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  1. Always resolve one at a time, with you and opponent getting an opportunity to resolve any relevant effects (e.g. Sabine) after each one. When mines are triggered due to movement, you start with the first mine token crossed, and work outward along the path. When mines are dropped on top of a ship, such that multiple mines immediately go off, the player owning the mines determines which order to resolve them in.
  2. The original rule book is still valid. P6 original rule book. Each selection on the maneuver dial has a corresponding maneuver template, which measures the ship’s movement during the Activation phase. During the Planning phase, players cannot use maneuver templates in order to “test” where ships will end up. Instead, they must plan their maneuvers by estimating their ships’ movement in their heads. New rule book has omitted that passage, but not superceded it.
  3. Well deserved kudos to Gold Squadron! Thanks a lot lads and lassess!
  4. 'Suffered Damage' is distinct and separate from 'hits on hull' and 'deal damage cards' There is a specific FAQ entry for RD, been in there for a while: "If a ship is dealt a Direct Hit! Damage card during an attack, it counts as having suffered 1 critical damage (even though Direct Hit! counts as 2 damage against its hull value). When a ship equipped with Reinforced Deflectors is hit by Plasma Torpedoes, the additional shield token removed by Plasma Torpedoes does not count as suffering damage. If this attack causes that ship to suffer 3 or more damage, it recovers 1 shield after Plasma Torpedoes resolves." The extra critical from Major Explosion would also count toward the total of 3 damage, but only if it's during an attack. If you're unlucky enough to hit a rock outside of an attack and get both Major Explosion cards (for a total of 3 suffered damage), RD would not trigger.
  5. Bossk is a two part ability, a cancelation, and a modification. You are technically allowed to cancel the crit (cancelations are not modifications), but you are prevented by snap shot from adding the two hit results (adding results is a modification). So no, it doesn't work.
  6. P.10 Rules Ref (Definition of enemy) All ships controlled by the opposing player are enemy ships. P.12 Rules Ref (Definition of Friendly) All ships controlled by the same player are friendly ships.
  7. Lattz is the one removing the stress. She is the source of the stress removal. A friendly ship near her with IR would allow her to remove an addtional stress, but it can only be removed from the ship Latz is on, not from her attacker.
  8. Up to date rules can be found here: https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/products/x-wing/ Scroll down to and expand 'Support' Boost and Ion and other such effects were introduced in new ship expansion packs. The rules for any new effect in the game are included in the expansion packs they are introduced in, but are also now covered in the Rules Reference and FAQ docs, available from the link above.
  9. No, 'Acquiring' a TL is distinct from being 'assigned' a TL token. When you 'acquire' a TL, you are assigned a TL token. When you are 'assigned' a TL token, you have not necessarily 'acquired' a TL.
  10. 1) Equally, nothing says you can. The only time you are explicitly told you can is when making a manuever, boost, br, or action maneuver. 2) Nothing in the planning phase explicitly tells you you can put templates on the mat in this phase. Follow the rules explicitly. Your argument 'nothing says you can't' is the one that is at fault for implication. 3) Never said it did. I was pointing out all the places in the rules that explicitly say you 'can' put templates on the mat.
  11. Basic rules followed properly mean that your templates should start the game outside the play area, you only bring them onto the play area when executing a maneuver/boost/BR/ or action manuever, and you should be returning your templates to the side of the board after every move. There doesn't need to be a rule explicitly forbidding pre-measuring. If you want to pre-measure, then you need to find a rule that overrides these basics and allows you to bring templates onto the mat outside of the normal maneuver/boost/barrel roll instances. Such a rule does not exist. Setup (P16 Learn to Play, P17 Rules Ref) determines that templates begin outside the play area: 7. Prepare Other Components: Shuffle the Damage deck and place it facedown outside the play area within reach of both players along with the maneuver templates, dice, range ruler, and the remaining tokens. Every Maneuver (P4, Rules Reference) c. Clean Up: Return the maneuver template to the pile of maneuver templates. Place the revealed dial outside the play area next to the ship’s Ship card. Barrel Rolls (P6, Rules Reference) • When a player declares a barrel roll action for his ship, he must also declare whether the ship is barrel rolling to the left or to the right before placing the maneuver template on the play area.
