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  1. Thanks for the replies everyone, yeah I didn't word that last part very well, i guess i meant to say that entering play Gandalf did 4 damage and then did his attack of 4 which was then mitigated by 3 due to the Troll's defense netting one more damage for a total of 5 damage for the whole play. I'm sure I'll have a few more questions as I'm noticing that generally the rules are pretty well laid out but there are a few cards i'm trying to understand the timing on but I'll at least give it a shot on my own before blasting a bunch of basic questions. Thanks again!
  2. Hey guys, I've just been playing with the core set so far and just had one basic question. The last game I ended up with both a sneak attack card and a gandalf card in my hand and this seemed an amazing combination. So i paid the 1 resource to play the sneak attack card during the combat round and as Gandalf enters play he hits a troll for four damage and then actually does his combat phase of 4 damage to the troll and then goes back into my hand at the end of the phase. I figure i'm playing this right but it just seemed too good to be true. Anyone interpret those cards differently?
  3. Perfect, thanks for the reply. I tried looking around to see if anyone had posed this question but I must have missed it. That explanation would make sense to me.
  4. So this is probably a pretty basic question but I noticed on the combat example in the rule book that with Tomble's equipped weapon you could spend a surge to get +1 range, +1 damage. The text seems to treat this comma as an or, so by spending one surge you could either get +1 damage OR +1 range but intuitively to me, a comma would denote that you would get both +1 range AND +1 damage. Is it possible that this is a typo in the rule book or is the comma equivalent to an OR as opposed to an AND? Maybe I'm just putting too much of my own thoughts as to how I think it should read as opposed to what the rule book says but just thought I'd see if anyone else was questioning that as well…
  5. Hey guys, One more question, I've picked up a set of penny sleeves and a set of dragon shield sleeves and I'm just wondering how the FFG sleeves compare ( and the other major brand i can't seem to remember at the moment) I love the dragon sleeves because they feel sturdy, shuffle easy, and when I put a stack of cards down they stay put. The penny sleeves however are pretty flimsy and they slide all over the place if I stack a few on top of each other. The dragon shield are just so expensive it's hard to justify buying that many. Is there a good middle ground?
  6. Thanks for the info everyone, that makes me feel a little better. Maybe I will grab a couple expansions and see how that changes the game, especially since they're pretty cheap as far as expansions go. Mako's post actually leads me to a question I've been having, the rules mention putting one Gandalf in your deck but they don't say you can't put multiple Gandalfs in your deck so I'm guessing it is technically legal to load your deck with Gandalfs?
  7. Hey everyone, So I picked up the core set of this game about a month ago and I'm having mixed feelings about it and just want to hopefully get some feedback from the people who've been playing awhile. So far I've played the Mirkwood scernario 3-4 times and handily beaten it each time ( i guess this is to be expected for a level 1 challenge) and I feel like I can see how this game can be a lot of fun with a little more challenge. However that being said after playing Journey Down the Anduin 3-4 times as well, I have been creamed each time. Mostly I've been playing solo but I did play one game with two players where we tried to combine spheres in our decks but I think we did a terrible job of it as we couldn't seem to play any cards from our hands. So my question is, should I invest in expansion packs to make the game more fun or am I just not playing the core set well or does it sound like this is just not the game for me? I don't mind being beaten as there has to be some challenge to the game but I'm having a hard time seeing how to get very far past that dang hill troll! Just as a frame of reference I do own a number of FFG games that I have enjoyed playing so complexity of the game is not so much an issue for me( big fan of Doom, Descent, and Civ) Thanks for your replies
  8. Thanks for the replies everyone, I think i've decided I'll give the sleeves a shot and maybe try the dragon shield sleeves as it sounds like most people really like those. The sleeves are within my budget but it's just enough of an expense I thought I'd get a little feedback before dropping $20-$30 on sleeves for just my core set when I could buy 2 expansions for that!
  9. Hey everyone, Sorry if this is a very noob question, but I just picked up LOTR: TCG today and I was just wondering if most of you use card sleeves for your cards. I can see how protecting the cards after many plays would be beneficial but in my limited card sleeve experience they seem to make it hard to shuffle and handle the cards though the ones I bought previously were pretty cheap… Thoughts and opinions on card sleeves? Thanks!
  10. Never mind on above post, I found the Doom tileset program and that one seems pretty awesome
  11. Just wondering if anyone might also be able to send me Mike Z's map editor. I've been thinking of trying my hand at creating some maps and it sounds like he's got one of the better ones. Thanks in advance!
  12. Thanks for the opinions guys that helps, it's also nice to know you can play scenarios other than deathmatch as my wife was less keen on those types of games ( she disliked Warcraft the board game because it basically just pit you against the other players and you had to annihiliate each other)
  13. Sort of a reiteration of the original post; I'm thinking of picking up this game but I have a few questions. So far I've really enjoyed playing both Doom and Wow: TAG so FFG has definitely become one of my preferred game manufacturers however they don't seem to have very many games one could get through in an hour or so. I'm looking for a shorter simpler game that my wife can get in to ( she really enjoyed Doom but has a hard time with the length of it) and this one seems to fit the bill. Many reviews i've read say the simplicity borders on boring but perhaps they're hoping for too much? So to wrap up this long winded post, is Tannhauser a solid FFG game that's shorter and simpler than most?
  14. J0shjames

    New Scenarios

    Cool, I'll try and give those a shot interceptor, I'm always looking for more scenarios. Also, I've noticed many people have said that Descent is much the same as Doom so would it be worth it for me to get Descent or is it basically like playing the same game?
  15. J0shjames

    New Scenarios

    Thanks for the tip guys, I just downloaded a few of knuckles scenarios and tibs campaign and can't wait to give 'em a try. Thanks for the hard work knuckles!
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