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  1. XiMao626 said: Mjoellnir said: I had a course on science fiction last year and unfortunately the definition of science fiction is incredibly elastic. It even includes space fantasy like Star Wars. That depends on who you ask. From what I understand, a lot of SpecFic and Hard SF writers tend to view Science Fantasy as not real Sci-Fi. Yeah, and "hard" Sci-Fi authors tend to be outright dismissive of anything that's not COMPLETELY BASED IN CURRENTLY-KNOWN SCIENTIFIC FACT! That's part of the reason I tend not to like hard Sci-Fi, actually... Their hatred and dismissal of settings that make use of technology that isn't currently known, even when it's internally consistent, is kind of off-putting. Then there's the other marker of hard vs. soft sci-fi, whether or not everything's fully explained. Hard Sci-Fi authors have a reputation for having a near-obsessive love of detail and minutiae, and dismiss sci-fi stories where whole chapters aren't given over to explaining the tech as not being "real" sci-fi, even if the author knows the details for his or her own setting and chooses not to share them because they are irrelevant to the story.
  2. I'm thinking that part of Arhiman's quest is to find enough knowledge to pull one over on Tzeentch and free his Primarch and his Legion. I think that Tzeentch is encouraging this and trying to prevent it, because that's what Tzeentch does.
  3. Then there's the possibility of Lucius dying to a Necron...
  4. So, the dice decided to have a laugh at me for mentioning that my PCs could theoretically lose their lead on Hadarak Fel. On the warp trip from the Battleground to Footfall, it put them another three weeks early. Based on the sheer amount of time that they'd gone back, the fleet managed to arrive at Footfall with the Captain they picked up at Port Wander (about half the crew were serving aboard the Peregrine prior to the beginning of the game, and the other half came on with the Captain, who was being given her first command by her Dynasty), before they left to go get her in the first place. I had them make Intelligence checks, and since I'm NPC-running the ship's Explorator, I had him argue for reason and logic and not screwing with the timeline. I also had him make contact with his earlier self through the data network set up in Footfall to let himself know what was going on and that they needed to leave. I also mentioned that the PCs who had been on the ship previously remembered their departure seemed kind of rushed. I also mentioned to one of the players who has a character who's had friendly dealings with the Inquisition before (specifically as a member of an Inquisitor's retinue who was given leave to become the ship's Seneschal in exchange for an undisclosed something that even he wasn't able to find out the nature of) that there is a minor order devoted to dealing with wibbly-wobbly timey-wimey stuff, and trying to mess with things too much would probably get them all executed, or worse. I also mentioned to them that the dockworkers had heard tales of the Warp spitting ships out at the wrong time, and most of them "knew a guy, who knows a guy, who knows a guy that it might have happened to", so no big issue with the fleet leaving, docking, then jumping there. I think I'm going to fudge the rolls in the future, though. This is Warhammer 40k, not Doctor Who.
  5. The Ordo Chronos: "We deal with wibbly-wobbly timey-wimey stuff."
  6. In situations when the player wants to do something their character would know better than to do, I make a roll to see if I should tell them it's a bad idea. In D&D, I tend to roll Wisdom. In the 40k RPGs, I'll be rolling against their Intelligence. So, with that particular situation, I'd be rolling to see if the Ultramarine's brain actually kicked in before he primed the grenade. For a Marine from a more reckless, or heartless, Chapter, like Flesh Tearers (BLOOD FOR THE EMPEROR!) or Iron Hands (If they were weak enough that the grenade killed them, they deserved to die), I might not make that roll. I've made it my policy to make rolls like that after one of the players in a D&D group I was in ended up destroying about a third of a town through player stupidity, despite the DM repeatedly asking if he was sure he wanted to do that, and the other players stating that their characters were taking cover.
  7. I have to agree with the +/-1 thing... It will prevent you from being stuck with something that actively hinders your specialty and gives you a bonus that would be perfect for someone else, but doesn't let you just go ahead and min-max. I say the +/-1 on the roll idea works because your Chapter's armourers don't just hand out armour at random. They study you while you're a Neophyte/Scout, and thus they have some idea of your basic aptitude, and won't hand someone who's truly gifted with a sword, but not as good a shot as his brethren, a set of armour that's had a proud history serving countless Devastator Marines.
  8. There is a store locator on the Free RPG Day website at www.freerpgday.com/stores.htmhttp://www.freerpgday.com/stores.htm'>
  9. My FLGS is going to be participating, largely thanks to me letting them know that Free RPG Day was happening to begin with. I'm DEFINITELY getting the preview adventure, and going to be running it the next gaming session we have after Free RPG Day.
  10. I'm of the opinion that the Battlestar Galactica remake's soundtrack has a suitably 40k feel to it for background music during a gaming session, and it's less distracting than songs which have lyrics.
  11. My group's first trip in the Warp managed to get them from Port Wander to the Temple. I rolled it in secret, and rolled that they arrived five weeks early for a really short trip. So, they've kind of got a pretty big advantage over Hadarak Fel right now in our starting adventure, but they'll likely end up losing that advantage. Thanks to a combination of rolls, the trip from there to the Battleground managed to make it exactly on time, but they've still got at least two more jumps.
  12. Looks like others have had my idea on summarizing Rogue Trader. "It's the Grim Darkness of the Far Future from Warhammer 40k, with a fair amount of Star Trek's 'boldly going' and bits of Pirates of the Caribbean folded into it. Oh, and you're the command staff of a 4.5km long ship with 65,000 crew and its own fleet."
  13. As far as Chaos infiltrating the Inquisition, there is at least one character in the Black Library novels who is an Inquisitor and appears to not so much be a "fallen" Inquisitor as a proper infiltrator who had been serving Chaos since before he was inducted. It's not stated outright, but of the three possibilities, that one seems the most likely, and intriguing. The other two are, of course, the somewhat cliche "Radical who went too far and was corrupted" fallen Inquisitor, or that he was a highly skilled Chaos agent who murdered and took the place of an Inquisitor.
  14. I'm thinking that there is a fairly simple way for them to do the Thousand Sons in-game... You play as a sorcerer, and can have the, well, dust-buckets as Minions.
  15. The way I explained it to the players in my Rogue Trader game is that Slaanesh is the God of EXCESS. Sex is okay as far as the Imperium is concerned. Even the Adepta Sororitas aren't actually sworn to celibacy, according to the Ciaphas Cain books, at least. Also, sexual orientation isn't a big thing. Even kink is okay in moderation. The line that gets crossed between acceptable and serving Slaanesh, at least how I'm playing it as a GM, is when you start genuinely harming others for sexual pleasure. Consensual flogging and such? Not a problem. ****, ritual abuse, that kind of thing? Very much a problem.
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