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  1. Never mind on the rules question. Jeff Tidball (one of the designers) weighed in and answers this question a little bit ago. The answer is how i said i was playing it. A breah will occur if any border of the area is fortified, the bombarding player chooses which one border segment to breach. Agent of Change
  2. Ok so when you bombard the language in the rules says that if you get a breached result if one or more "sides" borderinf the area are fortified you may pick one and breach it. Ok so the point of contention here is do breaches only occur if your bombard fortified sectors or if you bomb any sectors including those that happen to be next to a fortification. There are arguments for both and we have played it as the liberal interpretation (any area in or next to a fortification can cause a breach to occur) but i was hoping to have people weigh in and maybe get an offical ruling. *fingers crossed* That said had a great time with the game in the inital playing. The rules are very well written and it is an elegantly simple system to create a complex strategical game. I found it to be fairly well balanced but believe me you are probably going to need to play two or three times before you can really gauge even most of the strategical possibilities (both your own and your opponents and combinations thereof) the game contains. Kudos FF it met the hype in my opinion. Agent of Change
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