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  1. 23 hours ago, Lt. Kettch said:

    OCX Radio is Kettch's favorite podcast. OCX's midwestern charm and inebriated yub nubs resonate with Kettch's soul, and make Kettch feel better about Kettch's drinking problem. On multiple occasions they have validated Kettch's warrior spirit through their analysis of Kettch's amazing lists. There is only one podcast for Kettch, and that is OCX Radio. Yub yub!

    Don't forget the Cold Hotdogs!

  2. Tractor Beam effect is specified as a Boost or a Barrel roll. These two procedures are not maneuvers.

    Tractor Beam declares these procedures are followed, but they are not actions or maneuvers. Just like Dutch Vanders Target Lock is not an action. This clause is to prevent you getting 'after action' or 'after maneuver' triggers, and to specify that you are still allowed to perform these procedures as 'actions' later in the turn (possible with Asohka and Aireen Cracken).

    Collision detector specifically allows the overriding of the basic Barrel Roll/ Boost procedure, and shows the text you would need in order for it to be the case. (No, the attacker would not be able to use this card if it was equipped on the defender).

    Net result: Tractor Beam moves may not have the boost/barrel roll template used overlap an obstacle.

  3. Haven't needed it before with Dash as obstacles are not removed once their effect had been delivered.

    But now, it is important to know whether Nym and (other ignore abilities) ignore both the trigger, and the effect.

    I would rule that in his current form, he ignores everything about the bomb. As far as Nym is concerned, the bomb does not exist. Just like obstacles do not exist for Dash (during the activation phase).

    If it was a case that Nym could not avoid triggering bombs, but only ignored their effect, it would be more specifically worded.

    Making it, 'ignore effect only' though, might be a welcome ruling.

  4. For mandatory effects, it's both players responsibility to maintain the board state. Both players would be at fault for missing Tactician, or Rebel captive etc ...

    Judges may adjust the board state, more likely if it's a very recent 'miss', less likely if the miss was a previous turn.

    They are also within their remit to say 'play on with the current state'.


  5. As for the why, it's just the way it's been ruled. We would likely not see any Strikers on the table had it been ruled differently.

    I find it easier to think of 'standard maneuvers' (your dial), and special manuevers (from pilot or upgrade cards abilities).

    All these manuevers will have you suffering the effects of obstacles you cross, or ships you bump, with the exception that special manuevers don't cause you to skip your action step.

  6. Joeshmoe554,

    There is no specific ruling, but if it becomes a point of confusion it will be FAQ'd

    But this is a fundamental of X-wing. You check the conditions of a card once when you trigger it, then you apply the effect. You don't then go back and check the conditions again.

  7. Not an infinite loop. You check the current stress on Nien ONCE at time of triggering the JAM action. This tells you how many stress to assign. You don't then go back to check again.

    Now you assign the allocated stress to Nien, one at a time. Each stress assigned gives Nien an opportunity to trigger his ability.

  8. 23 hours ago, VanorDM said:

    We're generally not talking about tournaments here, because I think 99% of all TO's would rule the same way.  This discussion is about casual games, and the problems with not being able to point at something in the current rules that covers this.

    It would be better if they omitted all references to pre-measuring, but they do cover when you can or can't measure range.  That and the fact that they don't mention it at all anywhere else makes for an uphill argument, because if they care enough to mention it one place, but not others then that could actually mean something.  

    Also when you're dealing with someone or a group of people who approach it from "if it doesn't say you can't do it, then you can..." you're going to have to either point out where it says it, or convince them to change how they think.  But pointing at a outdated rule book that they can't even download any longer is not going to help your argument any.

    My apologies then. If it's casual games we're talking about, then do what makes both players happy.

    This next bit's for everyone, not just VanorDM

    I do explain to my friends when we're playing casual that this part of the game is one of the areas where you can really improve and get a great sense of satisfaction when you plan and pull off that perfect maneuver, so I encourage them to not use templates to help plan. But no new player likes being frustrated by landing on rocks, or turning too far/not far enough.

    If they're playing casual and having a debate about the rules, then it's a rules question regardless of being a tournament or not, and my previous opinion stands

    It was in the original core book, but has been ommitted from the new RR.

    In the absence of an explicit rule in the new rule book, TO's will draw on the experience of the game and established precedent, of which the original rule book qualifies.

    If you want to play tight to the rules, Maneuvers are planned in the head, only eyeballing the table and game state.

  9. *note, in the following 'result pool' is my own concept to help illustrate.

    The original defence roll of 2 dice adds 2 dice results to the result pool.

    Palp is Declared before rolling LWF dice (perfectly legit)

    LWF dice adds 1 dice result to the result pool

    Palp can now change any dice results in the result pool.

    Attack is over and the result pool is emptied.

    This is all part of one defence die rolling step of one attack.

    Things such as resolving cluster mines would have a separate damage rolling step for each token (with the 'result pool' emptied after each token is resolved), and Palp could be declared before any of them.

  10. There are lots of things that are ommitted, and yes, FFG need to tidy those things up.

    But omission is not permission.

    In the absence of the rule in the new book, A TO will rule as per original rulebook, as per the way the game has always been played. You would have to come up with a new rule that specifically over rides it in order to have a hope of winning the debate.

  11. Unkar doesn't trigger after a maneuver, he triggers at the end of activation (After ALL ships have moved).

    You would get the stress from Daredevil before you get the chance to trigger Unkar.

    You cannot get Unkar to trigger twice in a turn as the opportunity 'At the end of the activation phase' only occurs once per turn.

    Dauntless is different, it triggers after a maneuver. This is the key part that lets you trigger Dauntless twice if you use daredevil.

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