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  1. Deleted the link. Thanks for the hint WWHSD. Did not think things through.
  2. A large ship with laser turrets, a shield projector and engines, which all can be attacked and destroyed. One side will try to damage the ship, the other side will try to prevent that from happening. B-wings and Tie-bombers have a proper target.
  3. I agree. Instead of a dice app I would prefer an app, which functions as artificial intelligence to steer other ships. That way, you could play solo games
  4. GHenrikG

    Link, please

    I guess, you are talking about that: www.boardgamegeek.com/thread/682755/demoed-today-at-gencon Just scroll down a bit and there you are
  5. I guess there will be distinct pilots for each craft. Besides that, there is not much known. I doubt that there is a gaming mat in the box. Not with a price tag of under 40$.
  6. I haven't demoed it but have a look at that: http://www.deathstarrun.com/ I found the link at BGG in the X-wing forum section. Looks pretty cool. Yea, some mats with a Death Star Trench or A Star Destroyer to attack would be cool.
  7. http://www.fantasyflightgames.com/edge_news.asp?eidn=2499 Well, there it is now. Not exactly what I thought would be next, but sounds interesting nevertheless. Can't wait to hear more about that.
  8. Impressive! And good work on that paint job! Looks awesome! You should consider posting on BGG.
  9. Ok, here are my two cents for the next expansion: In an ideal world, we get a next big expansion consisting of another map thus one can introduce epic style games. Additionally two more big houses (Baratheon and Greyjoy?). This box can work as a core set all on it's own. We would also find tiles to build up a town with walls and towers. Perhaps even an inner wall (or enough tiles to make even two or three inner walls) and a keep. Thus, sieges would be possible. However: This big box set is most likely too expansive (I don't know how good BoW is doing so far saleswise. Hope the HBO series helps...). Thus, here is my wishlist for a small box: House Baratheon with city tiles and siege engines.
  10. Hi there! The Game of thrones store by HBO has a small Westeros map. I don't know if I am allowed to link there, thus just google it.
  11. I prefer sth with castle tiles and siege engines. Let's have a proper siege!
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