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  1. I was looking into Warhammer Roleplay, and there is number of products that seem to overlap in terms of content, so I was wondering what the essentials are for a new GM/player?
  2. I can't find falling damage anywhere. Am I missing something?
  3. I only bring back this thread to do a rare thing on the internet - concede a fair and valid point. N0-1_H3r3, Polaria: you both make valid points and I stand well and truly corrected.
  4. The only thing that really matter is its rate of fire, which was -/-/10 from what I recall. I would say that any shot from a mulitlaser will take down a point of magnitude.
  5. I s'pose. I like that you can see the Deathwatch shoulder plate. Ever since they released the Deathwatch Captain for =I=, I have loved the detail that is contained on the shoulder plates. I don't see how this cover is any worse than the ones for Dark Heresy or Rogue Trader. The RT is ok, the DH is one is nowhere as good as the one for Disciples of the Dark Gods.
  6. Jalinth said: Given the scale the Imperium produces and stockpiles war material, I decided that the Imperial Ammo Stores does have ammo for the marines. Why? For just such a situation as this. The Imperium is in an unending state of war, and hot spots can spring up anywhere. If the Astartes need to deploy to a world, it is quite possible for them to do so on short notice and without proper supplies. Even if they have proper supplies to start a campaign, ammo runs low. Local sources for key supplies can be essential. It's not enough to run a company for a sustained battle, but there is enough ammo and equipment in a sealed armory for a small force of marines to at least renew their basic loads. I've ruled the supply of Kracken Bolts is very limited (perhaps a single magazine for each of the tactical marines, and the presence of such ammo is unusual), but there is plenty of standard bolter and heavy bolter ammo. They will also be able to renew their supplies of grenades. With the forces attacking the stores, I'm not going to be just giving the ammo away, but it will be possible for them to renew their supplies. Of course with the fact that Oblivions Edge has just been released, being able to resupply is even more important I like it. Something I love about the 40k universe is the dysfunction of sheer bureacratic incompetence on a galactic scale. This fits in well with the 'one size fits all' approach to supply in the Administratum.
  7. I actually like the cover. It looks suitably bad arse for DW.
  8. LordNikro said: From France (excuse my spelling mistake) I will be the GM for final sanction with 7 players and i have think about it. I will use a lots of hordes and genestealers so i will give them one supply point for astartes, and a lot of "supply point" for human-size weapons. Imperial Stores : supply for krak and frag grenades, some weapons for human (RPG, Stubber, Shotgun, chainsword, shock maul,... -10 to Ws or BS when used by an astartes). A crashed Thunderhawk : the player's Thunderhawk, not ready for the launch during the kraken's attack, so they were gone to the pod. Lots of ammo in here, maybe some survivors who need help (like serfs and tech-priest). During the Fall of the frigate, the thunderhawk try to escape without being fully prepared and was hit by some pyro-spore, he's crash near the Spaceport. Then in Oblivion's edge, they will use the thunderhawk for resupply at avalos spaceport. I'm not sure after that, maybe the Imperial troopers will carry some ammo for them, or some supply servitor will follow the squad. It is unlikely they would have access to a Thunderhawk, as Thunderhawks would normally be based on Space Marine ships, which don't show up until the end of Oblivion's Edge. The Kill-team are launched from a regular Imperial Navy ship.
  9. N0-1_H3r3 said: @carrocolossus: Sure, a Vindicare specialises in sniping, but he's more than capable of tearing a man's head off with his bare hands... the whole "X is specialised to be really good at a particular thing; thus they must be utterly feeble at everything else" is a fallacy I don't like seeing applied. I've seen people tar Aspect Warriors and Officio Assassins with that brush too often, and it rings false every time. Except a Vindicare wouldn't kill his target like that. They wait for how ever many weeks outside a public venue then pops up, pulls the trigger, blows the guy's brains out and off they go. If they can tear someone's head off with their bare hands, it certainly isn't borne out in the 40k rules. An Eversor assassin however could tear someone's head off but then they work differently. I wouldn't want to get into a fist fight with a Vindicare but to say that they are as skilled as an Eversor or a Marine for that matter just isn't true. Aspect Warriors are specialized - each Temple reflects one aspect of Khaine. I don't know how you can say that they aren't. Every bit of fluff about them speaks to their specialization, as do their rules in 40k.
