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  1. Also, goodbye to the blazing fast forums speeds….
  2. started basing the new stuff. more wip shots here.
  3. working on basing the new stuff. check out all the wip shots on my bgg gallery.
  4. Started basing the new stuff! There are a LOT more in progress pics on my bgg gallery as well. I've taken way more photos than I've actually updated with over the past few months. Take a peek!
  5. Stop letting them get in 6 inch range? Supression and reactions are the key to this game. Axis can supress and outrange a good deal of units pretty easily.
  6. Thanks! i'll be posting some new pics of the ruins tonight!
  7. Each weapon in a unit, not each weapon on each miniature. If one unit has 5 weapons, all 5 of those weapons can attack different targets. This does not mean the same weapon on each individual miniature can attack a different target.
  8. Welcome to the game! Glad to have more players! I've been going crazy making terrain lately as well! Insulation foam ftw! Also some tree bark and spackle work wonders! http://www.boardgamegeek.com/images/user/304747/zuggzugg
  9. More work on my building ruins! Thanks for looking! As always, more pics in my gallery!
  10. I'm starting off with a link to the original thread I made when the warfare boards came out. http://www.fantasyflightgames.com/edge_foros_discusion.asp?efid=253&efcid=6&efidt=648382&efpag=1 I just updated it with a bunch of photos and I don't want to redo it all for this post. Feedback is always appreciated! I'll be posting new updates in this thread. Thanks! As always, I take a lot of progress pictures on my bgg gallery. Click my sig!
  11. And finished some big terrain pieces! Lots more WIP of it all in my BGG gallery! Check my sig! Recrated the dust models crate piece too!
  12. Also, working on a a scratch built recreation of the Dust Models building corner ruins!
  13. Working on the new 3 man units. Getting them based and primed. I like how the bases turned out!
  14. Working on the new 3 man units! Getting them based up and primed. I like how the bases came out. Also, my scratch built version of the Dust Models building corner ruins! …aaand I worked on some big terrain pieces! recreating the dust models crate pieces. Thanks for looking! Sorry for the pic overload. It's been a while since I updated. MANY more pics in my bgg gallery for those interested.
  15. I just built my table. There are six 2'x2' boards.
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