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  1. Although I just took a curosy glance at this thread, I think I can solve the problem... The example you're talking about involved a thunderhawk in direct combat with the hero and his units, as opposed to a bombardment card. Combat's handled with combat cards and thunderhawks can participate in this type of combat... they're not just there for bombardments. Bombardment is handled with the bombardment deck and, as such, is a different mechanic. I think the rules (at least in this case) are consistent.
  2. Veldrin said: wildger said: I wonder whether FFG will ever consider making a collector's edition as they did with WotR. FFG didn't do the Collector's Edition of WotR, the Italian company Nexus Games (the ones who designed the game) also did the Collector's Edition of it. FFG is only distributing the Englsh version of it. You truly are the War of the Ring FAQ master.
  3. With the impending release of what I hope to be the penultimate W40K experience, I want to ask folks how they got involved in W40K to begin with? For me it was when I was a kid and I'd tag along with my brother to the comic book shops. He was interested in the comics (he actually bought 50 copies Spawn #1 before it came out for like 12 cents a copy... talk about ROI) whereas I always drifted towards the back of the shop, the games section. I'd look at all the models for Warhammer and Warhammer 40k. I'd see the big box games like Warhammer Quest and Blood Bowl. I thought the Space Marines looked awesome. However, for a 10 year old kid the system was waaaay outside my price range. I ordered the original Space Hulk for the PC (the one with the Dark Angels as opposed to the Blood Angels version a few years later). I read a review in a PC games magazine, thinking it was just some "Aliens" type game. I was pleasantly surprised when the game arrived and I made the connection to W40K. I've always followed GW and have read most of the books, played most of the PC games, and even owned Hero Quest and Battlemasters at one point, but I never took the plunge into the actual hobby.
  4. It made it through customs... the black ship has finally completed it's long and perilous journey through the warp, its contents shipping now. Horray!
  5. Come on with the rules already ffg!!! Pretty pretty please!
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