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  1. MeisterH said: I'm a bit ashamed to say this, but I have never played Tannhäuser in King of the Hill mode. But how does it feel? Do people actually care about the objectives or does it turn into a frag party? I would also recommend playing a normal objective match on two maps with four full teams. It is pretty epic. At the beginning of the game we try to resolve objectives, the second part turn into a frag party, it's the reason why the next game, I say the winner is the team with the most points which win even if all his figures are dead at the end of the turn 10. One question : How do you put objectives with four full teams on two maps please ?
  2. To share my experience for 4 players in a coop game 2 players vs 2 players this week. We played on the Tesla Map with king of the Hill rules . My specific rules for 4 players: - 2 teams, each players has 2 heroes and one troop ( we played Union + Edison vs Reich + Yula) - Players don't choose when they play. In a same side, players must play alternately ( if a player A don't have figure to play in his turn, player B can play). Rules I will add: - At the end of the game, the winner is the team which have more points…The team win even if every figures are deads. ( i think it will stimulate more movements on the board to earn points ). It was so fun ! I recommend it ! I love this game, revised rules are greats.
  3. Thanx I will corrige my card.
  4. Hi, I've translated th cards for Tannhauser and I've stick on the french translation…I can't read now the old text in american…. I've translate that we can use Patmos Amulet only one time per game is it all right ? May be I've made a mystake because in revised rules I don't read once per game…Does the card say one time per game ? I hope you understand me , because I realize that may be i'm not very clear… Patmos Amulet is the Special Object of the Reich leader. Thanx for your response.
  5. Something is not clear for me. When two figures are adjacent, if you want to attack , must you use hand to hand combat or can you fire with weapon automatic, pistol etc… ? Thanx.
  6. Ok, good Idea, but what kind of game do you play with 2 boards ( capture the flag, domination, story ? ). How do you determine the link between the two boards ? Have you got exemples ? Thanx.
  7. I will see your post. I have bought: Tannhauser / Novgord/ Daedalus and one additionnal caracter for each team ( matriarcat/union/reich). Thanx.
  8. Hi ( sorry for my english, i'm french ! ) I've bought Tannhauser and somes expansions, and I want to play with 3 or 4 players. I have somes questions: 1/ I want to try with 2 vs 2 ( four players) system every player will have 2 heroes and one troop. Do you think it will be ok ? 2/ Can we play 1 vs 1 vs 1 ? How ? 3/ Generally how do you do to play with 3 players ? With 4 ? Thanx and best regards.
  9. http://cgi.ebay.fr/War-of-the-ring-paint-and-new-peint-et-neuf-US-Edition-2012-/321046277045?pt=FR_YO_Jeux_JeuxSociete_Jeux_de_Soci%C3%A9t%C3%A9&hash=item4abfd96bb5#ht_500wt_1288
  10. and.......................Where is my game ? I've preorderd it since two month.........
  11. Communication zero for this game..........
  12. Argh........I hope you're wrong ( but some proufs are there....You're right...may be ...) It's the only game witch I'm waiting for now... Can moderators tell us more informations about the release of the game ? In "Upcoming" "Merchant of venus" appears in production..... NB: Sorry for my english, it's the morning in France, I don't take my coffe and I've do not take english lessons since 15 years.....
  13. Can we have a date of release please ? I've preorderd it in France, and the website of the seller says " précommande pour mars"... Can I prey for the beginning of april ?
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