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  1. DD is an action. Kanan triggers after 'a maneuver' putting him before the 'perform action' step. Kanan would go off before you performed DD, so you can't mitigate the DD stress with him.
  2. There is currently no way for her to loose stress during the combat round, so she can only affect one attack per round.
  3. Specifically, You must use Miranda (and Jan Ors pilot, Opportunist) ability in step 2, Roll Attack dice. (Rules reference: attack). This means you CAN use it on the 2nd attack of Cluster missiles or TLT.
  4. Even at tournament level, mistakes happen. Most players tend to prefer not to rewind the game, but if it's fairly immediate, might let you have it. Generally, this sort of thing is sorted out between the players at the table, only bringing a TO in if an agreement cannot be made. Try to own your mistakes though, rather than expecting to be 'let off'. It really helps make it stick in your mind. If your opponent offers to let you redo, then good for them, but try to avoid asking.
  5. It's in the rules somewhere. If you mistakenly roll too many dice, you have to do a complete new roll with the correct number of dice. If you mistakenly roll too few dice, you simply roll enough extra dice to bring it to the correct number. [Edit] FAQ pg 5: Rolling dice.
  6. Ok, my bad, it does not include the word 'may'. However, It would specify 'the first bomb token to be removed' if you were explicitly required to use it on the first bomb. It says 'before a friendly bomb token'. You can choose any bomb token on the board.
  7. When Sabines timing window of 'before a friendly bomb token is removed' occurs, you have the OPTION (the word 'may') of triggering her effect. You can only 'trigger the effect' of Sabine once per turn, but you may choose which bomb token you use her on. When bombs detonate, you carry out all the steps of their effect, and THEN you remove the token. Bomb detonates, then Bomb effects happen, then Sabine has the option of kicking in, then token is removed.
  8. Newark, Notts We do Wed eve at Wild Ways Book & Games, and have monthly tournaments
  9. Just my informed opinion. 1) As far as tactician is concerned, an arc is an Arc. It doesn't matter if it's primary, auxiliary, or the new 'special' arc on the VCX-100. 2) TLT (and Cluster missiles) give two completely seperate attacks. This allows TLT to generate 2 stress against a target 'in arc at range 2'. 3) Phantom title lets you make a single attack at the end of the round, and you are then forbidden from making another attack that turn. This means a TLT would only get one of it's attacks at the end of the round. (This has already been confirmed via a rules query. Of course, it may change before it gets into the FAQ, but I highly doubt it.) So, a TLT and Tactician on a VCX-100 with Ghost/Phantom combo can generate 3 stress maximum per round.
  10. If the K-Turn, Sloop, and Troll were forbidden on Deploying, there would be an EXPLICIT rule saying so. You can pick ANY maneuver on the deploying ship's dial (Deploying Rules). Deploying rules state placing rear guides of ship onto the end of the move template. This is exactly the same way it is phrased in the basic maneuver section of learn to play. Deploying rules do not explicitly forbid the K-Turn, Sloop, or Troll. The conclusion it does is because players are interpreting the passage in Deploying without considering the passages under the special maneuvers. The rules for K-turn, Sloop, and Troll explain how your rotate your ship INSTEAD of placing the rear guides against the move template.
  11. Simultaneous fire is pretty clear too. The ship and all it's abilities and effects (including critical damage effects) remain in play and active. --- P17 of the Rules Reference. While the Simultaneous Attack Rule keeps a ship in the play area, that ship’s abilities and Damage cards remain active. After a ship has resolved its opportunity to attack, before it is destroyed, it can resolve any abilities that trigger after performing an attack. --- A Simultaneous fire situation does indeed allow Dengar and R5-P8 to trigger even if they are destroyed.
  12. McLaine

    T-65 Fix?

    Title: Rogue Squadron Pilot Once per round, double your agility
  13. You fully resolve the attack before FCS kicks in, or Tactician, or Gunner etc... You wouldn't trigger these effects straight after rolling your attack dice. So, why would 'After defending' effects trigger straight after rolling defence dice (as some are claiming) or at any other point during the attack? 'After Defending' effects are resolved after all steps of 'attack' have been completed. We really don't need a FAQ for this.
  14. First, the thread didn't sway Frank. I submitted the rule query about 3 weeks ago. Frank has abviously thought about (and probably discussed with Alex and fellow DESIGNERS OF THE CARD) about how they intended it to work before replying. Second, There are other positives to this card compared to the other regen cards: 1) You can bank an unlimited number of shields for future recovery. No other regen card does this. 2) To recover the shield, you are not limited to green moves (like R2-D2), or remaining in attack range (Miranda). 3) You can get the shield back in the action step (unlike r5-p9 where often end of turn is to late to survive for just one more shot). 4) It's cheaper than both those droids. As two why it was worded like it is. Maybe it was an attempt to be clearer as we've seen the confusion in the past when several conditionals are combined in to one effect (Autothrusters anyone?). For supporting evidence that has led to this conclusion, check the wording in the FAQ entries for: Daredevil: 'A ship that performs the Daredevil action ...' Expert Handling: 'If a ship attempts to perform an Expert Handling action...' Marksmanship: 'After a ship performs the Marksmanship action ...' It's just never needed to be formalised until now.
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