  10. Polaria said: @carrotcolossus I agree and I disagree. I agree on the simple scientific facts that guys are better equipped musclewise... But thats the average. Not the top-of-the-world series. At Olympic games level the difference in endurance and power is far, far less than in average. Also, women react to stress and pain differently from men. Funny little thing: When adrenaline rushes you actually become less accurate in fine-motorics like aiming firearms. With less testosterone women have less prominent adrenaline rush and tend to react more passively under it while men tend to be more aggressive. However, the downside is that while men may attack faster they also suffer more from the adverse effects and thus are less accurate under stress. Other interesting thing is that under stress men actaully bceom worse in judging behaviaorial signs while women become noticably better. Thus women are better equipped to guess what the enemy is doing next. During the Age of Swords raw power, attacking instinctively and ability to carry more weight was a clear advantage for men. During the Age of Great Equalizer (firearms) its far from clear who is really better to bring into a gunfight. I at least don't mind having a female partner when going out on patrol. I don't doubt that in some situations women can outperform men in combat but if we're talking about who is better physiologically at handling a massive genetic reconstruction of your system, men clearly will be better as they start off at a superior position. And if you look how sports work, I think if you were to include women permanently in some of the more physical forms of football (rugby, Australian Rules football, gridiron [what we call American football in Oz]), they would get thumped. I know you occasionally have women face men in tennis or whatever but if a guy is a 110kg and he tackles a 80kg woman, she's going to get crushed. I know the feminists of the world would like us to think there is no difference between men and women but in the end there is. How our brains work, how our bodies develop - there are significant differences and in the case of creating genetically engineered superhumans, where there would be a reasonably high mortality rate from the process anyway, men would have a better outcome. Yeah I know there is one but all the stuff in the 40k rulebook basically states that they get sent out at the request of the High Lords for particular missions and very sparingly so it just seems a bit stupid that one can just wander around the galaxy with an Inquisitor (I blame Ian Watson for his stupid Chaos Child series of books, that were totally crap anyway).
  11. I hate to be a pain but my computer has filtering software that completely blocks YouTube so could you possibly describe what comes out of the box?
  12. My guys for a while had an unsanctioned psyker in the hold, actually in the docking bay, ready to be sucked into the void if she tried any sneaky business. They managed to capture the chick from the adventure in the rulebook and then hauled her arse back to Footfall to hand her over to the =I=
  13. Deathseed said: Aye, really as GM you have any number of excuses at your disposal. Of course, if you wanna be smarmy, you could always have the players resort to using heavy stubbers, autoguns, etc that they can scavenge from the PDF if they run out of Astartes kit. That's happened once or twice in novels. "Fear the Astartes and their...stubbers????" I could imagine a game where the Marines would be surrounded by guys with stubbers and the like and the Marine walks up, snatches the weapons out of their hands Terminator-style and then bends it like it was piece of wire.
  14. I reckon it is a bitter different from that because a Marine is qualitatively better than a Explorer or Acolyte. For a start, Marines have about double wounds, Unnatural Strength and Toughness, better gear (Astarte boltguns will mince an Explorer in one shot nearly) and power armour. That alone means that a single Marine is more than a match for a couple of Rank 5 Explorers. An Acolyte or Explorer will only get a max of around 20 wounds over the course of a career and only the very few will get Unnatural Strength or Toughness. A rank 5 Explorer will certainly have more skills but when it comes down to combat (which is where a Deathwatch Marine will always reign), a rank 1 Marine will outclass almost anything. Having said that, there is real scope for a Kill-squad being supported by higher level Explorers (atleast Rank 5) and Acolytes (Rank 8) and Throne Agents, especially for less combat orientated missions.
  15. Actually, you could say that the ship released a number of resupply pods scattered around Lordsholm before it detonated so then the players need to have some consideration for ammuntion scarcity without leaving them to kill Tyranid Warriors with the butts of their boltguns because they ran out of ammo.
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