  12. Equally though, there was no rule you could point to that said they weren't.
  13. It is not vague. The word 'you' is defined in the rules reference as meaning the ship that the ability or upgrade card is on. That rule that the TO has quoted is relevant only to the spending of the focus. Kanan cannot get someone else to spend the focus to trigger his effect (unless a card overrides this: see Esege Tuteku). The golden rule (also defined in the rules reference) also debunks his argument, though it is not necessary to invoke it: "Card abilities can override the rules listed in this guide." Lets step thru the Kanan text: "When an enemy ship at Range 1-2 is attacking," (This bit describes the conditions that must be met in order for the effect to be triggered, it only states the enemy must be attacking, and be at r1 or r2. It cares nothing for what or who the enemy is attacking. This part also identifies the enemy in question for the effect) "you (Kanan) may spend a focus token." (This is the cost that must be paid to trigger the effect. Only Kanan is allowed to spend a focus token to trigger his effect. We'll not go into Esege Tuteku here) "If you (Kanan) do, the attacker (identified earlier) rolls 1 fewer attack die." (This is the actual effect. Again, nothing here that says the identified attacker must be attacking Kanan). If he needs any further persuading, I can invite him to a TO group on facebook where he will be told the exact same thing by over a hundred TO's, including TO's that run or are involved in judging of: The Stele open, The FFG open series, FFG Nationals, and FFG regionals, accross the globe. He just has to PM me (here) his facebook name.
  14. It's not 'illegal' no. However TO's are supposed to have an in depth knowledge of the rules and apply those rules impartially. Our freedom to apply our own rulings only extends to those interactions that cannot be resolved by the existing official rules docs. The forums are not official rules docs. This interaction is covered by the existing rules docs, and completely unambiguously. The TO is in error.
  15. It would be helpful, but In the meantime, 'Do what the card says, not what it doesn't say' holds here. Arguing that 'assigning', or 'discarding' a token is the same as 'removing' a token (in game terms) is by inference only. There are no rules to prove that this is true in game terms.
  16. Fair point mate. I did check after I posted. I'll check before next time. Then technically, at the moment, RAW, yes the scavenger crane procs from a ship that flees the battlefield. I would hope for there to be a distinction (between fled destroyed, and damage destroyed) and a clarification here though. Thematically, you're salvaging stuff from the debris of the destroyed ship. Hard to imagine that a ship actually spontaneously explodes just because it's gone too far from the centre of the fight.
  17. Base rules for overlapping obstacles include the maneuver template as well as the ship base at the end of the template, or after any move back due to overlap of other ships. Base rule for overlapping ships looks at only the ship base. In the absence of specific wording to override these base rules, these are the rules you implement. The Advanced Slam FAQ was a clarification of these basics (not a change) and applies to any such interaction that doesn't specifically state otherwise.
  18. Wampa is locked to 'start of compare results' Countdown has the option of being anytime during the compare results step, including the start of the compare results step. If the countdown player wishes to resolve countdown at start and this contests with their opponents Wampa, initiative decides. Wampa doesn't have the option of delaying his effect. Countdown does, but he doesn't have to.
  19. To be honest, I'm not surprised he's digging his heels in. Using abuse is hardly likely to illicit a reasoned response. He is merely incorrect. We all make mistakes from time to time, especially now that the card pool is much bigger than it used to be. There could also be a language barrier between the cards and the TO. Do we know that he is using English language cards? Do we know that his first language is English? Some of you need to cool your jets a little if you really want to help. To the TO in question: You have had the correct ruling given here by experienced players and fellow TO's (Kanan can affect *any* *enemy* ship that is *attacking at R1 or R2*, regardless if he is the defender or not). I would recommend you heed their advice.
  20. I have several unoficial alt art cards. I like to use them because they are just cool and/or funny. I have official alt art cards (BB-8, Darth Vader crew) whose text is in auberesh (unreadable to most without a translation sheet). In both these instances, I slip the alt art card into the sleeve, on top of the original. Nothing to stop you printing out the new copy from one of the articles and doing the same thing. You don't even need a sleeve, just always have the original official card to hand.
  21. If you let the card get flipped whilst it still has a token on it, then the token is lost (IMO) and when you flip it back with scavenger crane you have only the card and not the token.
  22. Dialing in a straight whilst suffering Shaken Pilot is an illegal maneuver. Opponent gets to choose your maneuver. Revealing a red while stressed is not an illegal maneuver (you don't get told anywhere that you cannot assign or reveal it, only that you cannot execute it), it's just if you do, there are specific consequences which used to be the same as an illegal maneuver, but now have their own specific resolution.
  23. No. That ship is not 'destroyed', it has 'Fled the battlefield'
  24. Hera is NOT useless. Her card text specifically overrides the normal 'revealing red move when stressed' mechanic. The U-wing thing was a loophole that needed closing. The 'revealing red whilst stressed' mechanic was always a penalty. The U-wings and old rules allowed you to turn it to advantage, which is not good for the game. And I've been flying U-wings exclusively since they came out. I used this 'trick' once in a casual game and felt dirty. Good ruling if you ask me.
  25. Doh! Now why the hell didn't I spot that. Of course, well in that case yes he can, he triggers straight after the maneuver part of DD, then you get the DD stress. My apologies.
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