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  1. I don't think it makes characteristics less important, since an extra green die gives you a bigger chance of success then an upgrade. In other words, want to have a bigger chance at succeeding, go for dedication, want to have a bigger chance at doing something cool (advantages/triumphs), train in the skill. As for decreasing chances of success, that is absolutely true, but I think it makes for a better gaming experience, I'll explain more in a bit. As for the upgrading mechanics being harder to grasp, I'd say that's on a player to player basis, but it's actually better for newer players since you never have to think about what you're adding to what, it's always the same calculation. Now on to what I mean about a better gaming experience. It does decrease chance of success because of the smaller pool. But a big part of this game is the Star Wars feel, and our heroes always have terrible odds:P Also it makes rolls more exciting since it's harder to succeed, really ensuring the player will grit their teeth at every setback die the GM adds and the way they come up with justifications for that extra boost die. Secondly, it decreases the size of the dice pool, which I think helps with the flow. Since these are custom dice, and there's an expense associated with them, there'll usually be a big dice pool for everyone, rather then everyone having their own complete set of dice. The bigger size pool you toss, the more you have to grab dice from everywhere on the table. Sure you can fix that with a smaller table, or tossing in a bucket or whatever, but in bigger group sizes, building a bigger dice pool slows everything down. Building a pool isn't the fun bit, the fun bit is looking at the toss and seeing the result. Next point, smaller dice pool means a quicker result calculation, again, keeps the game flowing. I remember playing 3.5 and having to toss over 35 dice for a single fireball as a Sorcerer. Ridiculous and adds nothing. I like a quicker pace, keeps the attention on the roleplaying. The dice are a tool to advance the story, they shouldn't be the focus. But this isn't the real reason why I think it works better. It works better because it's more of a Star Wars feel. In the GM section there's a big sidebar about keeping the Star Wars feel in there. Think back on the movies. When stuff happens it either succeeds spectacularly, or it fails abysmally. It's big spectacle moments. By ensuring the pool always has the least amount of yellow and red dice you're making most rolls boring. You succeed or fail, with either 1 or two threat or 1 or two advantages, making triumphs, the big wins, the really cool moments, even more of a rarity. Personally, I think that if you want the Star Wars feel, you need the majority of rolls to feel exciting. Yes it makes the Triumphs cheaper. But this isn't DnD where you only do something cool on a 20. DnD is a mechanical system, EotE is a narrative system. More then anything, Star Wars is Rule of Cool made flesh. By making Triumphs Despairs scarce you're taking away from that. You want the table to be constantly in fear of that Despair or hoping for that Triumph. That's not a symbol that should come up once per night. Or at least, not in a Star Wars setting. Star Wars doesn't do million to one shots, every scene is tense with excitement.
  2. So in preparation for starting a new campaign, I've been going over the rules and discovered a lot of things we've always done wrong But the one thing I didn't expect was that we've been building dicepools wrong for the past three years. In our defense, the way we did it makes a lot more sense. So the way it's supposed to work is grab your two stats, characteristics and skill number, see which is the biggest and use that as a base and use the lower score for upgrades. What we did was take characteristics as a base and upgrade using the skill number. Practically what this means is a smaller dice pool and more triumphs. But narratively it just makes a whole lot more sense. The green dice represent unskilled labour, how good you are in something without actively training in it, while the proficiency dice represent training and skills. In other words, your characteristic forms a base, for example how strong you are while your training in running (Athletics) determines how well you transfer that strength into, say, winning a race. If you're more skilled then you have a base characteristic, narratively this would mean that suddenly your training in the subject is forming the base while how strong you are now causes greater success or triumphs. I'm wondering what everyone else thinks about this, I'm debating with my party whether or not we should continue doing it our way or start doing it the way it's supposed to.
  3. Thank you! This has made things a lot easier:)
  4. Hi everyone! So me and my group have been using the character creator, each filling in talents for themselves, using the 'default' dataset. Is there any way to merge these so we as a group have one big file which has everything?
  5. Personally I'd love a proper bestiary. All those enemy NPC's are scattered across a dozen books which makes looking stuff up a pain. I'd love for (almost) every statted NPC to just be in a book. Also, more creatures!
  6. I'm wondering what's next for the Edge of the Empire line of books now all careers have gotten their own book. Is the line going to end now, maybe with another planet book/adventure? And then just updates for AoR and FaD, or are we getting new careers/specializations? I've also been wondering what's up with digital? I figured when FFG renewed their license last year they might have gotten the digital license too. I know that during the Lucasfilm days everything had it's own department and it was both difficult and expensive to get both digital and print licenses, but surely under Disney stuff is a bit more streamlined/logical?
  7. Iamdude

    Digital Copy

    It's out now on drive thru.
  8. It's with those assumptions that my issue is. While I like a 'rules light' system, this is more akin to having rules, but not letting anyone know what they are. Warrior of Old might also be about the armor that they're wearing, giving an extra resilience. It might also mean that they speak a different language and behave in an odd way since they're from a long time ago, adding a negative die on empathy checks. The writers obviously had something in mind, or they wouldn't have written the feature down. Why obfuscate like this? Borrowing the zombie book from a friend, they had at least three abilities in there with different names that all did the same thing, give an extra physical resilience (two of those were actually explained, the third was a guess). Stuff like 'Sturdy' and 'Day Job', which are easy guesses, are explained at length, but the keywords 'Warrior of Old' or 'Amorphous' etc are not. I don't mind there being very few rules. I do mind the book using vage keywords and not telling me what they are. Especially when sometimes the same end result of a feature can be the same, but the name can be different. I get that FF is basically just acting as a translator for this series, but it is definitely not up to their usual standard.
