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  1. Precision is a good keyword. Leave the complexity to the interaction of simple concepts. L5R is deep and complex in its setting. The setting must come alive or the games tanks. The game must have a GM and players who are WELL acquainted with the world, its politics and traditions for it to BE L5R. This is my take and experience. I played in a couple of sessions as a character and because I was NOT astute in the world (as a player) I had difficulty with tactics and roleplaying my CHARACTER. The other players were "scholars" of the setting and my newbe-ness dragged the immersion and flow down to a crawl. I didn't play L5R again. And I liked the system. Just didn't study. ...
  2. I am sad to hear about the RPG department being gone. I am a BIG fan of Genesys: Terrinoth. I have been gaming (GMing) for decades and the Terrinoth campaign book is written in such a way that I was never at a loss for adventure ideas. Nearly every paragraph would include, in a subtle way, an adventure hook. The work was beautiful too. And Genesys (Star-Wars narrative system) is a unique and fun system. Such excellent work all around. As far as the game market goes we shouldn't lump the RPG market with boardgames. Boardgames tend to be for everyone. RPGs tend to be for GAMERS. Gamers play boardgames AND RPGs. Everyone else plays a boardgame now and then. So, in my humble 40+ years as a GAMER, I say that RPG markets are NOT boardgames and should NOT be in the general "games" stats. The RPG industry MUST find a way to become COOL to EVERYONE. Create a undeniable curiosity in the ONLOOKERS to discover what it FEELS like to play a game where you can become, for a while, a character that is the hero in a exciting narrative journey of danger and glory - and every other imaginable twist! I know I couldn't resist. My best to the creatives who have been laid off at FFG. KEEP CREATING. Happy gaming to all. Bob
  3. I am playing Aragorn/Captain and Gimli/Hunter. Gimli is solid because he generates a lot of Inspiration. Aragorn is Luke warm. What I find that is hard is you can receive one up damage card that kills your game. Two is a disaster. Aragorn early in one adventure had up damage that prevented him from scouting to the top of the deck. So I would draw 3 (he gets one more card and those nearby) and be forced to bottom what I didn’t place. Then he got up damage where he could only move 1 space. Soon the map was filled with enemies that NEVER miss and I was thinking, this is impossible. Even Gimli could not fend off the onslaught. I suffered through the inevitable loss and moved on. However, after this I felt less eager to play. The imbalance took the fun out. For a while. I could house rule it but then I lose the satisfaction of winning the game. Beautiful game and presentation (As nearly all FFG titles). But, like Descent, using the app for SOLO play, I feel LOTR:JiME is a bit to difficult for casual play. Too many enemies and too much Damage/Fear. LOTR:JiME NEEDS to make NORMAL MODE with MUCH LESS DAMAGE/FEAR and fewer enemies. OR make an EASY MODE with the above in mind. This is good for those of us who want to enjoy the story and discovery NOT just dealing with overwhelming numbers of enemies.
  4. an UNDO and a Replay Adventure option are needed. For “scoring” purposes, you could add how many retries per Adventure the player(s) did.
  5. Thanks a lot! I get it now. The FFG community to the rescue. And Gimli, these boots belong to Aragorn so hands off!
  6. I searched this forum and could not find anything regarding errata so I’m posting this here forgive me if this has already been posted and answered. Regarding the Boots (all boots) trinket. It reads “If you would test Agility or Might you may deplete this item to test Might or Agility instead”. Isn’t that the same thing in reverse? Is this a misprint or a game element I am missing? help. The game is great.
