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  1. Got the toadkings castigns bones as well, he shipped air mail to Canada and it didn't take one week. Amazing service, highly recommended.
  2. I just received a shipping confirmation today along with a USPS tracking number It took 2 full weeks to process but glad it was looked after!
  3. Thanks for the replies. I did include a picture in the claim but to this day I have not received a response. I'll try emailing them tomorrow and sending another image. I did read somewhere else that replacement pieces often show up in the mail without any communication so that might be it.
  4. I haven't been as lucky as you. I also filled out a form on Sunday 4/23 for having received 2x right arms for Ix'Erebus in one of my two core sets. I requested a left arm sent to me so I can complete the figure. It's been a whole week and I don't even have an email from them yet. I'm in Canada so maybe that's why, I don't know. Maybe I wasn't clear in the part#... does anyone know Ix'Erebus' part#? Fingers crossed for this to get resolved asap!
  5. Hi there, I'm not sure if forum rules allows posting links so I sent you a PM. Good luck!
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