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  1. sorry for the necroposting but is their an epub version purchassable of all 3 tannhauser novel? i m a complete noob and i have no idea what s the difference is between kindle ibook and nook. the question is wich of these 3 format can i read on aldiko
  2. Merci/thanks Gafo je vais avoir de la lecture/i m going to have a bit of reading to do
  3. sorry for the double post I know that the Tannhauser boardgame is in cryosleep right now but is there any chance on a Tannhauser RPG or novel just an artbook with some background?
  4. Greetings I m the owner of the very old first edition of Tannhauser the one that was published by Take on You (in french). Take on You is now long dead and gone but in the manual there was a lot of fluff that was mentionned and that could be found on their old website. Their site has been down for years and a lot of fluff has kinda disappear along with the Tannhauser Online they had. Does anyone know a good website where an extensive description/timeline/fluff/dramatispersonnae can be found. The univers is really interresting and i was planning on running a FATE rpg set in Tannhauser timeline.
  5. Epitaphe

    Android rpg?

    Dunno about an RPG. The boardgame is one of my all time favorite but i m not sure another cyberpunkish RPG is needed. neonbasschild said: Honestly they have expanded this product so much (with all the novels and the different games) an RPG is just a matter of time. I am with you that I would rather see sooner than later and also like the rest of you guys I am a HUGE punk 2020 fan. The game is in a huge need of a update and I think this is just the setting to replace or move it to. I for one cant wait to see a Android rpg. What do you call expand the product? Android the board game was "flop" sellwise due to people expecting some kind of cluedo and not a game where you forge the culprit. That s why they havent created any expansion unlike Mansion of madness Twilight imperium AH etc etc. creating a new universe for Infiltration would have been too costy so they used the android setup same with Netrunner. I havent read the books so i cant judge these but i can see like 3times more arkham horror novels that there is for android.
  6. Having recently bought the game i must say i m really impressed this game is huge. i can see why it didnt have the success it deserves, many people might have thought the game was an advanced version of cluedo and were disappointed. I dont know if an expansion is ever coming, but i d like to congratulate FFG. This game is brilliant
  7. Thanks for the answers. i managed to find a shop in France that still had the core game. It s really a fun game. We will be trying out king in yellow, curse of the dark pharaon, and dunwich after we assimilate the core rules. Ps : glad to see this post has been fixed, i registed during the timeframe where the new account were broken and count post or view post.
  8. Grettings. I had a question reguarding this franchise. I would really like to start playing this game but the orginal game Arkham Horror box has been out of stock for a while and i live in France where none of the shops in my region have any stock. While browsing the online catalogue it seems that the 2 othe box i listed in the tittle contain a board game for another town as well as monsters etc etc. Can they be used in stand alone to play the game or is the possession of Arkham Horror needed to play properly? Also another question, has there been any mention of a re-edition of Arkham Horror? Reguards and happy holiday season
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