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  1. I shan't be able to join you live, but to get things off to a good start ... THWEEK!!!!
  2. Stumbled on it one sleepless night, joined in the net Town hall for a laugh and ended up drinking with them at 5am (for me, in the UK) It's the best of All worlds!
  3. You are the attacker while you are performing an attack. RR P5 "The ship that is performing an attack is the attacker." The most up to date definition of the scope of 'an Attack' is in the FAQ timing chart. You are performing an attack from the start of step 1 to the end of step 10.
  4. Tractor Beam effect is specified as a Boost or a Barrel roll. These two procedures are not maneuvers. Tractor Beam declares these procedures are followed, but they are not actions or maneuvers. Just like Dutch Vanders Target Lock is not an action. This clause is to prevent you getting 'after action' or 'after maneuver' triggers, and to specify that you are still allowed to perform these procedures as 'actions' later in the turn (possible with Asohka and Aireen Cracken). Collision detector specifically allows the overriding of the basic Barrel Roll/ Boost procedure, and shows the text you would need in order for it to be the case. (No, the attacker would not be able to use this card if it was equipped on the defender). Net result: Tractor Beam moves may not have the boost/barrel roll template used overlap an obstacle.
  5. Haven't needed it before with Dash as obstacles are not removed once their effect had been delivered. But now, it is important to know whether Nym and (other ignore abilities) ignore both the trigger, and the effect. I would rule that in his current form, he ignores everything about the bomb. As far as Nym is concerned, the bomb does not exist. Just like obstacles do not exist for Dash (during the activation phase). If it was a case that Nym could not avoid triggering bombs, but only ignored their effect, it would be more specifically worded. Making it, 'ignore effect only' though, might be a welcome ruling.
  6. Nope, the infinite loop version is still just one interpretation, and one that fails to look at the the rest of the game and cards and how the general case works.
  7. Not going to argue with you Zefirus, as there is no concrete ruling that can be brought to bear. I'm drawing on experience and precedent of how the game functions to draw a sensible conclusion. You play it how you like. Have fun with your infinite loop, and enjoy all the arguments it will cause.
  8. Feedback array while cloaked. don't think this one is in yet.
  9. For mandatory effects, it's both players responsibility to maintain the board state. Both players would be at fault for missing Tactician, or Rebel captive etc ... Judges may adjust the board state, more likely if it's a very recent 'miss', less likely if the miss was a previous turn. They are also within their remit to say 'play on with the current state'.
  10. Gilarius. If you choose to use the 40th card, you are explicitly using both an astromech and a modification. You couldn't then put an different astro, or an different mod on the ship and declare one half of the 40th card inactive.
  11. It's possible to use it to build a list that can do 6-8 actions in SETUP, and then be able to repeat those actions in round 1, with none of the tokens being removed until the end of round one.
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