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  1. We're going to be holding a tournament here in our country soon and I've been tasked to make it work. I was wondering if you guys have any advice in setting up a multi-player setup? I've done regular one on one games but I'm sure this will be different. And what are your thoughts about trying to come up with a rule on Kingmaking? Any input would be greatly appreciated.
  2. Ruvion said: Lovecraft said: Apart from the core set and expansions, what else are the white-bordered sets for AGOT? If your definition of expansions = Deluxe Expansions and the monthly Chapter Packs, then the short of it is: No there are no more white-bordered sets for AGoT. I've recently typed up a buyer's guide for (I assume) players such as you and I, here. Hopefully, it can answer the above fully and maybe even some of your unvoiced questions. Dude, you're awesome.
  3. Apart from the core set and expansions, what else are the white-bordered sets for AGOT?
  4. Thank you! A lot of people here dont like the idea of boiling it down to one card.
  5. Is it weird that my gf (who isnt the least bit interested in this but very supportive of it) is the one that told me about it?
  6. Well, they did mention that the Deep Ones and the Mi-go will get some love in the Secrets of Arkham Expansion. I hope that the other factions get some as well (Criminals, Government, Scientist and what-not).
  7. I found a good and fun way to make use of the often useless Cult Encounters (and in effect, the Corruption cards). I pick one monster from each dimensional symbol except the star and triangle. Place it in the monster cup and have someone randomly draw one. What happens is that for the rest of the game, whenever a monster of that dimensional symbol is defeated, you draw a cult encounter card. I made additional rules to it. Whenever a cards is the kind that forces to you to decide between getting the effect or moving to the street, you just place that card at the bottom and draw one more. Putting into place the idea that "move to the street" is changed "draw another card". You are not considered to have the Cult Membership, so any card and effect that says that you should lose it is pointless. The idea behind this is that the Ancient ones watch out for their ilk and you have to be careful in killing willy-nilly. What do you think? So far, my friends enjoy the sudden boost in difficulty and we spend more time planning out attacks. Also, to avoid the bulk up of one character, making the entire party active in the whole operation.
  8. 1. Once YOUR story phase ends, any characters that were committed are effectively out of combat usage til they become refreshed again. So, you wont be able to use any exhausted characters on YOUR OPPONENTS story phase. Now, if the character you will commit to the story has arcane, then you can use him to block on your opponents story phase. 2.Pretty much yes, UNLESS it says that it's limited one per story phase.
  9. MonsieurPoulet said: Lovecraft said: Can you guys give me a suggestion on making a full on Arkham Horror experience for veteran players? Play with the Russian version! (Sorry, couldn't resist...) That does make sense though.
  10. Can you guys give me a suggestion on making a full on Arkham Horror experience for veteran players? I'm refering to what expansions or cards from which expansions to add. I already put in the madness/injury cards, I mixed all the investigator cards already, I'm using all the Investigators and Ancient Ones, I'm using the Herald and Guardian mechanic. What else? Others seem to ignore all 3 of the small boxes. I want to involve all the expansions as much as possible.
  11. I love Miskatonic. They may seem weak due to no terror icons, very few combat icons and they dont have wounding mechanices much. But what they lack in all that, they make up for in speed. They have the potential to finish stories ASAP. Plus, an awesome load of control and card draw to make sure they get what they need and when they need it. The cards from the Horror beneath the surface AP helps a lot plus the MU cards for the Dreamlands AP set.
  12. FFG comes up with the most innovative card games ever. I love COC. As a Lovecraft fan, the flavour and the mechanics are enough to get me hooked. I highly recommend this game.
  13. Any news of another expansion for AH? Even whisperings of it?
  14. My friends dont like it but they know that I've been a Cthulhu fan since I was 8 (making me a fan for 20 years) so, we're going with Cthulhu as the AO and Father Dagon/Mother Hydra as the heralds.
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