  9. I was looking through the book, running a short campaign next week, and I was wondering about the NPC features. A lot, if not all, of the NPC's have features that aren't explained in the book. Should I just make up what those features are supposed to be, and on what dice rolls they would add a positive/negative die? For example, the Draugr has +Warrior of Old. No clue what that's supposed to be.
  10. In this situation you're not just getting physical stress, you're getting social stress as well from the fact that you're fighting a group member. That stress just keeps on increasing, as a GM, I'd add extra social stress dice.
  11. Hey! I was wondering if there was a release date for the digital version yet? Does anyone know what the schedule was for the previous two books in terms of physical then digital releases?
  12. That's a really cool idea. It's perfect for a narrative game like this and really fits the Star Wars movie theme. This is how I handled it in my group a few weeks ago. We had one person flying in a race while the rest of the party was engaged in combat with the guys trying to sabotage the race. Because I wanted to give the impression that the race was fast paced, the racer got an extra turn in between each of the full party turns. We did something like that when I ran a modified version of the swooprace from Suns of Fortune. We had two racers, one person who used camera's to keep an eye on the terrain and possible nasty surprises (which he related to the rest of the party via comlinks) and two players who went ahead to the ravine to scout out a possible ambush.
  13. Not including 1v1 fights, here are a few from the movies that I can think of off the top of my head. Qui-Gon & Obi-Wan vs Darth Maul Obi-Wan & Anakin vs Dooku Obi-Wan & Anakin vs Dooku (again) Obi-Wan & Anakin vs Grevious Mace Windu & some other Jedi vs Palpatine QG & OW vs DM - There was a massive Gungan battle and a Queen charging the throne room going on at the exact same time two PCs out of the group were fighting the Nemesis (i.e. - Darth Maul). OB & AK vs DK - Massive Clone Battle going on right outside that all the other PCs were involved in. OB & AK vs DK v2.0 - Massive Space Battle going on over the capitol world of the Republic that the other PCs would be fighting in, plus R2-D2 was fighting droid minions elsewhere on the same ship. OB & AK vs GrV - See the above. Also, if you'll recall, Grevious was not alone given he was surrounded by his 4 rival bodyguard droids and a bridge full of minions. 5 Jedi Masters vs Darth Sidious - This is the closest example to a Group vs Boss fight, but it's pretty obvious at least 3 of those Jedi Masters were NPCs and Mace Windu probably would be too. This isn't a Boss fight so much as it is Anakin's transition from PC to NPC Villain. So, yeah, off the top of my head, I still don't see a lot of group battles versus 1 lone villain in the Star Wars Saga. All of the massive battles weren't exactly fought by the pc's, large amounts of npc's duking it out with little to no effect on the outcome of the nemesis battle, which takes place miles and miles away from that fight isn't exactly an argument in your favour. As for your assertion that the pc's would be there instead of at a known location of a boss battle, those are rather different players then I'm used to, not only is splitting the party suicide, it also makes it a pain to have to adjucate so many different battles as a GM, so not something that's practical. You're correct about ob&ana vs grievous though, he was surrounded by other enemies. The last one is you handwaving the entire battle away by saying they were npc's. Personally I wouldn't let a player be the Chosen One, since that makes him/her constantly hog the spotlight and thus the game a lot less fun for the rest of the group. This makes it more likely that Anakin and Sidious are the pc's and the party being Windu and the other two guys. As Anakin didn't interfere until right at the end (the gm using a Destiny point to save his Nemesis?) that's a prime example of the party fighting a boss solo.
  14. What is a Nemesis rank? I can't find reference to that anywhere in the CRB and nothing is showing up in Google. I think they mean Adversary ranks, which ups the to hit difficulty by one per rank.
  15. Cool! More power to your players. Nothing wrong with awesome characters showing off how awesome they are. If I may be so bold, this is where you're going wrong. You play to find out what happens, not guide your players down your railroad. (As for spending Destiny to keep him alive for longer? That's what it's there for, so long as you don't remove all protaganism from your players. From the sounds of it, you kept it balanced.) What happens next? What do the remaining pirates want? What do the pirate's allies and enemies do? The PCs now have a reputation as being lethal in melee, so future opponents will take that into account. Oh they'll definitely encounter these pirates again, when they least expect it:P And the sword wielding guy still got the kill in his next slot so he got to show off his awesomeness. I get where you're coming from with the railroading comment, but this is supposed to be cinematic combat, which in the case of pirates, especially endboss pirates, should mean swashbuckling duels, not two vibroswords through the skull on the first hit. At the end of the day, playing an rpg with friends is about making sure everyone has fun, and since he built his character this way on purpose, I suppose that seeing all his skills work together like this means he had fun. But I'm definitely rethinking certain setpieces, the game should challenge the party as well, and in that way, the encounter did not do it's job in making the party feel mortal or in danger, which considering they were facing an illustrious pirate captain who was supposed to be feared by a rather large amount of people on an unknown asteroid, they should have felt. The last bit is my fault of course, for not moving tactically enough and not taking the specific skillsets into consideration enough. But that's why I'm here asking what I can do better, I'm sort of new to the GM business, and this is the first large scale campaign I've run, and the first campaign which isn't out of an official adventure book, so I'm learning as I go.
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