creation. Not just for the GM, but for summoners as well, Creature creation both cuts out a large chunk of the core book and hands the GM a huge level of control over their own setting and scenario. One of the largest abuses of the game is, sadly, that when characters see a creature, either it's not described well, or someone recognizes it for what it is, in or out of the game, and the most legendary monster encounters are often the most predictable, since the more powerful beasts are all but memorized by even the least savvy players. Last, but not least, Accumulation. While unusual, and at first even alien to most gamers, myself included, it turns into a wonderful and flavorful concept, one that forces players to stay on their toes, watch their enemies, and plan ahead, as well as allowing the progression to shorter and shorter casting times as levels go on for their weaker abilities, bringing about a beautiful and enticing incentives of speed and vulnerability to use their weaker and lower-level abilities more often. All of this, especially with creatures and summoners. Most games end up lacking flavor for me in this area. Anima does it in a way I love.
  9. T-800 said: NulSyn said: What about the Tau? I am not intimately familiar with 40k timelines and such, but are they mentioned in any book yet? The Tau themselves are on the other side of the galaxy from Calixis Sector. As it stands I think it would be more likely that their weapons would be found in sector. Now IIRC the Kroot are in the RT core book as are their basic rifles, a few Tau may have been on board a Kroot ship to observe them but that may be rather unlikely. N0-1_H3r3 said: The Koronus Expanse and the Calixis Sector - the parts of the galaxy where the 40kRPGs are set - is in Segmentum Obscuras, within a few months travel of the Eye of Terror. The Tau Empire sits in Ultima Segmentum, on the other side of the galaxy from the Eye of Terror, and the Tau themselves lack true warp travel, limiting their ability to reach worlds more than a short distance (relatively speaking) away from existing colonies. The fact that they lack anything comparable to astrotelepathy for interstellar communication further restricts the reach of the Tau. In short, the Tau are too far away to be involved in the default setting for Rogue Trader, at least without some means of bridging that vast distance (a distance of 50,000 light years or more - half the galaxy away, and a journey likely to take several years even with true warp travel). Ah thanks guys. I guess that's a really good reason they are not in the game
  10. I think I agree with every suggestion in this thread so far.
  11. Hellfury said: I think the one major reason it didnt take off well was because of the differences in scale in comparison to the older warzone figs. It was a pretty big turn off for most people. And now that the game is dead, its hard to take those old metal figs and integrate them into this game for the same reasons. Shame. This is by far the complaint I heard the most. People I was certain would buy in said this.
  12. This is a handy way to see things as someone not yet in the game and looking to choose which race to start with. So besides grading their initial, middle and long distant capabilities, what races seem well balanced with each other and what races seem off kilter one way or another, in an overall grade?
  13. As much as I would like to see a 3rd edition of Mutant Chronicles since the license was pulled form Cog, I just can't see FFG doing it. It would cannibalize the market for Dark Heresy. The settings are remarkably similar in feel and tone, and based on old editions artwork, appearance. I don't see FFG putting out another RPG that directly competes, and in a lot of gamers minds(if you remember old wars and threads on it), rips off a property already in publication through FFG, not that I personally feel that way, but I digress.
  14. My timing is really bad, I was just thinking of getting into this game and find out its being dropped. Still I feel sorry for those of you who are fans, it always sucks to see a game people love lose support.
  15. ced1106 said: * Use a double-length board. Once the counter reaches the final space (18) on the first score board, the current scoring of this color stops there, but the coutner is immediately moved to the start space of the second score board. * No free bonus plays. * No rack. Draw one tile and score it. * Only use the white spaces on the board. More solitaire variatns on BGG. Click on Variants: boardgamegeek.com/boardgame/9674 Never thought of trying it solo, this looks cool. I'll have to look into this some more.
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