  7. My players are always saying there aren't enough talents to choose from. This WILL help. Thanks.
  8. Great work. This will greatly reduce prep for me. Thanks.
  9. This will be short and sweet. I play Legacy of Dragonholt SOLO. I am a fan of the Runebound world. I own the Rundbound boardgame and I run a Realms of Terrinoth RPG campaign (Genesys). Today I received delivery of my purchase of Legacy of Dragonholt and I got right into it by spending the last 2 hours (my pace) playing through the intro scenario(Where you learn to play the game as you play!) and a little of "Dragonholt Villege". I enjoyed myself so much I had to share my experience with this great game. My thoughts about Legacy of Dragonholt. The components, difficulty, and funability. If you enjoy reading and games (like Table top RPGs) Legacy of Dragonholt is for you. The presentation and quality of components are top notch (as with all FFG products). The game is very easy to learn and get right into. You can be playing this game is 5 minutes. The story and characters are engaging and the choices you have to make have you quickly turning the pages to see what happens! You read a passage and then you are given choices (numbered passages) to either choose a direction , OR depending on where you are in the story, the game tells you what passage to go to. The choices you make WILL affect who you encounter, what you discover, and where you go. There are item cards representing quest items and also things like healing potions. Always good to have healing potions. BTW there is MUCH to play here. Hours and hours - at your pace. Play as long as you like and then, with a very little bookkeeping, note your place in the game and come back to it later. Nice. I found LoD to be casual AND challenging. It's like reading a novel but YOU get to direct the story. If you like to read and play RPGs GET legacy of Dragonholt. I'm having a great time with Legacy of Dragonholt but this is my opinion and your experience may be different. ......nahhh, you'll love this!! PEACE and Happy Gaming! Bob (gamemasterbob)
  10. I'm a fan of character resurrection because it keeps the PLAYER in the game. Especially when the character has some history. Resurrection in Terrinoth should be based on the silver distribution in YOUR game. Cost should be a stretch but NOT a bank breaker for a typical group. In other words the GM should make the cost flexible to the game wealth. After a PC is resurrected in Genesys/Terrinoth the character should add 1 set back to EVERY action for 24 hours. My 2 silver input.
  11. Per Session usage rules for Heroic Abilities in RoT does NOT work. The usage should (MUST) be in GAME TIME. What if the session passes 2 months of game time?- or a year?? It can happen. A Heroic Ability has to be MORE accessible and predictable or it becomes a Heroic Hiccup! In my campaign HA (Heroic Abilities) can be used EVERY GAME DAY up to the current frequency of the HA. This works and it's more fun. It feels more like the HA is part of the world this way. NOTE: You can make the HA activation less frequent but it should NOT go more than 5 to 7 game days. This also requires more bookkeeping. Heroic Abilities are fun and should be in the game MORE not less. The RoT activation rules are already costly and the abilities aren't really that BIG. Plus it takes a lot of XP to build a Bard-Song worthy HA. (However, I would NOT lower the 50 XP cost per ability point if you change the activation frequency...) The group should strive to be creative with HA. The GM should be generous and open to HA ideas; not cautious! It won't break the game. My opinion. Happy gaming all.
  12. Genesys and RoT are my NEW favorite game system and campaign world. So....when I saw the Adversary Cards page I was initially very excited BUT... then immediately disappointed to read that they are ONLY the adversaries from the RoT book. ... UPDATE: I bought both RoT Adversary Decks with a gift card from amazon I got for Christmas . When I received them I immediately began shuffling through them and noticed how quickly I can find the right monster OR a reference for creating one. The quality is superb. I have discovered that the RoT Adversary Cards are fun to handle and work with and are very useful. I now recommend them. Very cool.
  13. I like modern post apocalyptic. I also would like to see a modern covert ops type setting.
  14. I use a standard wet-erasable square grid map as a strong GUIDE but not as a constraint. As I think this is in tune with the openness of the Genesys Narrative Dice system. This is also a friendly sight to many gamers. Genesys has it's own very cool stuff but it's proprietary nature can be confusing when players are used to numbers on their dice and the GM introduces the remarkable Narrative Dice. But once they get it - They are hooked! Adding a grid map (and perhaps other COMMON gaming elements) can ease any stress and put some familiarity into the session. Some players will need this. Each gird square is two yards/meters or about 6' Range by Grid Spaces Engaged: Adjacent Short : 1 - 15 Medium : 16 - 48 Long : 49 - 200 Extreme : 201+ (This of course would be "Off the Grid" and handled Narratively) Standard move maneuver is 15. This depends on the current status of the mover, the environment and any specials regarding who/what is moving. SO... any modification of this move rate is up to the GM. I recommend you don't try to create a complex set of house rules for grid encounters. Keep it simple. Use the Narrative Dice and your imagination. My group LIKES grids and maps. So I bring it. It adds to the fun. And that's why we game. Just my thoughts.
  15. Thanks for the info. Well, I hope that someone in the community who is good at making maps will make us one and post it. I depend on this community. Thanks in advance. I emailed Customer Service this message(sent 05/13/18 about 3:15PM EST): "Are there any plans for a campaign map for The Realms of Terrinoth? We need a detailed, complete map or ALL regions with a scale of miles."
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