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  1. A long time ago, in a tiny galaxy far far away... The Galactic Empire consisting of Hoth, Tatooine and Endor searched for Rebel ISIS...
  2. Good spot. I bet thats the case. Like Russian tank riders in WWII. Agreed, would like to see them be able to fire, maybe at a reduced rate.
  3. I'm curious as to how, fluff-wise, the tank transports troops. I think I see a drop ramp in the back but it looks very short. Or do they just ride on the top? If they ride, that would be weird.
  4. It's not necessary, please delete admin.
  5. Only if you play the meta game.
  6. I guess I should point out that I don't give a darn about the cards themselves. I don't play competitively or in leagues, I play narratively, so I rarely actually have the cards in front of my, I print out lists. So I don't really need the physical cards, but I would like more options. So even if they released a special upgrade unique to a certain box, I could still use it even though I don't have the card. It's this competition play mindset that isn't necessary for this hobby to be successful.
  7. I've withheld up to now, but I have to say, whats in the box for these Snowtroopers is lackluster. 5 Upgrade cards. Two heavy weapons which is nice. 1 extra trooper card (which seems pointless to have a card for this) and then two upgrade cards which I already have a TON of being impact grenades and grappling hooks. For this to be worth my while, you're gonna have to up your game FFG. You need to expand. If you can't have a release schedule faster and more rich than what you have, then the releases you do have need more options. Flame me all you want but I'm not the only one who feels this way.
  8. Narrative gaming folks, it's whats for dinner. Put down your calculators.
  9. I know in the overall community we're a tiny fraction but would it be terrible to get some narrative/campaign type releases or rules for those of us who hate meta/tourney type play? Detailed mutli-scenario story arcs with some kind of 'advanced' rules for jumping in/out, additional ship waves, command points or something along those lines would be very welcome. Yes, I knew we can house rule all that stuff but I would like something official instead of just a steady stream of ships and cards.
  10. Please please please do a port of the Midnight Campaign Setting over to use Genesys. Love the campaign setting and love Genesys so far. I ran a 5 year long campaign of Midnight under 3 and 3.5 of D&D. It would fit much better in a system like this.
  11. Yes.....when one posts about an excel sheet they created and then post a link below....that tends to be a "download". *blinks*
  12. I made a simple excel tracker for CC. It does a few calcs for you. Enjoy! https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/5449166/Campaign%20Book.xlsx
  13. Excellent point ranoncles, I forget about assistance.
  14. You take your time aiming at the surprized Warlord-Class Titan. From point-blank range. LOL
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