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  1. Ok so I saw this situation in the middle of a game and it struck me as really odd. I never thought twice about it when I GMed. A person entering melee with a rifle can he or can he not melee while holding his rifle? The alternative at hand was to drop the weapon to use your hands or to spend a turn, turning it into a improvised weapon. Of course you couldn't parry ect,. I think I just ran it as if you were unarmed in my games. It would seem to me a huge disadvantage to any ranged PC if the melee characters could all basically lock them down for one round while they ready up.
  2. I know this is old as hell but it interested me and these boards don't seem all that busy. I interperate the rules totally differently. First aid may only be applied to each Wound once and is a Full Action by you and your patient. The key word here is each. Second key thing is that WOUND is singular not plural. That means each wound is counted as a seperate First Aid roll. Each one taking a full action. Not only this but each wound individually must be treated and can not be treated by First Aid from anyone again. So if you take additional damage you could treat those but not the previous wounds that have already been treated. It makes sense to me, wounds are not all willy nilly let me heal up 3 wounds by using one First Aid roll. No First Aid is just a stop gap to prevent you from utter domination like when the character is at 0. It literially is FIRST aid and is not something you would waste to many rounds doing as this represents your characters extreme effort to bandage the character. Outside of combat ya I would just apply it en masse to everything, in the middle of combat where each round counts as what 3 seconds? No.
  3. **** thanks for the amazing info. That was exactly what I was looking for.
  4. I've read Blood of Martyrs it doesn't answer any of those questions. It denotes an overview of history of the Sororitas and the Adeptus Ministorum. I'm looking for details such as the training of a Sister, do they get placed in front of books at the age of 5 and beaten with a stick if they mispronouced or something. I'm looking for details on how they are trained. Such as with Marines you can read about it in Space Wolf by William King. I'll definitely check out the Uplifting Primer should be an interesting read.
  5. What are the tenets of the Imperial Cult? Are there any listed Litanies in full? Example "Lead us from death to victory, from falsehood to truth. Lead us from despair to hope, from faith to slaughter. Lead us to His strength and an eternity of war. Let His wrath fill our hearts. Death, war, and blood; in vengeance serve the Emperor and the name of Dorn!" Latin seems to be used as the unofficial santification language, for instance once a weapon is deemed unique and holy it is given a Latin name. Even various other things are derived from Latin ie Deus Mechanicus or the Machine God. So question is how can this be used if there are no languages in the book denoting this aspect? If no one can speak it then where is it coming from? Is Latin used in their prayers or litanies? Example: Red & Black What are the trials and tribulations of the Adeptus Sororitus? What methods are used to train them. I know of the method of a Space Marine but I've never seen the Adeptus Sororitus in detail. Anyone know? New question: If the God Emperor is the source of rule, and an Inquistor is his shepard sort to speak, then the PCs are an extension of his will. If an NPC refuses a decree by PCs with an Imperial Seal does that automatically make the NPC a heretic?
  6. crisaron said: There are no women SM cause it's a boyz only sona... well if I where in to SM I would still prefer a leather matron but that's me. The Imperium is not sexist it's just the most vile and ugly society you can imagine! Actually it is sexist in the fluff it even says so in the Dark Heresy book that a female character will be treated differently at times.
  7. Ok I haven't checked this thread in a while so I'm responding in general to many comments. Yes maybe a girl can not be a Space Marine, but girls should have some form of equal. The likely hood of a female wanting to ROLEPLAY a man is about the same as a man wanting to play with dolls. Though there are some fluff ways of including a female in other capacities (still ultimately dimished and hence might not be plausible) I do agree that females should not be SPACE MARINES, but there has to be another chapter or something eventually within Gamesworkshop that says here is a specific role that females can play in a large scale brutal conflict. The current only reason a female can not serve on special forces and keep in mind they do serve in elite forces in some if not a majority of the worlds elite forces (the exception being the USA and Russia), is due to feminine hygenie. It would suffice it to say that around the 41st century they would have found a solution to this. It would seem to me that a woman has far more capacity for extra organs if you remove the entire womb. That being said should they become literially men no, but there should be some capacity to which they perform better. Maybe an unrevealed entire organization within the various arms of government with far more potent psykers even. Ultimately this whole thing prevents me from purchasing Deathwatch. As I have up to three ladies who like to play at any givin time and even if I could convince one of them to play as a man there is in no way all three would agree. (Yes I am lucky)
  8. Well fill me in the fluff is Deathwatch purely from the POV of a space marine squad? I'm not 100% sure what the Deathwatch's purpose is, why for instance wouldn't a Sister of Battle be possible in the Deathwatch.
  9. Ok the very subtext to this forum says it all Join the Brotherhood...I was just curious because from what I know of Space Marines there really is no chapter for females and as far as I know none serve along side marines. I know there is like some sort of all Female group (forget the name), but this doesn't seem to lend it self to the possibility of getting a single female into a group of all male soldiers. So whats the deal?
  10. Is it even possible to play this one player, its seems viable but I'm not sure for instance in many ways it reminds me of Shadowrun and Shadowrun could easily for instance take out a dragon with a rocket or large machine gun if he was prepared for it. Is this game as similar as I think or is it not? I know in Dark Heresy there are a lot of more mental attacks from other beings such as demons and such I can see having one person taken over literially ending the game where as if there were multiple player the other players who successfully resisted could protect those other players. So one player or impossible? Basically I want one agent to be able to play the game every Sat. where I am available then the other players join in every other Sat.
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